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Not your same old contest.

We create innovative social media contests and promotions that are designed to achieve your specific business objectives.

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Grow brand awareness and affinity with social contests

Social media contests and promotions are an excellent way to generate excitement, increase visibility and engage your audience. Social media’s highly interactive and viral nature makes it the perfect platform to create compelling contests that are very effective in achieving your objectives.

One of the most powerful aspects of social media contests is that you are able to inspire people to take action – such as uploading a photo or video, including their friends in the contest or sharing information across their networks. These types of contests are not only more fun and engaging, but the level of involvement on behalf of the contestants creates stronger brand awareness and affinity.

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What we do

Our cross-functional team will create an amazing promotion or contest custom-built to achieve your objectives.

Giveaway contests

One of the quickest and most effective ways to generate buzz and shareability on social media is with a simple giveaway. Whether it is a hashtag contest on Instagram, a “comment to enter” post on Facebook, a “reply for your chance to win” contest on Twitter, or a trivia contest that incorporates Facebook Live, we have the skills and experience to plan and execute your contest on the social network that is best suited to your target audience.

User-generated contests

What’s better than talking about how great your brand is? Having your customers do it for you! Promotions that incorporate user-generated creative (such as photos, videos, live streams or Instagram Stories) are an effective way to tap into your audience’s networks to reach new potential customers. Not only will your customers become brand advocates, but their connections will be more inclined to trust messages coming from their friends, rather than a business.

Custom voting contests

Looking for customer feedback on an upcoming product or service? Or perhaps you’d like to host a contest where the winner is determined by your followers instead of by a random draw? Let your audience have their say with a vote-based contest! We will design and build a custom voting application integrated into your website or microsite, allowing your customers to vote for the winner(s). Contest participants can share their entries through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms with our social media integrations, helping to create excitement around your promotion.

Custom website integrations

If you’re looking for a more immersive user experience, our design and software specialists will custom-build a social media contest that is fully integrated into your website or microsite. Every aspect of the contest will be designed to achieve your specific business objectives, and we will ensure the contest “looks” like your brand to ensure consistency. We will also develop a custom social media promotion designed to “get the word out” and generate excitement about your contest to drive engagement and results.

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Steve Collette

President, 3rd Degree Training

Generate business results with custom promotions and contests

The nature of social media contests has changed greatly over the last few years. No longer should they be geared just towards growing follower counts and comments. Instead, contests should be designed to drive business results, whether that includes building awareness, generating website traffic, growing your email list, cultivating leads, or increasing sales.

We have significant experience designing and building custom social media contests and promotions to drive measurable business results. Our on-staff software development team is well-versed in developing custom applications which are fully integrated with the back-ends of Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks in order to create a unique promotion that fits your company and achieves your objectives.

Create a branded contest that is unique and engaging.

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