The Google Guarantee Program Launches in Canada

February 8, 2019
By   Megan Anderson
Category   Search

Google has launched a new service in Canada that aims to help professional service businesses get noticed and increase their foot traffic. Currently, it is only available in Canada for plumbers, heaters, ventilation and air conditioning services and locksmiths, with the likelihood of being launched for other services in the future.

Businesses in the Google Guarantee program will have a Google stamp of approval beside their listing in search results, which lets customers know which services Google has deemed reputable and reliable. Businesses who choose to opt into this program will see new leads, which they only have to pay when a customer converts. This feature is part of Google’s Local Services ads that was introduced to Toronto and Vancouver in 2018 and is now being extended throughout Canada.

Local Services ads appear at the top of search results, like Google Ads. However, businesses are only required to pay Google when a lead is generated through Local Services ads. These leads are tracked through a forwarding phone number in the ad that’s added by Google. It’s important to note that both sides of the call are recorded by Google, so if you have any privacy concerns this feature might not be for you. You can set a weekly budget based on the average number of leads you would want to receive, and you’ll only be charged for the calls that come through Google.

Local Services ads differentiate from Google Ads as they have a specific application process, whereas Google Ads can be created by anyone. Google screens each service provider, ensuring they have insurance and the necessary local license requirements and conducts a full background check on the business and its owner. If successful, the service will receive Google’s Guarantee badge of approval, which will appear in the ad. Being “guaranteed” means Google verifies the business and if customers are unhappy with the service they can receive their money back, up to $2,000. Once verified, the ad will be bumped to the top of related-searches on Google’s search results. In addition, customers will see verified reviews on the business’ profile that Google helps assemble. There is also space dedicated for customers to book or schedule appointments.

This is the first international expansion of this feature. In 2017, it was rolled out in 30 US cities and seen as successful with connecting people with verified businesses. In the past year, there has been five times growth in the number of advertisers who have signed up for the platform.

From the customer perspective, Google Guarantee is a powerful tool. There’s a strong chance that when someone is searching for someone like a locksmith, plumber, or HVAC service, they have a problem that needs to be fixed quickly and are going to book a service immediately. With Google’s verification feature, customers can easily identify which services are trustworthy vs shady ones that may be appearing on the first page because of Google Ads. With the Google Guarantee verification, reputable businesses will appear first and above Google Ads. A good approach to this feature would be to set up the Local Services Ad as early as you can, in order to be one of the first service providers with the Google Guarantee. This will separate you against the competition, as the first ones are going to stand out.

How to Set it Up

  • Register for Local Services Ads through Google
  • Complete the background check
  • Complete license and insurance verification

Google Guarantee builds trust in businesses within Google My Business. By signing up, setting your budget, and starting your ads, you’ll be set to bring in more local customers. This new ad feature will allow you to show up higher in Google search, connect directly with local customers, book jobs in your area, and pay only when your ads work.


Megan Anderson

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