2020’s Leading Design Trends

January 28, 2020
By   Kyra Younan
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2020 Design Trends

This year promises to be full of in-your-face designs. Building from 2019’s trend to break out of the mold and shake things up, this year will keep that newfound boldness alive. Visual elements are bigger and better than ever. But not to be undone, 2020 will see typography joining in on the latest design trends and taking center stage.

2020 trends are about using big elements with depth, personalizations, and strong use of colour surrounded by clean layouts and ample whitespace.

3D Effects and Motion Make the Screen Larger Than Life

Creating a sense of depth draws in the user and adds an extra pop to text and images. In 2020, designers will continue emulating 3D effects onscreen. Adding soft shadows and layering elements with lightboxes or parallax makes 2D content ‘float’. 2020 will see this trend pushed further by placing typography in front of images or using type as a container for an image.

by JPSDesign

by Alexander Stoilov

With the growing accessibility of 3D software to designers, 2020 will continue to see the rise of isometry. Moving towards true 3D elements, isometric design displays 3D elements in a 2D plane, which adds even more depth to websites.

by Chronicled

by Stuart

As always, motion and animation will play a big part in grabbing users’ attention this year. With the ability of technology continuing to increase in 2020, designers can fully embrace the use of full screen videos, motion design, 3D/2D animation and adding micro-interactions to enhance user experiences. Not only limited to visuals, fonts are also getting an animated upgrade through the growing trend of kinetic and variable fonts that can move and change weight to highlight copy.

by Nitin Bhatnagar

by Typemate

Be Vibrant or Minimalist but Above All, Personal

In 2020, two contrasting visual trends are leading the charge. First off is the vibrant, hard-hitting surrealist style with its vivid hues, luminous effects, and fluid designs. Using highly saturated colours and muted shades, the colours are bright and make the visuals pop. Combined with smooth sans serif fonts, this design trend adopts a feeling of approachability, ease and simplicity.

by MercClass

by deandesign

On the other side of the vibrancy, is the love for minimalist designs. The trend continues a classic design with clean lines and large elements. Typically black and white, in 2020 this trend isn’t afraid to add a strong, earthy colour to highlight elements. Using no gradients or volumetric textures, enlarged serif typography and images rely on layering to create a warm and nostalgic feeling.

by Home Societe

by Evagher

Regardless of vibrancy or minimalism, a growing trend for 2020 is adding personalizations to create a unique style. These added touches can be hand drawn illustrations or script fonts that showcase imperfections to bring a new level of authenticity. Also gaining speed this year is creating mixed media visuals with digital graphics added to real images. Often these playful additions of colourful squiggles or shapes create an unreal look to highlight features. Not to be left out, the growing popularity of the fun and whimsical 8-bit and ‘70s font styles create works of art, adding personalizations to typography that can be put front and center.

by Zhenya Rynzhuk

by ForwardU

by Will Wyss

Fullscreen, Layered and Surrounded by Space

Taking a backseat to support the text and images, layouts in 2020 will be clean, gridded, and put layering into full effect. Full screen elements such as hero images, videos, type, and even forms will help break up content and demand users’ full attention. Leading the trend in 2020 is split screening large elements to show two things at once in an attempt to curb shortening attention spans.

by Fashionisu

by Roxie Allen

To help balance out the trend of large elements, 2020 will see the use of plenty of whitespace. Again utilizing layering, images and text are blocked with solid colour backgrounds to create surrounding whitespace to help limit potentially chaotic designs. 

by Gladeye


The new decade is starting bold and sleek. Throughout 2020, these trends will evolve as designers continue to look for new and effective ways to tell their message. Look for the use of depth, motion, personal touches, strong use of colour and type, and clean backgrounds pushing forward the overall 2020 trend of content first.




Kyra Younan

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