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Search engines represent an excellent opportunity to generate sales, as people are explicitly telling you the product or service they are looking for, and in many cases, where they are looking for it. More than 90% of online experiences start with search, making it a critical customer acquisition channel for companies across all categories. However, search optimization and advertising are extremely competitive and often very complex, so having a strong strategy based on in-depth market research is critical.

Our skilled team of search specialists can help you across all aspects of your search strategy:

Search optimization and advertising for multi-location businesses is different.

We specialize in creating organic and paid search strategies for franchises, retailers, restaurants, grocers, and other multi-location companies. With the right strategy, the structure of these types of businesses creates a natural opportunity to rank well in search results. Local search and localized search advertising, in particular, represent strong opportunities for multi-location businesses to gain a competitive advantage.
We have worked with hundreds of multi-location companies around the world and have developed unique search engine optimization and advertising strategies, processes, techniques, and technology that have repeatedly delivered exceptional results. We use that extensive knowledge and experience to develop, implement, and manage a search strategy designed to catapult you past your competitors and keep you there.

What we do

Our cross-functional team can help you with all aspects of your search optimization and/or advertising approach.
Every company and industry is different, so we take the time to understand your specific needs in order to tailor a search approach designed to work for you. Our team will review your industry, competitors, past performance and other factors against your business objectives to assess areas of opportunity and design an approach specific to your organization. The strategic approach will include recommendations around search engine optimization and paid search, as well as potential integrations with other marketing platforms such as social media, video or display advertising.
How your site ranks in organic search depends on a number of factors, including your website structure and performance, page content, industry characteristics and level of competition. To assess your search engine optimization strength, our search, content and technical teams will diagnose your website’s current level of performance by examining elements such as hierarchy, traffic sources, entry and exit points, keyword rankings, page indexing, referral traffic, bounce rates, sitemaps, image alt text, backlinks, redirects, audience geography and devices, page speed on mobile and desktop, content optimization and more. We will research your industry to identify high-value search terms and assess how you rank for those keywords compared to competitors. Based on our review, we will develop actionable takeaways and recommendations to improve your website’s search authority, maximize your search visibility and earn qualified website traffic.
Search advertising is an excellent way to find and acquire new customers who are actively searching for the products and services you offer. Often referred to as “PPC (pay per click) advertising,” one of its advantages is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on an ad. Search advertising works on an auction basis, meaning that companies bid on how much they are willing to pay for specific search queries. This means that in highly competitive industries, search advertising can be complicated to set up and manage. Our team of search specialists will thoroughly research your industry to identify the high-value and high-competition terms pertinent to your business to develop a winning strategy. Based on that strategy, we will set up every aspect of your campaign and manage it on an ongoing basis to ensure you receive maximum value for every ad dollar.
Curious how you stack up against competitors? We will conduct a review of your industry and competitors, either as part of an advertising or SEO review or as a stand-alone project. We will use a variety of tools to assess what terms your competitors rank for and review their websites in detail to assess why they rank the way they do. We will review your competitors’ website structure, content, backlinks, structured data, site speed and other factors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on our findings, we will recommend opportunities for you to modify your approach to gain a leg-up over your competition and grow your business.
Search engine optimization and advertising are ever-changing disciplines. Our search team is always up-to-date on the latest developments in the search industry, including algorithm changes Google is planning. We will ensure you are informed of any upcoming changes to proactively prepare for the potential ramifications and maintain search visibility. We will also monitor your organic and paid keyword performance compared to competitors to identify any major fluctuations. This allows us to rapidly adjust to changing market dynamics to optimize your paid search campaign and/or organic search optimization approach. Our optimization process is highly collaborative, customer-centric and data-driven.
Frequent measurement and assessment are critical when evaluating your search strategy’s performance and deciding on adjustments and improvements. We will work closely with you to set specific objectives and goals and implement strong tactics designed to drive your business results. Beyond simply reporting the numbers, we will analyze every aspect of your organic and paid performance to identify opportunities for continual improvement. We will also stay on the lookout for opportunities to out-maneuver your competitors to gain an advantage. We create regular, easy-to-read reports that we will walk you through, complete with recommendations and next steps.

A better approach to search

One of the things that makes Reshift unique is that we employ a cross-functional approach to develop the best possible search strategy. Our on-staff search, technical and content professionals collaborate to develop a comprehensive organic or paid search strategy custom-tailored to your specific business objectives. This results in a better outcome because we are able to analyze your business from a variety of perspectives to develop a more innovative and complete solution.

Beyond developing the strategy, our team also get things done. Our search, technical and content professionals will work with you to implement your organic search strategy or search advertising campaign. Once deployed, our team will remain hands-on to ensure the success of the program. We will closely monitor your progress to determine how well the strategy is achieving your business objectives and make adjustments based on changing market conditions or competition.

Create a competitive advantage with search.

SEO and search advertising support for agencies

We work with creative, media planning, media buying, development, digital and other agencies to assist them with their clients’ search needs. Our team can help at any stage of the process as needed – everything from helping to brainstorm a customized search strategy to running campaigns to evaluating results and suggesting areas for improvement. We are happy to co-pitch as a team or simply provide ad-hoc support where required.

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