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A better multi-location search campaign

Our search team has extensive experience creating both national and localized search engine advertising campaigns for multi-location businesses such as franchise systems, retailers, restaurant chains and grocers. Search advertising is by its nature quite complicated, and that complexity is magnified significantly for multi-location businesses.

Through our work with hundreds of multi-location businesses, we have developed proprietary processes and technology which have been proven to deliver superior results. We know from experience which strategies work for companies with multiple geographies, so you can be confident that you are getting the most out of every ad dollar.

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What we do

Our highly skilled search team will help you create a winning search advertising strategy and will provide hands-on management, analysis, and reporting to ensure your success.

Search advertising strategy

Our team will work with you to determine how search advertising can help your business grow – whether that is through lead generation, ecommerce sales, newsletter signups or other business goals. We will outline the role search plays in your overall marketing mix and determine key strategy components such as target customers, keyword strategy, landing page approach, and measurement.

Search advertising review

If you already have an existing search advertising campaign, our team will conduct a full review to let you know how it is doing. We will evaluate the setup, keywords, and overall performance to advise on possible areas for improvement. We will also examine your competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses in order to devise a strategy that enables you to out-maneuver them for critical terms.

Search advertising campaign creation

Based on the strategy, keyword research, competitive analysis, and market dynamics, our search team will create a customized search advertising campaign aimed at achieving your business objectives. We will set up every aspect of your new campaign, including ad groups, keywords, starting bids and other elements. In addition, our content team will create customized ads designed to encourage clickthrough and improve your Google Quality Score.

High-conversion landing pages

We often increase the effectiveness of campaigns by incorporating custom-built landing pages optimized to turn ad clicks into conversions. We use best-practice layout and design strategies to maximize performance, while also ensuring the landing page matches your branding and tone to ensure a seamless experience. Our on-staff content team will work with you to write engaging copy aimed at further increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Ongoing management and optimization

Search advertising is a real-time auction, meaning that the level of competition for important terms is constantly in flux. While many agencies take a “set it and forget it” approach, we instead actively manage your campaign to ensure you are one step ahead of your competitors and are achieving the best possible results. Our team will make ongoing adjustments to your keywords, bids and ad copy to fine-tune your campaign for optimal performance.

Search advertising measurement and reporting

Our search professionals will thoroughly analyze and interpret your campaign results to develop recommendations for growth and improvement. We will set up a comprehensive measurement strategy to track metrics such as ecommerce sales, email signups, phone calls or form completions. Our team is up-to-date on the latest search trends and techniques, which allows us to suggest strategies and tactics for you to continue to grow and out-maneuver your competitors.

" If you are looking for a digital agency who are honest and know what they are doing, and a team to complement or manage your media strategies, I would highly recommend Reshift."

Neil Gill

CEO & President, Dogtopia


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Not your standard search campaign

Many agencies measure their (and your) success based on statistics such as impressions, click-through-rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC). While these are important metrics to understand the efficiency of a search campaign, the real measure of success is how well your campaign helps you grow your business. We therefore measure our success against tangible business results such as leads, store foot-traffic and/or sales.

Our search, design, content and development teams employ the latest technology and strategies to create a campaign that is custom-built to achieve your specific business objectives. Our team employs a combination of hands-on management and machine learning to implement high-performing campaigns that incorporate geo-location, retargeting, personalization, localization, mobile optimization, and other techniques to reach the right person with the right message.

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