The 2023 Franchise Innovation Award Goes to Reshift Media

June 22, 2023
By   Alexandra Few
Category   Press Releases
Franchise Innovation Winner badge

We are thrilled to announce that Reshift Media has won the Top Digital Marketing Campaign award at the 2023 Franchise Innovations Awards! Presented by Franchise Update Media, this annual ceremony recognizes the franchise industry’s most innovative U.S. brands that are developing original and successful business innovation strategies and tactics. Of the 150+ entrants, 22 winners were selected within four categories and will be profiled in the Franchise Update magazine–a group we are honoured to be a part of.

Our winning submission highlighted our successful execution of a multi-platform lead generation campaign for our client, Dogtopia, that produced excellent results for their local franchisees.

“We are honoured to win this prestigious award,” said Steve Buors, CEO of Reshift Media. “We’d like to thank the judges, Franchise Update Media, and our amazing partner, Dogtopia.”

An Overview of Our Winning Campaign

Our digital lead acquisition campaign was approached through a multi-platform strategy, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google search engine advertising. This helped us ensure we reached our target audience on multiple fronts. Our objectives included increasing customer growth speed, decreasing the time it takes to get new locations up and running, and making digital advertising easier for our client’s franchisees. To achieve this, we utilized our proprietary digital advertising platform, the Brand Amplifier. This tool helps franchisees create, deploy, measure, and fund location-specific digital ad campaigns.

The Brand Amplifier uses automatic localization to tailor Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad copy to target audiences. This includes adding recognizable elements such as city name, store name, and other relevant details. Franchisees then access the Brand Amplifier dashboard to choose from a diverse set of ad campaigns with highly visual and engaging creative and ad copy. Once selected, the ads appear across platforms, allowing for maximum reach.

Maintaining consistency is a critical element in franchising, as franchise systems want to ensure their brand messaging, tone, and overall brand appearance is reflected within each franchise location in their network. However, maintaining consistency across multiple digital platforms can be challenging, especially when trying to navigate ad creative and copy when there are a significant number of franchise locations.

In our campaign, we eliminated this pain point by providing franchisees with an easy-to-follow process. We ensured that every Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad that franchisees had access to provided corporate-approved messaging and tone, and we used dedicated, campaign-specific landing pages to increase the likelihood of ad clicks resulting in leads. By enabling franchisees to apply the franchise’s messaging across high-traffic platforms effortlessly, we significantly improved the success rates of clicks converting into leads.

As we reflect on our journey to winning the Top Digital Marketing Campaign award, we are filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Looking ahead, we are excited to build on this achievement and continue our commitment to excellence in franchise digital marketing. Thanks to Franchise Update Media for this recognition!


Alexandra Few

Alexandra is a Content Producer at Reshift Media. Her work in our social team includes creating and designing content for social media, as well as researching and developing blog posts, landing pages, and other forms of web content for several brands. She has completed certifications in digital marketing, professional writing, and digital strategy and communications management, and she has published work on topics that range from franchising and social media to music and wellness.

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