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Our cross-functional creative approach delivers superior advertising results.

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Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary

There is no shortage of online advertising. However, there is definitely a shortage of extraordinary online advertising. Ordinary advertising looks nice and includes the main message or call-to-action the company is looking to communicate. Extraordinary advertising, on the other hand, incorporates a deeper understanding of what works best on each platform, makes use of data to derive insights in order to evolve, and includes creative with “wow” factor to break through the clutter.

We create extraordinary advertising by employing a cross-functional team approach to ensure no detail is overlooked. Our creative team works in close collaboration with our social media, search, and analytics teams to create amazing, eye-catching campaigns that incorporate platform-specific best practices and data analysis to ensure the overall campaign exceeds expectations. In short, our ads work better.

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What we do

Our talented team will work with you to develop a custom campaign that delivers.

Social media advertising creative

Due to the immense amount of advertising on social media platforms, it is important to ensure your ad creative breaks through the clutter. Our creative and social media teams will collaborate to brainstorm ideas and design innovative advertising that fits your brand and differentiates you from your competitors. Our design team has built numerous social media campaigns using a variety of layouts, including photo, carousel, video, and GIFs, among others.

Digital display advertising creative

Our design team will brainstorm inventive ideas to bring your display campaign to life through visually compelling creative. Display advertising is typically in the background of a website or app, so a strong visual strategy is critical in order to ensure your ad is noticed. Our team has extensive experience designing and building a wide variety of display advertising executions, including all ad unit sizes, mobile, interstitials and animations.

Search engine advertising creative

Not all creative include photos or video. Search advertising is entirely word-based but still requires a clear strategy and creative direction to be effective. Our search and editorial teams will collaborate to develop an approach that incorporates both search advertising best practices and creative copywriting. Through our cross-functional approach, we are able to develop search ads that are engaging and interesting, while also achieving a strong Google quality score.

Video advertising creative

Video advertising continues to grow in popularity due to the engaging nature of the medium. Consumers enjoy video because it is more interesting and entertaining, which provides an opportunity for businesses to tell a more compelling story. Our creative team is able to brainstorm and create customized animated videos or edit live-action footage. Our team will create storyboards, build the animations and add music to bring your video to life.

Animations and motion graphics

Incorporating animations and motion graphics into your advertising is a good way to create an interesting visual effect that attracts attention. Animations can be incorporated into Facebook, Instagram, display, YouTube and other campaigns in order to achieve a “video-like” effect for a greatly reduced cost. Our talented design team is able to create eye-catching GIFs, cinemagraphs, moving imagery, and other executions using photography, video or illustrations as a starting point.

Landing pages

We often incorporate customized landing pages in order to increase the effectiveness of social media, search and display campaigns. A well-designed landing page can reinforce your advertising campaign’s key messages and create an immediate brand impression. We employ best-practice layout and design strategies to maximize performance, while also ensuring the landing page matches your branding and tone to provide a seamless experience.

"I've been a Reshift customer for more than 3 years and I can honestly say they have helped our digital marketing strategy adapt and grow!"

Chad Iden

Director of Marketing, Capital Tax Management

Localization delivers superior advertising results

Multi-location businesses such as retailers, restaurants and franchise systems have a unique opportunity to create highly relevant and high-performing advertising creative. Due to their inherently local nature, multi-location businesses are able to create advertising that is specifically targeted to each of their locations and includes locally relevant imagery and copy. Localized advertising performs much better than “generic” ads because customers view it as more pertinent to them which generates greater engagement and activity.

We have developed proprietary technology and processes specifically for multi-location businesses, allowing us to localize advertising campaigns at scale. We use a combination of best-in-class creative and copywriting combined with programmatic localization to cost-effectively create unique ads for every location in your network. Through this approach, multi-location businesses are able to leverage the strength of their local network in order to create a more targeted and effective advertising campaign.

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