To win in retail you need to continually adapt and innovate.

In many ways, digital has leveled the playing field across the entire retail industry, enabling small- and medium-sized retailers to compete head-to-head with giant companies. Social media, digital advertising and ecommerce has opened up tremendous avenues of growth for all retailers, while also forcing companies of all sizes to continually adapt and innovate in order to remain relevant to customers.

Through our extensive retail marketing experience, we have developed technology and processes which will give you the edge over your competitors. We are able to help you improve every aspect of your digital strategy, including your website, ecommerce, mobile app, SEO, digital marketing and more. Our team will put together a comprehensive plan designed to catapult you past your competitors and keep you there.

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Multi-location retailers have a built-in advantage

We enjoy working with retailers who have multiple physical or virtual locations because, with the right plan, they have an opportunity to achieve extraordinary digital results. Consumers have a lot of information coming at them online, which can make it hard for your brand to break through the clutter to make an impact. In order to filter through the noise, people use proximity to increase relevance – which is why “near me” searches are so popular, as an example.

Through our experience working with a large number of multi-location organizations, we have developed processes and technology that enables retailers to localize their website, SEO, social content and digital advertising to dramatically increase relevance with their local customers. Using our approach, your company is able to out-rank competitors in search and achieve amazing reach on social media in order to find more customers and grow sales.

A localized strategy delivers 5X – 10X better results compared to a “traditional” approach.

Our proven retail marketing approach delivers superior results.

What we do

Through our in-depth experience with retail organizations, we have developed specialized strategies, processes and technology to help you succeed. Our amazing social, search, content, design, data and development professionals are eager to help you with every aspect of your digital media approach.

Whether you are a nationwide retailer with thousands of locations or a local independent, we have the skills and expertise to help you win. We are comfortable working with “bricks-and-mortar” companies, ecommerce/virtual organizations and territory-based models.

As a retail organization, your website, SEO, social media and digital marketing needs are much different than other types of businesses. You require specific functionality to ensure customers are able to quickly and easily find the products they are interested in, and your level of competition is fierce.

Our cross-functional team will work with you to review your current digital performance, competitors and industry characteristics in order to arrive at a customized digital strategy aimed at maximizing your digital opportunities while addressing obstacles that are holding you back.
Search engines are a critical traffic and revenue driver for most retailers. Unfortunately, ranking for high-value terms is typically very competitive, which means you need a strong SEO plan and active management in order to be successful. An untapped opportunity for many retailers is to target local searches, which are usually very valuable searches because the customer is at the point of purchase. Multi-location retailers, in particular, have an opportunity to create a very strong local search presence.

Our search, technical and content teams will research, design, implement and manage a search optimization approach that is customized to your business. We will provide recommendations on the ideal website structure, content approach, structured data strategy, keywords, competitive positioning and other factors. Once the search strategy is deployed, we will analyze the results and make ongoing improvements to maintain your search momentum.
Search advertising is an important revenue driver for most retail organizations. Similar to SEO, achieving strong placement is often very competitive, which can drive up the cost of your advertising. Luckily, many retailers have fairly basic search advertising programs, which creates an opportunity for more innovative strategies to achieve higher levels of performance. Rather than simply bidding more money for the same terms everyone else is buying, we look for untapped areas of opportunity to generate better, cost-effective results for you.

Through our experience with retailers across a wide range of categories, we have developed proprietary processes and technology to generate superior results. Our search team will create, implement and manage an innovative search advertising program that is customized for your company and industry. Your campaign will achieve better results for a lower cost, which will lead to greater revenue potential.
Programmatic display advertising represents a great opportunity to achieve large, targeted reach for a reasonable cost. Display advertising is an effective way to reach new customers while also remaining top-of-mind with existing ones.

Our creative and advertising teams will work with you to design, implement and manage a customized display advertising program aimed at achieving your business objectives. Our team will develop the advertising creative and set up interest targeting, geographic targeting and other factors. We will also implement a comprehensive retargeting approach in order to increase touchpoints with customers who have expressed interest in your products.
Social media represents a fantastic opportunity for retailers to remain top-of-mind with existing customers while also reaching and engaging new ones. Multi-location retailers, in particular, have an amazing opportunity to increase visibility through a localized social media content approach.

Our incredible social media team will work with you to map out an approach that fits the needs of your business and your social media audience. We have significant experience designing, implementing and managing multi-faceted community management strategies for retail organizations to ensure the best possible results. We employ a combination of technology and best-practice processes to create an effective and scalable solution that delivers results.
Multi-location retail companies have the ability to deploy social media advertising via national social properties and, where appropriate, via local social pages. The advantage of advertising locally is that it enables you to out-maneuver your competitors by increasing advertising relevance which improves the effectiveness of the campaign while also lowering the cost per result.

Our social advertising team will work with you to design a customized campaign strategy and creative approach that fully leverages the strengths of your organization and achieves your business objectives. Once the strategy and creative is finalized, we will build, deploy and manage the program on your behalf, using social media best practices and technology to achieve economies of scale and superior advertising results.
Your website is the most important component of your digital marketing strategy. Your social, content marketing, ecommerce and SEO strategies are dependent on the quality and effectiveness of your website. The speed, functionality and user experience of your website can often make the difference between earning a new online customer or not.

Our design, development, search and content teams have significant experience creating custom websites for retail organizations. We are skilled at designing and developing ecommerce and multi-location sites which are fully search optimized to deliver increased traffic, customer retention, and sales. Our integration team can connect your website with your other systems such as your POS, CRM, shipping, and others. Every site we build is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile to ensure a smooth customer experience across all devices.
The majority of mobile commerce occurs in apps, which creates an opportunity for retailers to increase their revenue through the deployment of a high-quality mobile app. Beyond the revenue benefits, a custom-built mobile app allows you to create a mobile-specific environment with dedicated features and functionality which helps increase customer engagement and retention. In addition, the user data generated by your app can be used to better understand customer behaviors and product preferences to further improve your sales.

Our skilled team will work with you to design and develop a custom mobile app aimed at delighting your customers and achieving your business objectives. Mobile apps can include a wide variety of features including ecommerce, loyalty, customer profiling, among others. We will also integrate your app with your core systems such as your POS, CRM and website to enable data transfer and a seamless customer experience across all devices.

We’re also franchise marketing experts

If your retail organization is a franchise, then you have definitely come to the right place! We have experience working with hundreds of franchise organizations around the world to deliver amazing results.

GFA Award

Reshift Media Voted Best Franchise Marketing Firm

Reshift Media was voted the world's best franchise marketing firm two years in a row by the Global Franchise Awards at the 2023 and 2024 International Franchise Association conventions. The Global Franchise Awards recognizes excellence in franchising and is judged by an international panel of franchise association executives and industry experts.

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What our clients say

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