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Influencer marketing

Multi-location influencer marketing

Multi-location businesses such as a franchises, retailers or restaurants often struggle with influencer marketing, as it is difficult to achieve scale. It can be incredibly time consuming and expensive to create and manage a large enough pool of influencers that covers all of your locations.

Having worked with hundreds of multi-location companies, we have developed an influencer marketing approach tailored to your exact needs. We manage every step of the process to research, engage and manage a network of influencers specific to your brand. We use a combination of technology and proprietary processes to source influencers who have strong connections with target customers specific to your category in the communities where you operate.

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What we do

Our influencer marketing team will create and manage an end-to-end influencer campaign designed to spread the word about your brand and achieve your business objectives.

Influencer marketing strategy

A successful influencer campaign has the power to shape peoples’ perception of your brand and generate new business in previously untapped markets. Our influencer marketing team will work with you to craft a customized influencer marketing strategy that will help you achieve your brand objectives and goals. We will identify ideal influencer categories and develop creative content strategies that will allow you to reach and engage customers at every stage of the decision-making process.

Talent discovery

Selecting the right influencers is a critical component to delivering on the marketing goals. Our dedicated team will define the ideal influencer based on a comprehensive list of metrics and a deep understanding of your target audience. We meticulously search, vet, and curate top-tier influencers who align perfectly with your brand’s goals, values, and image. By leveraging data insights and demographics for each influencer, we ensure the perfect fit and the perfect relationship.

Talent & campaign management

Managing influencer campaigns can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our talented team excels in streamlining the entire process, ensuring seamless end-to-end campaign execution. From talent management, pricing strategy, contract negotiation, creative guidelines, post-performance tracking, and everything in between, we’ll handle it all. Our team’s attention to detail and proactive approach ensures that no element of your influencer campaign is overlooked.

Talent & content approval

We understand the importance of maintaining control over your brand image and messaging, which is why the final influencer selection and content approval belong to you. We will provide the insights for each influencer and highlight why they are a fit for your brand and campaign, and you make the final decision. We also screen influencer content prior to your review and provide individual feedback to influencers to ensure you receive content that fits your brand.

Usable content

Influencers are skilled content creators who excel at producing engaging, credible content that can help build social proof for your brand. Our team will negotiate full usage rights and collect influencer creative content to build a library of quality content your brand can use in branded social strategies and paid advertising.

Measurable results

Influencer marketing delivers measurable results. Our team will analyze and report detailed campaign metrics, providing you with actionable data on the effectiveness of your influencer marketing strategy. We will provide specific insights on your performance that can help you learn about your customers and optimize future campaigns.

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Create authentic and relatable social proof for your brand

When done right, influencer marketing is an effective way to expand the reach of your brand and have a positive impact on every step of the marketing funnel. Influencers have a direct and trusted relationship with dedicated audiences within their niche, which provides brands with an opportunity to connect with people in an authentic way.

Influencer marketing is not just for large companies – brands of any size can pursue very effective influencer strategies and generate impressive results. There are many types of influencers to fit any budget, from nano-influencers to superstar creators. Our experienced team specializes in formulating and executing each element of the influencer strategy to communicate your brand's message and deliver tangible results to propel your brand’s growth.

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