The company

Dogtopia is North America’s fastest-growing pet franchise with 150+ locations across the United States and Canada and is on pace to open 400 centers by 2024. The company is ranked as the No. 1 pet services franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 41st Annual Franchise 500 List. Dogtopia’s business model includes dog daycare, boarding and spa services wrapped around an exciting and fun brand.


Pet services

Services provided

Information architecture, website design, website development, mobile app development, custom software, search engine optimization, search engine advertising, community management, content creation, social media advertising.

Dogtopia Playroom

The situation

When we started working with the company, Dogtopia had just undergone a change in ownership and had brought on a new CEO and leadership team. At the time, the company had an antiquated website with no mobile optimization, extremely poor search engine optimization and no digital marketing strategy or online lead generation approach. The new team quickly identified that the company required a much stronger focus on digital in order to grow.

From a business objectives perspective, Dogtopia was looking to:

  • Re-energize and reposition the brand
  • Better engage and interact with existing customers
  • Acquire new customers
  • Attract new franchisees
Dogtopia social media

The approach

Working closely with the Dogtopia team, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy to achieve the company’s objectives. The strategy encompassed a number of initiatives, including:

  • Design and development of an entirely new custom website
  • Creation of a franchise development microsite within the “main” website
  • Comprehensive search engine optimization approach aimed at increasing website traffic from both prospective customers and franchisees
  • Content creation and content marketing approach
  • Implementation of a cross-platform social media approach including content creation and community management both at the national and local levels
  • Hyper-local social media and search engine advertising designed to find and acquire new potential customers
  • Design and development of a custom mobile app for iOS and Android to aid in customer engagement and retention

Each element of the strategy was designed to work together in order to achieve the best possible results in the shortest period of time. Our two teams worked together in partnership over a number of months on a coordinated rollout of the initiatives, which included communication and training across the franchise network.

The outcome

The strategy and rollout was a tremendous success. The new website reflected the company’s updated branding, new attitude and exciting direction. In addition, the SEO, content, social media and digital advertising initiatives paid immediate dividends through a strong increase in website traffic and customer inquiries.

In the first 3 months after deployment we saw the following results:


Increase in website traffic


Growth in digitally generated customer inquiries


Increase in terms ranking on Google's first page

Dogtopia continues to grow exponentially and we are proud to be working with the company on a number of ongoing projects.

"Not only do they have a talented, professional, knowledgeable, and creative staff, but one of the best things about Reshift is that they have a really good understanding of franchising and how it relates to marketing."

Shelley Parnell

Chief Experience Officer

Dogtopia tablet
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