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Structured data allows search engines to better understand your business

Structured data (also called “schema markup") is code added to your website that makes it easier for search engines to crawl, index, organize and interpret your content. Companies add structured data to their website to ensure search engines fully understand their business information, including products, services, pricing, locations, and other critical data. The better a search engine understands your business information, the more likely your company will show up when potential customers are searching for your types of products or services.

Our team has significant experience developing and implementing schema markup strategies for businesses of all types, including B2C, B2B, ecommerce, retail, franchise, SMB and multi-national. We are able to implement an in-depth structured data approach without making any changes to your user experience, including your website design or content – everything is done using code that only the search engine sees.

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What we do

Our team will help you add structured data directly to your website to allow search engines to not only crawl your site but to truly understand it. 

Structured data assessment

We will review your website to identify if there is any structured data present, and if so, how effective the implementation is. Some content management systems automatically apply basic schema markup, which can be a good starting point. However, in cases where the automation does not completely align with the content it can be a detriment. Our team will conduct a full review of your markup so you know where you stand.

Structured data strategy and architecture

Our skilled search and technology specialists will work with you to determine the appropriate schema markup(s) to use for your company and industry. There are a wide array of schema types that can be applied depending on your content, industry, and the types of searches your potential customers typically conduct. Our team will identify the optimal structured data strategy and map the appropriate schema types against your content.

Structured data implementation

Our technical team will create the code (called a JSON-LD) that will be added to your website to apply the structured data to your existing content. This can include content such as products, services, location pages, blog articles, and other elements. The structured data will be added to the code of your website without disturbing what people see or how you are currently managing your site or content.

Post-deployment review 

Once we have completed the structured data implementation, our team will monitor your search results to determine the impact on your search rankings and organic search traffic. Based on the results, we often identify additional areas of opportunity which can be explored to further improve your search visibility.

"Reshift media has been a great partner when it comes to managing our website needs. They are very responsive, customer focused and easy to work with."

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Structured data increases your visibility across a variety of platforms

Applying structured data to your website will increase your opportunity to rank for pertinent terms across all platforms. Nowhere is structured data more important than in the next major search battleground: voice search. Voice search is growing at a rapid pace as consumers increasingly use virtual assistants in their homes, in their cars, and even on their phones. The massive growth of Google Home, Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and other voice-based assistants has seen a rapid rise in people conduct search queries using their voice as opposed to a keyboard or screen.

In this environment, there is no “page one” to rank on – there is only “position one”. The competition will be fierce as companies vie for the top position for voice queries such as “Where is the nearest taco restaurant?” or “Who is the highest rated plumber in my neighbourhood?” Adding structured data to your website enables search engines to better answer these questions by understanding all aspects of your site, improving the search visibility for your products, services, and blog content. In short, the better a search engine understands every aspect of your business, the more likely your company is to be well-ranked for long-tail voice searches.

Gain a competitive edge with structured data.

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