The company

Started in 1995 by Marty and Mirjam Bennett, Lemon Heaven is a franchise organization that provides delicious lemonade, cotton candy, hot beverages, and mini donuts to event attendees across North America through their two amazing brands: Lemon Heaven and Cin City Donuts.


Food services

Services provided

Website design and development, social media strategy

Lemon Heaven Stand

The situation

Lemon Heaven had an out-of-date and underperforming website that did not reflect the vibrancy of the brand. The company was looking to completely reinvent their site in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Better reflect the energy and “style” of the Lemon Heaven and Cin City brands
  • Enhance the search engine optimization of the website to make it easier for customers and prospective franchisees to find the company via search
  • Greatly improve the franchise section of the website to aid the company in attracting new franchisees
  • Enable customers to quickly and easily find where Lemon Heaven and Cin City are operating
Lemon Heaven Franchise Website

The approach

We worked with the Lemon Heaven team to completely re-invent and re-develop every aspect of their website, including:

  • New site structure and navigation, which effectively combined the Lemon Heaven and Cin City brands into a single website
  • Updated page structure and content strategy, which incorporated SEO best practices
  • Custom event finder, which included the ability for franchisees to easily upload information about where they are operating
  • Completely custom design based on the Lemon Heaven and Cin City brands
  • Creation of a franchise development microsite within the “main” website
  • Cross-browser and cross-device optimization (i.e., responsive design and development)
  • Customized WordPress development and content management system (CMS) setup

The outcome

The project was a complete success. The new website represented a dramatic online transformation for the company in terms of strategy, structure, design and technology. We observed an immediate increase in site visibility including organic traffic, Google rankings and non-branded traffic, as follows:


Increase in website traffic


Growth in digitally generated customer inquiries


Increase in terms ranking on Google's first page

We are continuing to work with Lemon Heaven on a variety of digital marketing initiatives

"The Reshift team took the time to understand our business in order to create a website which met our needs perfectly. We now have a great website which properly reflects our brand."

Marty Bennett

Founder, Lemon Heaven & Cin City Donuts