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Franchisee acquisition campaigns that deliver results

Through our extensive work with hundreds of franchise organizations, we have developed a proven approach to generate high-quality franchisee leads. We use a combination of data, algorithms, profiling, demographics, interests, geography and engaging creative to find the prospective franchisees you are looking for.

We have experience working with B2C and B2B franchise systems of all types, including restaurants, retail, real estate, pets, financial, educational, auto and many others.

What we do

Based on your business model, target geography and ideal franchisee profile, we use our deep industry knowledge and experience to create a digital media acquisition strategy that is customized to you.

Content marketing and SEO

Our editorial and search teams will collaborate to create search-optimized franchise content for your website. Publishing high-quality content that is franchise-specific will allow your company’s site to show up more frequently when prospective franchisees are looking for opportunities, which results in greater traffic and lead generation. When executed well, content marketing tends to generate the highest-quality and lowest-cost franchise leads.

Social media advertising

We have extensive experience creating franchisee acquisition campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Using social media advertising to generate franchise leads may not be right for all brands, so we will look closely at a number of factors to design an approach that suits you. We typically pair our social campaigns with complementary search advertising strategies to increase our ability to convert interest into solid leads.

Search engine advertising

In almost every circumstance, search advertising represents an excellent opportunity to generate highly qualified franchise leads. However, advertising on search engines can be very competitive (and expensive), so having a solid plan is critical. Our search team will conduct in-depth market and competitor research to develop an approach that delivers quality leads within a budget you are comfortable with.

Programmatic display advertising

Display advertising is an effective way to achieve large reach within your target audience for relatively low cost. We often incorporate digital display into our multi-funnel marketing strategies along with social media and search. In a multi-funnel scenario, programmatic display is used to create awareness within your target community which we later convert into leads through pinpoint retargeting and other activation tactics.

Video advertising

Video advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is an excellent way to both inform and engage prospective franchisees. Online video consumption continues to grow rapidly, which creates an opportunity for digitally-savvy franchise systems to out-maneuver competitors to acquire franchisees of all ages.

Customized landing pages

Generating clicks is all well and good, but if the page the person lands on is not optimized for conversion you can easily lose that lead you worked so hard to get. As part of our approach, we typically deploy conversion-oriented landing pages customized to your brand in order to increase the likelihood of turning interest into concrete leads.

"Reshift has been an essential technology partner for us for over 6 years, leading to our positioning as the fastest-growing pet franchise in North America."

Alex Samios

Vice President of Franchise Development, Dogtopia


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Trust your campaign to franchise marketing specialists

Attracting the best franchisees can be very competitive. Because franchising spans so many different categories, you are often competing for leads with a large number of companies – many of which are outside of your industry. Without the right plan, you can end up paying too much for too few leads.

We specialize in using digital media to help franchise systems grow both their customer base and acquire new franchisees, so we know how tough franchising can be. The good news is that we also know what works and what doesn’t, so we are able to design an approach that gets you the best possible results for every dollar. Our proven process and experience provide you with a major advantage over your competitors.

GFA Award

Reshift Media Voted Best Franchise Marketing Firm

Reshift Media was voted the world's best franchise marketing firm two years in a row by the Global Franchise Awards at the 2023 and 2024 International Franchise Association conventions. The Global Franchise Awards recognizes excellence in franchising and is judged by an international panel of franchise association executives and industry experts.

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