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A superior multi-location design approach

We specialize in designing and developing websites and apps for multi-location companies such as retailers, franchise systems, restaurants and other similar companies. Multi-location organizations have a different business structure and therefore require a different approach to website design and development.

Through our experience working with hundreds of organizations, we have developed in-depth knowledge on best practices for website and mobile app design specifically for multi-location businesses. We will work with you to create a custom website design and structure which not only looks amazing, but also delivers superior results.

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What we do

Our creative team will manage every step of the design process to deliver an amazing website or app that fits you perfectly.

Creative strategy 

We will work with you to establish the overall design direction for your website or app to ensure the final product “feels” like your brand. We will explore what the tone of the website/app should be, what colors to incorporate, what branding elements should be included, and what the overall style should be. Throughout the design process, we will test ideas against your users’ needs/wants to ensure your website thoroughly satisfies both you and your customers.

Information architecture and flows  

As outlined in our information architecture section, we will create a site structure and page architecture based on your business objectives. Our search team will work with our information architects to ensure that the structure and page layout are optimized both for users and search engines to provide your site with the best opportunity to rank for pertinent terms. We will also map how users will flow between pages in order to ensure an optimal user experience.

Mood boards and creative direction 

Based on the creative strategy, our design team will create mood boards with a variety of ideas to identify the specific creative direction. The mood boards will include elements such as image/video styling, color palettes, textures and backgrounds, and font options. Our creative team will walk you through the mood boards and design options to identify your creative preferences in order to establish a design direction that fits your company perfectly.

Template design

Our talented creative team will custom-design each template based on the strategy, creative direction, and wireframes. We typically design several different variations of one of your templates as a starting point to inspire ideas and create conversation. Based on your feedback, we will finalize the page-level design elements such as image/video styling, button design, hyperlink treatment, and navigation styling. With this as our guide, we will design all the website/app templates for your review.

"Reshift was instrumental in bringing our brand from an archaic and fragmented infrastructure to a fully integrated and dynamic solution with real-time data."

Kim Hamm

President, Dogtopia Canada


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Your website is your digital storefront

Given the immense investment that companies make in physical stores and office space, it is amazing how frequently organizations under-invest in their online presence. Many businesses will interact with more people via their website than through any individual store, making their website one of their most important sales and marketing vehicles.

A customer visiting your website or app should have the same feeling as walking in the front door of your business. Your site should convey a consistent brand message in order to create a seamless online/offline brand personality. For customers who already know you, your website is an opportunity to reinforce brand attributes and build affinity and loyalty. For customers visiting you for the first time, your website represents an opportunity to make a strong first impression. The question is – what impression are you making?

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