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We bring together information from disparate systems to create new business opportunities for your organization.

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Create advanced digital products through data integration

When building a new website, mobile app, or piece of software, it is often the case that information needs to be shared between different systems such as a POS, CRM, or marketing platform. In these cases, integration between systems is necessary to allow data that is present in one system to be used elsewhere without the need to re-enter the information or maintain multiple databases.

Systems integration allows businesses to create more robust digital products, as they are able to unlock their data in order to improve the user experience, functionality and scalability of their website, app, or other platforms. Integration is particularly important for data-intensive activities such as ecommerce, personalization, loyalty, or customer support.

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What we do

Our talented development team is able to manage any integration project to ensure the success of your initiative.

Integration strategy   

Having a game plan for your integration project is critical to ensure an effective outcome. Our technical team will work with you and your other partners to map out the overall integration approach. We will define the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) roles and responsibilities to identify a clear path to a successful and timely deployment.

Data architecture 

Data flow and integrity is a crucial element of any integration project. We will collaborate with you and your partners to translate your business needs into specific data requirements, define the data architecture for the initiative, and define system requirements to manage the data and its flow through your organization.

Middleware development 

In some cases, it is necessary to create a middleware that acts as a bridge between different systems. Our team will design, develop and test a custom middleware to ensure the integration is abstracted and pluggable to your existing systems and workflows. Our team has extensive experience in distributed microservices and serverless architectures, making sure that the integration is scalable and robust.

Integration implementation 

We have extensive experience completing integrations with a variety of systems such as marketing platforms, CRMs, POS systems, ecommerce, inventory, and fulfillment management. We will collaborate with your partners throughout the process to ensure a smooth integration process. We are experienced in completing integrations using APIs, webhooks, and a custom M2M layer if needed.

"The Reshift team, I can't say enough about how easy they are to work with and how they understand our business."

Peter Scully

President & CEO, BioPed Footcare Clinics

Not all integrations are created equal

A well-planned and executed integration project can have an immensely positive impact on the quality and functionality of your website, mobile app, or software project. A data integration project is able to bring together information from disparate systems across your organization to create new connection points and business opportunities that didn’t previously exist.

However, poorly executed integration projects can cost your organization time and money. Because there are often many unknowns at the outset of an integration initiative, it is important to work with a partner who is able to create a solid integration plan, but who is also able to make adjustments when an unexpected issue is encountered. Our team has completed hundreds of integration projects across a wide variety of systems. We are always transparent with our planning and costing to ensure you are fully informed and can rest easy knowing that your integration project will be a success.

Take your website to the next level through data integration.

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