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A superior social advertising approach

Franchise organizations differ from other companies due to their local presence and franchisees dedicated to each location's success. We utilize technology and processes to leverage this advantage by generating customized social campaigns for every franchise location. Through our process, we create a custom campaign for each location, which includes unique ads and targeting. In addition, the funding for these campaigns can be sourced from either the franchisee, the head office, or both.

Our method goes above and beyond standard social media advertising campaigns by capitalizing on the inherent advantages of franchise organizations to attain optimal results at a reduced cost. Our social media team will extensively research your industry and competitors to formulate, deploy and refine a tailored social media advertising program perfectly aligned with your franchise organization's specific requirements.

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What we do

We will develop a social media advertising strategy tailored to your franchise system and provide ongoing management, analysis, and reporting to ensure your success.

Our team of skilled professionals specialize in creating customized social media advertising plans for franchise organizations. Our social media and design team will collaborate with you to craft a strategy that aligns with your business goals while considering your industry and competition.

We understand that every franchise system has distinct characteristics and we are able to support diverse advertising and budgeting models. We have experience supporting a range of approaches, including franchisee-funded campaigns, nationally-funded campaigns, and hybrid budgeting models.

Once we have established the social media advertising strategy that fits your franchise organization, our social team will create a customized social media advertising campaign for you. We take care of the entire setup process, which includes designing social media creative and writing the copy, configuring targeting settings, tracking performance, and activating the campaign. 

 When a local aspect is included in the campaign, our team will employ our proprietary technology to programmatically generate local campaigns for every location in your franchise system. Each of these campaigns will be specifically targeted to the location and incorporate customized ad copy to optimize performance within the local market.

Our social team will closely monitor your campaign once it is active to ensure your advertising budget is utilized to its fullest potential. Through real-time data analysis, our professionals will continuously fine-tune your targeting and creative to optimize campaign performance. 

 We provide comprehensive reports on your franchise campaign’s performance and actively seek out opportunities for improvement. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest social media trends and technological advancements to ensure you always stay ahead of your competitors.

Through our experience working with franchise organizations worldwide, we have seen first-hand that the success of a franchise often hinges on its ability to thrive locally. This is why, in addition to a robust organic social media strategy, we frequently recommend a localized social media advertising approach. 

 Using automation and leading-edge technology, we will programmatically create a distinct social media advertising campaign for each of your franchise locations that you wish to include. By incorporating local terms such as city or neighbourhood into your ads, we can enhance your advertising relevance and boost your campaign performance. We typically find that localized social media ads outperform “non-local” ads by 500% or more.

We are experienced in supporting various social media advertising models depending on your franchise setup. The most common method involves deploying localized campaigns for each franchise location (as outlined above). This approach allows franchisees to fund their campaigns directly through our proprietary software, which features a dashboard for activating ads and funding them using their credit card. We handle all aspects of campaign deployment and budgeting programmatically on your behalf. 

 Alternatively, if you prefer to fund the search program through your national ad fund, we can set up either a geo-targeted “national” campaign or a localized campaign that’s funded by your head office. We’re also capable of supporting a “hybrid” approach that combines both franchisee and franchisor campaign budgeting. Regardless of your preferred approach, we can tailor a social media program that suits your specific needs.

The success of your marketing campaign often relies on an effective landing page that motivates customers to act. We incorporate proven layout and design techniques to optimize performance while at the same time ensuring the landing page aligns with your brand identity and messaging to deliver a cohesive user experience. Our content team collaborates with you to develop engaging copy that further enhances the likelihood of conversion. 

 In the case of localized campaigns, we use programmatic automation to inject local information into the landing page, such as the location’s name, address, and phone number, among other elements. This approach has been shown to significantly increase the chances of conversion, thus boosting the campaign’s overall effectiveness. You can choose whether form completions and/or phone calls go directly to your franchisees for action or if they are directed to your head office or call center.

We have extensive experience creating social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms to recruit new franchisees to help expand your system. We develop a robust strategy and actively manage the campaign to maximize your return on investment. 

 Our team will conduct in-depth research on your industry, competitors, and target franchisees to develop a customized approach that suits your franchise system and target audience. Explore our franchisee acquisition approach to learn more.

GFA 2023 Award

Reshift Media Voted Best Franchise Marketing Firm

Reshift Media was named the world's best franchise marketing firm by the Global Franchise Awards at the 2023 International Franchise Association convention. The Global Franchise Awards recognizes excellence in franchising and is judged by an international panel of franchise association executives and industry experts.

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