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Your brand tells people who you are

When people think of branding they often think just about a company’s logo. However, branding encompasses so much more. Your brand represents who you are as an organization – are you funny, serious or intellectual? Are you bright and sunny, or dark and mysterious? Knowing who you are is critical to creating a cohesive, exciting brand that customers are drawn to.

The physical representation of your brand is what people see – your logo, color palette, website, stores, content and everything else. Every interaction with your company should be aligned with your branding, including the style and tone of your photography, videos and content. The objective is to continually reinforce who you are as a company in order to cement that perception in your customers’ minds to increase recall and affinity.

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What we do

Our talented creative team will help you develop your branding approach, styleguide and logo.

Branding strategy and overall direction

Our creative team will work with you to develop an overall branding strategy for your organization. We will explore areas such as customer expectations and needs, organizational culture, and other elements in order to define your major brand attributes. We will consider the overall tone and style of your brand to guide decisions around colors, fonts, and other brand elements. We often create mood boards to visually capture brand attributes and make the direction more tangible.

Brand guidelines and style guide

Based on the brand strategy, our team will work with you to define the specific brand attributes for your organization. This will include tangible factors such as your brand fonts, colors and imagery as well as intangible items such as brand tone and personality. We will document all branding decisions, including the creation of a style guide which can be used to provide direction for your digital and offline company assets to ensure a consistent branding approach.

Logo design

Our team will work with you to create a unique and memorable company logo that aligns with your overall branding strategy. We will ensure the logo reflects the creative direction and tone of your organization to provide an immediate brand impression. We will create color, black and white and reversed versions of your logo to provide flexibility, as well as logo variations that can be used on your social profiles.

Visual identity

When it comes to branding, every element on your website, app or other properties should “fit” perfectly with the overall tone and approach you are looking to create. To ensure a consistent experience, we will develop a visual identity that you can use across your digital properties. This may include custom iconography, backgrounds, photo treatments, color combinations, or other elements.

"Aside from being a great group of people, the team knows their stuff. Would not hesitate to recommend Reshift Media to anyone requiring services in the digital space."

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Multi-location branding that works for everyone

Branding for multi-location organizations such as franchise systems can be complicated. Because each franchise location is essentially an independent business within your network, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a consistent branding approach that satisfies the needs of all stakeholders.

We have significant experience working with franchise systems so we understand how to tackle complex branding situations. Every franchise organization is unique, so we will work with you to establish a branding approach that works best for your company to ensure you can maintain a consistent brand overall, while also incorporating flexibility to pursue local opportunities.

Your branding communicates who you are as a company.

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