December 28, 2022

How Franchise Locations Can Rank Higher In Google Maps

For a franchise system to be successful, each location also needs to be successful, and that starts with harnessing the local power that each franchise business inherently has at its...

Female Owner Of Start Up Coffee Shop Or Restaurant Turning Round Open Sign On Door
November 16, 2022

How to Grow Your Franchise Business During a Downturn

Everyone is talking about the likelihood of an upcoming recession and how that will impact the economy. As a result, prudent businesses are reviewing their forecasts and costs to determine...

Illustration of franchise locations across a map.
November 15, 2022

A Better Digital Marketing Approach for Retailers and Franchises

With the right approach, multi-location businesses such as retailers and franchise organizations have the opportunity to achieve exceptional digital results. Multi-location companies are essentially a collection of local businesses, which...

Drawing of website template designs.
November 4, 2022

Franchise Website Best Practices

A website that reflects your brand and ranks well in search is important no matter what type of industry you operate in. This is particularly true for franchise systems because...

illustration of website on desktop screen
November 1, 2022

How to Set Up Your Franchise Website to Win at Search

Franchise websites are very different than “typical” websites because they need to support all of the company’s franchise locations, as well as the brand overall. This presents a unique problem...

hands typing on laptop keyboard
May 4, 2022

Blogging Strategies for Franchise Websites

Blogging on your main franchise website, as well as on your various location-specific microsites, can be a great way to increase traffic, generate and maintain customer engagement, position your brand...

June 22, 2021

How to Find the Right Franchisees to Fuel Growth

Canadians are spending more time consuming digital media than ever before. According to eMarketer, digital accounts for 53.3% of total media time spent in Canada, which equates to almost five...

June 22, 2021

How to Create a Winning Post-Pandemic Growth Plan

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, franchises had to adapt extremely quickly, not only to stay inline with ever-changing government regulations, but also to keep up with the shifting...

November 30, 2020

Best Practices for Franchise Landing Pages

When it comes to advertising your franchise opportunities online, it is crucial that your ads lead the users to a visually appealing and captivating web page that will prompt the...

August 19, 2020

7 Design Tips for Franchise Websites

Franchise organizations face unique challenges when creating a website, as it needs to serve both national and local audiences. This includes managing all the local business listings of franchisees and...