Podcast: Franchise Development Insights from Liane Caruso

November 24, 2023
By   Jen McDonnell
Category   Franchise Marketing
Liane Caruso, Co-Founder of Franchise Assembly

In this episode, Liane Caruso shares her thoughts about franchise development in 2023 what we can expect going into 2024. Hear Liane’s take on the growth of video, the need for lead nurturing, and what she is seeing in terms of the franchise development sales cycle. Liane also shares what nobody is talking about in the franchise development space but should be—and her answer may surprise you! If you are a franchise development professional, then this is one you won’t want to miss!

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About Liane Caruso

Liane has a depth of experience working primarily in franchise marketing over the last 14 years. She launched her career in franchising with her own agency focusing on local marketing programs for franchise brands. After the agency was acquired, she worked with franchise brands to build local digital marketing campaigns and franchise development programs through integrated digital marketing programs and public relations tactics with well-known, reputable franchise suppliers.

In 2020, She built a franchise marketing consultancy called helloCMO, offering fractional CMO or outsourced CMO engagements specifically for franchise brands and suppliers. It’s an alternative solution that provides brands access to C-suite-level knowledge, expertise, and franchise marketing experience, but at a fraction of the cost. She works with an organization’s existing marketing department to develop strategic plans and execute campaigns that deliver consumer and franchise development results.

Earlier this year, she launched Hello Masterminds for C-suite franchise marketers. And most recently, she partnered with Michael Hyam to create Franchise Assembly, a franchise sales and development education platform. They’re hosting their first event: Let’s Grow! in February 4-6, 2024 in Dallas.

About Reshift Media

Reshift Media is an award-winning digital marketing firm that develops digital marketing strategies, processes and technology custom-tailored to the specific needs of franchise organizations. The company’s in-house team provides support to more than 200 clients in 22 countries across all aspects of digital media including software development, social media, search and website/mobile development.

Celebrating 10 years helping the franchise community grow and thrive, Reshift Media has cemented itself as the leading digital marketing agency for franchise companies. Among the company’s many accolades, Reshift Media boasts the creation of two proprietary software platforms: Franify and Brand Amplifier, each designed specifically for franchise businesses. They were also named the world’s best franchise marketing firm by the 2023 Global Franchise Awards.


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