Digital Display Advertising

Get the word out about your great business.

Introduce your company to new potential customers using the powerful targeting capabilities of programmatic display advertising.

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Turn awareness into customers

Programmatic display advertising is an excellent way to achieve cost-effective, yet targeted, reach to “get the word out” about your company, products or services. As a highly visual medium, display ads enable your company to create a memorable brand impression with your target audience, even when they do not click on the ad.

Through a well-executed display campaign, you are able to introduce your brand to a very targeted audience using interest, demographic and/or geographic targeting. You are also able to stay top-of-mind with existing or prospective customers through sophisticated retargeting campaigns to ensure you are the first company they think of when they are ready to buy.

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What we do

Our talented team will work with you to design, deploy and optimize a digital display approach tailored to your unique needs. 

Display advertising strategy 

Not all display campaigns are created equal. Our skilled team will work with you to design a customized approach that delivers against your business objectives. Based on your objectives, we will define target audiences to inform our creative and targeting strategies. Using those audiences, we will recommend a combination of targeting opportunities such as interests, demographics, geography and retargeting.

Display advertising management 

Based on the strategy, we will build, deploy and manage your custom display advertising campaign. We will implement tracking/retargeting codes on your website or landing pages, set up the account, configure targeting, set the geography and upload the creative. Once live, we will actively manage your campaign and make ongoing adjustments based on performance.

Display advertising creative 

Our amazing creative team will brainstorm ideas to bring your campaign to life and engage your target audience(s) through messaging and imagery. All creative is built to your brand standards to ensure it has the correct tone and approach. We have tremendous experience designing and building a wide variety of display advertising executions, including all ad unit sizes, mobile, interstitials and animations.

Measurement, reporting and refinement 

Our data analysts will measure and interpret your campaign results to identify areas of high performance and opportunities for improvement. We will examine how effective the campaign is at reaching your target audience and whether it is achieving the desired effect. We will also identify what types of creative are performing best. Based on our findings, we will recommend campaign refinements to improve performance.

"Simply put, working with Reshift is an investment any business can benefit from."

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CEO, Helping Hands Daycare

Reach people early in their decision making process to make an impact

Display advertising is most effective when used in conjunction with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Search, and others. Through display’s ability to achieve cost-effective and targeted reach, it allows your company to interact with prospective customers who are early in their purchase cycle. Reaching people when they are early in their purchase decision is very helpful, as it allows you to make an impression and potentially shape their purchase journey.

As the person moves through their purchase decision, the initial contact created via display advertising pays dividends in several ways:

  • It enables retargeting opportunities via display, Facebook, Google, or other platforms to ensure your company stays “top of mind” with the potential customer.
  • It creates affinity and/or recall that differentiates your brand when the person is later deciding between several potential companies to do business with.
  • When the person is later in need of your products or services, they may seek you out, typically via a Google search.

Display campaigns create downstream sales.

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