Our Services


Social media offers something no other media avenue can: the opportunity to participate in one-to-one communication with customers. This level of targeting and specificity has never before been available to businesses.

Unfortunately, many marketers and businesses don’t fully understand how best to engage in these types of conversations in an authentic and meaningful manner. It takes a lot more than setting up a Facebook page to truly experience the power and versatility of social media. This is where Reshift Media provides significant value: we work with agencies to create, grow and monitor their clients’ presence on major social media platforms through powerful tools and technologies. We offer both one-time setup services and ongoing services to keep everything on track.

One-time services:

Social Media Competitive Analysis and Strategy: Reshift Media performs a complete, quantitative and qualitative analysis of how the client compares against its competitors from a social media point of view. We then identify opportunities for improvement.

Establish Social Brands: We create accounts on the appropriate social networks for clients including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, FourSquare and others.

Create Customized Avatars & Pages: We design avatars and/or pages on the chosen social networks to match the client’s existing brand and personality.

Training: We will provide full training on implemented products and recommendations.

Ongoing services:

Reputation Management: A client will have the ability to manage their social presence once the setup is complete. If they prefer, however, Reshift Media will handle all updates, replies and following/liking for their social media accounts based on an established social media strategy.

Customized Social Media Dashboard: We set up an online dashboard to monitor customer conversation and sentiment about the client’s brand and report back frequently. We identify the key social media influencers in the community that could serve as brand ambassadors and actively work to understand their needs and expectations.

Social Media Monitoring: We continuously monitor multiple social networks to inform the client as to what is being said about their brand and their company. We advise who is talking about their brand and who could be. We provide comprehensive reports on what is being said about them, and how their social media efforts are performing. We provide a comprehensive social strategy, targeting specific areas for improvement.