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We specialize in creating and managing top-performing search advertising programs for franchise companies.

Franchise Search Engine Advertising

A better search advertising approach

Franchise companies are unique because they have a truly local footprint and franchisees that are vested in the success of each location. To take advantage of this strength, we employ a combination of proprietary technology and processes to programmatically create unique search campaigns for each franchise location. Each campaign includes localized terms, ads and targeting, and can be funded by the franchisee, head office, or both.

Our approach significantly outperforms “traditional” search engine advertising campaigns because it is designed to take advantage of the strengths of franchise organizations to maximize performance for the lowest possible cost. Our talented search team will research your industry and competitors to create, manage and optimize a custom search engine advertising program that fits your franchise organization perfectly.

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What we do

Our search team will create a search advertising strategy customized to your franchise system and will provide hands-on management, analysis, and reporting to ensure your success.

Our talented team will work with you to design a search engine advertising strategy that is custom-tailored to your franchise organization. We will research your industry and competitors to identify a winning approach designed to achieve your business objectives.

Knowing that every franchise system is unique, we have extensive experience supporting a variety of advertising and budgeting models, including franchisee-funded campaigns, nationally-funded campaigns and a variety of hybrid budgeting approaches.

Based on the strategy, our search team will create a custom search advertising campaign for your franchise organization. Our team will manage the entire setup on your behalf – including writing search ads, developing the keyword list, setting starting bids, configuring the geography, setting up tracking, and activating the campaign.

In cases where there is a local component to the campaign, our team will use our proprietary technology to programmatically create dozens, hundreds or thousands of local campaigns for your franchise system. Each campaign will be geo-targeted to your locations and will include localized ads copy and keywords to maximize local performance.

Once your search campaign is live, our search team will actively manage it to make the most out of every advertising dollar. Our search professionals will use real-time data to make ongoing adjustments to keywords and bids in order to continually improve campaign performance.

We provide detailed reporting on campaign performance and are always looking for areas of opportunity. Our team is always on top of major search trends and technology changes in order to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Having worked with hundreds of franchise organizations, we know that new business is typically won or lost at the local level. In addition to a strong organic local search strategy, we often recommend a localized search advertising approach. In this scenario, we use technology to programmatically create a unique search advertising campaign for every location in your franchise network that you would like to include. This means that your keywords and ads include local terms like city or neighborhood to increase relevance and performance.

Because the keywords and ads include local terms, the likelihood of having an ad shown for “near me” types of searches increases dramatically, and for a lower cost. In addition, because the ads include local terms, people find them to be more relevant and therefore tend to click on them more frequently, driving more customers to your website. In our experience, a localized campaign performs 5X – 10X better than a “traditional” search advertising approach.

Depending on your franchise model, we are able to support a number of different search advertising approaches. The most common approach is for us to deploy localized campaigns for every location (as outlined above), with each franchisee directly funding the campaign for their area. We have a proprietary software which allows franchisees to log into a dashboard, activate their ads, and fund them using their own credit card. We handle all aspects of campaign deployment and budgeting programmatically for you.

If you would prefer to fund the search program via your national ad fund, we can either set up a “national” campaign that is geo-targeted, or a localized campaign that is funded by your head office. We can also support a “hybrid” approach, which involves a combination of both franchisee and franchisor campaign budgeting. No matter what your preferred approach is, we are able to structure a search program that fits your needs.

A well-designed landing page is critical to convert customer interest into action. We use best-practice layout and design strategies to maximize performance, while also ensuring the landing page matches your branding and tone to ensure a seamless experience. Our on-staff content team will work with you to write engaging copy aimed at further increasing the likelihood of conversion.

For localized campaigns, we programmatically insert local information into the landing page such as the name of the location, address, phone number and other elements. This approach dramatically improves the likelihood that someone will convert, further improving the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Depending on your preference, we can send form completions and phone calls directly to your franchisees to action, or they can be routed into your head office/call center.

Our search team has extensive experience creating campaigns aimed at recruiting new franchisees to help you grow your system. Search advertising for new franchisees is incredibly competitive, so it is important to have a strong strategy and active management to ensure you get the most out of every advertising dollar.

Our team will research your industry and your competitors to develop an approach tailored to your franchise system and target franchisees. Learn more about our franchisee acquisition approach.

GFA 2023 Award

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Reshift Media was named the world's best franchise marketing firm by the Global Franchise Awards at the 2023 International Franchise Association convention. The Global Franchise Awards recognizes excellence in franchising and is judged by an international panel of franchise association executives and industry experts.

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