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Create a better website, app or software product by incorporating user experience best practices.

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Create a winning multi-location structure

Companies with multiple physical or virtual locations require a different website and mobile app approach than other organizations. The structure of their digital properties should reflect the structure of their business – meaning that they need to include location-specific information in their site structure, content, and SEO strategy. Through this approach, companies such as franchises, retailers, and restaurants are able to greatly improve their search optimization and website/app performance.

We have worked with hundreds of multi-location businesses on a variety of digital projects. Through our experience, we have developed substantial expertise in creating digital products that leverage the inherent strengths that multi-location businesses possess while addressing common challenges. As a multi-location business, you have a major opportunity to create a high-performing website or app that out-ranks and out-maneuvers your competitors to gain a digital advantage.

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What we do

Our information architecture team will work with you to create the optimal website, app, or software structure for your business.

User research and profiling  

Our team will work with you to identify who your core users are and what needs they have. We will work with existing information you have about your customers and conduct additional research to identify user personas and define user expectations. The objective of this exercise is to define user profiles in order to understand how your users think and what tasks they are looking to complete when they visit your website, app or software product.

Site structure and hierarchy

We will work with you to identify the pages that should be included in your website, mobile app, or software product based on your business needs, search opportunities, and other factors. We will design the hierarchy, URL structure, navigation, and page interconnectivity to ensure a logical structure and a smooth user experience. Our search, editorial, and development teams will be included throughout the process to ensure every opportunity for optimization is explored.

Multi-platform optimization

Modern websites need to be responsive, meaning that they dynamically resize, and re-order images, text, and other page elements based on the visitor’s device. This means that your website cannot be designed in a “static” way. Instead, our information architects employ a fluid grid that is flexible based on the width of the screen the website is shown on. This approach ensures your visitors have an excellent experience no matter what device they are using.

User flow

When visitors come to your site, navigating it should be intuitive and natural. We will create use cases for your website, app, or software product based on your identified target customers/users. Based on those user personas, we will map out a user journey to ensure people are able to easily move through the site to find what they are looking for. Due to people often bypassing homepages by entering via search, we consider multiple points of entry to ensure optimal user flow.

Prototyping and user testing 

We will create a “live” wireframe prototype in order to test the site hierarchy, page structure, and user flow against the use cases to ensure the site, app, or software behaves as intended. Where feasible, we will work with you to invite real users to test the prototype in order to collect feedback on the usability and flow. Based on our analysis, your feedback, and your users’ input, our team will modify the wireframes and hierarchy as appropriate.


Our user experience team will create detailed wireframes for each template which will outline the placement of the images, copy, buttons, navigation, logo, and other page elements. No detail will be overlooked – we will employ user experience best practices to ensure your pages have an interesting layout and are easy to read, follow a hierarchy that aligns with your business objectives, and encourage your visitors to scroll and explore.

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Create a better user experience with a mobile-first approach

The digital world is increasingly mobile, which is why we employ a “mobile-first” approach to information architecture and design. Creating an easy-to-use page on mobile is much more challenging due to the limited room on the screen and the variety of device sizes people use. Our team will work with you to ensure the most important page elements and content are emphasized on mobile while also creating a user-friendly experience that works well across all devices.

It’s simple – an approach that is designed for you works better.

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