The company

M&M Food Market is Canada’s leading retailer of frozen foods and helps Canadians put delicious meals on the table by offering consumers easy-to-prepare, top quality foods and personalized customer service, all within a uniquely convenient shopping environment. An iconic Canadian brand, M&M Food Market has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 11 years in a row.

As part of their Real Food Promise, M&M Food Market is the only national retailer with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners in 100% of their products sold across Canada. The company’s products include delicious and convenient options across virtually every food category including appetizers, prepared meals, seafood, meats and poultry, vegetables, sides, bakery and desserts and come in formats ranging from individual portions to family sized options.



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Localized Facebook advertising

M&M Food Market

The situation

The company underwent a change in ownership and a subsequent change in management, which led to one of the most transformative rebranding efforts in the Canadian retail industry. The company completely reinvented the M&M brand to appeal to a broader audience to deliver everyday value-added meal solutions while still remaining top-of-mind for entertaining solutions.

Along with the rebranding, the company implemented a comprehensive long-term strategy to optimize and grow the network. The strategy included a new store design and shopping experience, featuring a modern “kitchen” design with the counter removed so customers can access the easy-to-shop freezer doors themselves to enable self-serve shopping while still receiving one-on-one service from expertly trained Meal Advisors.

As part of the company’s transformation, Reshift Media was brought in to design, implement and manage a social media advertising strategy aimed at:

  • Increasing the frequency of purchases made by existing customers
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Growing local foot-traffic and sales

The approach

Working closely with the M&M Food Market team, we designed a highly localized Facebook advertising strategy as follows:

  • Custom Facebook advertising campaign including a mix of brand messaging and products
  • Mix of photo, carousel and video ads
  • All ads were served via a local Facebook page specific to each location. This increased localness and relevance to help break through the “digital clutter”
  • Each location employed a pin/radius targeting approach, with a custom radius implemented around each location based on their population density and catchment area
  • Ad copy was programmatically localized for every store, including the location name, address and other elements
  • Product ad copy included local prices for each location

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the audience targeting, we programmatically created custom and lookalike audiences for every location based on M&M’s historical customer data. Through this approach, every location was able to have a sophisticated and unique targeting approach as follows:

  • Show product ads to existing customers via a Facebook custom audience which was created based on customer data for that specific location. The objective was to increase the frequency of visit/purchase
  • Show a combination of branding and product ads to new potential customers via a Facebook lookalike audience which was created based on the custom audience for that specific location. The objective was to acquire new customers who were similar to existing customers

Through this strategy, each store was able to target an audience unique to that very store, within a specific radius around the location to maximize effectiveness. Because each location had its own localized campaign, we were able to monitor and modify the approach across all 360+ locations, which allowed us to maximize the ROI at a granular level.

The outcome

We ran localized Facebook campaigns using this strategy during both the important holiday season and the following spring period. The holiday campaign surpassed expectations, driving significant amounts of web traffic, foot-traffic and sales. Based on the learnings from the holiday period, we implemented a number of enhancements for the following spring campaign, which further improved results.

Holiday season campaign results:


Ad variations created programmatically


Direct-attribution ROI

Spring campaign results


Ad variations created programmatically


Direct-attribution ROI

We are proud to be continuing our work with M&M Food Market, and have expanded our partnership to include social media, search, display and video advertising, as well as SEO.

"The team’s data-driven approach consistently brings a unique mix of innovative ideas and great execution, while still offering the flexibility needed in a constantly shifting retail environment."

Derek Weidl

Director, eCommerce & Loyalty

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