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Multi-location businesses are made for SEO

With the right approach, companies with multiple physical locations can have an incredibly strong search presence, particularly when it comes to local search. The naturally local nature of franchise systems, restaurant chains, retailers and other similar businesses creates a unique opportunity to develop a dominant search footprint both nationally and locally at the same time.

However, when improperly implemented, a multi-location website can suffer from several SEO issues, including duplicate content, inefficient URL structure, and ranking competition between locations. Through our work with hundreds of companies worldwide, we have developed significant expertise in maximizing the power of multi-location networks to out-rank competitors and grow your business.

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What we do

Our skilled and knowledgeable team can assist you with all aspects of your search optimization approach.

SEO review

Our team of in-house search specialists will conduct a thorough review of your website’s technical setup, crawlability, site maps, taxonomy, URL structure and search rankings in order to suggest opportunities for improvement. We will research your industry to identify the most valuable keywords and design a strategy to help your website rank organically when potential customers conduct relevant searches.

SEO competitive analysis

In order to develop a winning search strategy, it is important to know how you rank against competitors for key industry terms. Our team will review your competitors to determine how you stack up in terms of keyword rankings, site structure, backlink profile, technical setup and more. Most importantly, we will identify where your competitors outrank you and develop an action plan to improve your competitive position.

Content review & optimization

High quality, unique content is critical to a successful search approach. Our content and search teams will work together to review your website content and develop a strategy to target key industry terms to improve your search visibility. Based on those terms, our editorial team will produce high quality content aimed at improving your search rankings. Beyond your visible copy, we’ll also optimize title tags, metadata, alt tags and other elements that only search engines can see.

Local search optimization

When looking for a product or service, people often search for things “near me” or include the name of their city or neighborhood. Even when they do not include a geographic term, the search engine often assumes they want something near them and ranks results based on their proximity. Our team will design and implement a local search strategy to enable your business to outrank competitors for these extremely valuable searches.

Ongoing search management and optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines is not a one-time event. Improving your performance takes time as you build out new content and/or make improvements to your website. At the same time, the landscape itself is constantly changing as your competitors evolve their approach and search engines modify how their algorithms work. Our team will ensure you are always one step ahead by conducting ongoing analysis of your search performance, monitoring your competitors’ actions, and staying on top of the latest SEO trends.

Structured data

How easily search engines can decipher your webpage content can have a major impact on your rankings, particularly on mobile and in voice search. This is where structured data becomes critical. Structured data (also called schema markup) is additional information added to your website, which allows search engines to not only crawl your site, but truly understand it. Our technology and search teams will collaborate to develop and implement structured data for your site to ensure you have the best possible opportunity to rank for pertinent terms.

Listings optimization

Google My Business and Bing Places have a significant impact on your company’s local search ranking, so it is critical that they accurately reflect the details of your business. Beyond simply claiming your listing and updating the basic information, it is important that you further optimize your listings to maximize your opportunity to rank above your local competitors. Our team will work with you to develop a clear plan on how your search listings contribute to your overall search strategy and then put that plan into action.

Measurement and reporting

It is important to evaluate the results of you search strategy in order to make continual improvements. Using a variety of measurement and evaluation tools, we will examine elements such as goal achievements, traffic sources, site stickiness, user pathing, site entrances/exits, page depth, time spent and a variety of other metrics to identify areas of SEO strength and weakness. We will use this information, coupled with industry analysis and your business objectives, to draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvement.

"We can confidently say Reshift's expertise and guidance has made a huge impact in growing our business."

Adriana Hari

Digital Marketing Specialist, Moya Financial

Grow your business with better search visibility

Using a search engine is often the first step customers take when researching the goods and services they are looking for, which means that search visibility is critical to most companies' online success. However, a strong search presence does not happen by accident, and it is not created overnight.

What makes us different from other SEO companies is that we have on-staff technical, content and analytics professionals who work with our search team to develop and implement a comprehensive search plan custom-tailored to your needs. Our highly skilled cross-functional team will take action to optimize your site and content to provide your company with the best possible opportunity to rank well when potential customers search for terms related to your business.

Create a competitive advantage with the right SEO strategy.

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