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Create a memorable first impression.

Create customer engagement and increase brand recall through a digital video advertising strategy.

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Video gets the point across quickly

Online video consumption across desktop and mobile continues to grow rapidly across all demographics, geographies, and sectors. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and other platforms have immense and growing video-based audiences which represents an amazing opportunity for companies to interact with consumers through an incredibly dynamic and engaging medium.

What makes video particularly attractive as an advertising opportunity is that businesses can efficiently communicate a great deal of information in a small amount of time, and the recall of that information is generally much higher. In addition, companies are able to add “personality” to their videos to make a strong brand impression while simultaneously communicating key campaign messages.

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What we do

Our team will work with you to plan, build and deploy an amazing video advertising campaign aimed at engaging your target customers.

Video advertising strategy

Our social and creative teams will work with you to design a digital video advertising strategy that is custom-tailored to your company. Based on your business objectives, target customers, industry, competitors, and other factors, we will identify the right plan for you. We will outline the optimal platform(s) to use, how best to target the right people at the right time and what creative approach will make the most impact.

Video creative and editing

Our creative team will build fully custom and branded animated videos designed to engage your target customers and achieve your business objectives. Our on-staff animators will develop a storyboard for your review, build the video and add music to bring it to life. If you have an existing animated or live-action video, our video editors are happy to add music, incorporate overlays and modify the video for content or length.

Video advertising setup and management

Our social media team will set up all aspects of your YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn campaigns, including targeting, budgeting, creative and other elements. Once your campaign is live, we will closely monitor performance in order to make “real-time” improvements to ad delivery, targeting, and other campaign parameters to maximize your results.

Measurement and reporting

We will thoroughly analyze and interpret the results of your video advertising campaign to draw conclusions and develop recommendations for ongoing growth and improvement. Video is an ever-changing medium, so we will keep you up to date on the latest trends and technologies to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

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Create a more effective campaign using multi-funnel marketing

Video advertising is an excellent way to reach and engage prospective customers. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms provide an extremely cost-effective opportunity to reach a large video audience with your targeted ads.

As people engage with your video ads via a partial view, full view or clickthrough, you can assess their level of interest in your products or services to effectively shape your follow-up messaging. It is rarely the case that people see a single ad and make a purchase, so ensuring you have a well-planned multi-funnel advertising approach will help you turn engagement into sales. As the person moves through their purchase decision, you can retarget video, image, and text ads based on their behaviors to shape their purchase journey and close the sale.

Increase brand recall and affinity using video advertising.

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