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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as most people call it, involves the creation of sites that are compelling to consumers while also being easily understood by search engines like Google. SEO is the process of improving a site’s visibility in search engines via the “natural”, “organic”, or “un-paid” search results. In general, the higher and more frequently a site appears on the search results page, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

To accomplish this, Reshift Media analyzes our clients’ web properties to identify content, linking and structure opportunities to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy customized for their business. Similar to social media, we offer both one-time setup services and ongoing assistance to keep things on track.

One-time services:

In-Depth Analysis: We analyze our client’s web and mobile properties to identify content, linking and structure opportunities (such as metatags and URL structure).

Competitive Comparison: We investigate how our clients compare to their industry competitors to establish their rank against their peers and devise specific strategies to improve search engine presence.

Backlinking Execution: We explore all ethical opportunities to improve backlinking to our client’s digital properties to improve SEO. This includes free/low cost directories, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), blogs and partnerships with reputable local organizations such as community organizations, newspapers, television stations, etc.

Content Strategy: We work with our clients to find the most pertinent short-tail and long-tail keywords for their needs, and then train their web administrators and content team on their inclusion and use. We will also explore SEA (search engine advertising) opportunities using those keywords.

Social Media Integration: We incorporate social media tools, widgets and content throughout our clients’ web properties to keep their sites relevant, searchable and active. This approach has the added benefit of concurrently assisting both our clients’ SEO and social media strategies.

Training: We work with our client’s content, sales, marketing and technical teams to train them on how to write SEO-friendly content, how to properly structure links and how to structure their web/mobile site from a technical perspective.

Ongoing services:

SEO Implementation and Ongoing Management: If our clients prefer not to manage it themselves, we will implement the agreed-to SEO approach on their behalf. We will also consult with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure the maintenance of best practices and “tweaking” of the SEO approach to support ongoing optimization.

Content Population: We can manage the ongoing content population of the client’s web or mobile property to ensure it remains fresh, pertinent and SEO-optimized.