August 13, 2018

Facebook Locations: Advantages and Limitations

Local business pages have always been an important component of Facebook, with the social network taking major steps in the past few years to make itself the primary destination for...

September 11, 2017

Top Facebook Advertising Opportunities for Franchise Companies

In a previous blog post in this series, we discussed several strategies franchise organizations can pursue to achieve superior Facebook advertising results. In this post, we will cover three of...

January 31, 2017

Facebook Expands Local Store Targeting to Clicks-To-Website Ads

Last week, we wrote about Facebook’s new Store Visits campaign objective, which allows multi-location and franchise brands to manage Facebook advertising at the head office level that targets customers near...

January 31, 2017

How Franchises Can Evaluate Their Facebook Store Visits Ad

Franchises and multi-location retailers have a new way to harness the power of Facebook advertising with a recently added objective called Store Visits. Once set up on the Facebook Locations framework (formerly known...

December 14, 2016

How Facebook Is Expanding Its Focus on Local Businesses

With 60 million-plus businesses now using Facebook pages, the social network has become a marketing and advertising powerhouse. However, it is not just national brand pages that are taking advantage...

Facebook on iPhone
June 2, 2016

Facebook Businesses Can Now Cascade Content to Multi Locations – 2016

Facebook continues to help businesses have a larger presence on their platform with the latest changes to the Facebook Locations framework. Facebook Locations (formerly known as Parent-Child) connects all of...

Facebook Locations
January 22, 2016

Facebook Locations Updated with Name, Reviews Changes – 2016

Facebook’s Locations framework (which knits together a brand’s local Facebook pages) is always evolving. The social network has made several more significant changes to the process in the past few...