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January 4, 2024
By   Alexandra Few
Category   Franchise Marketing
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At Reshift Media, we strive to make digital marketing easy for franchise companies through our suite of proprietary platforms, including our Brand Amplifier. From managing social content to digital advertising using automation, programmatic localization, and machine learning, franchise systems with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of locations can spend less time and money for better results.

We are proud to announce that the franchise systems using our award-winning Social Brand Amplifier social media posting platform now have several major innovations added to the roaster, improving their capabilities.


With approximately two billion monthly active users on Instagram, implementing simple solutions to help consolidate local Instagram efforts can be a huge help for franchise systems as they develop a digital marketing plan across their network of franchisees. To assist, we’ve added a feature to the Social Brand Amplifier for franchise systems to publish posts to local Instagram business profiles the same way we have for Facebook pages. Plus, unlike Facebook, Instagram’s API allows you to bulk-edit a scheduled post up to 30 minutes before publication.

Included in this new Instagram feature is an element we know is important for franchise systems: aggregated analytics. Gaining insight into impressions, reach and follower demographics on Instagram can play a significant role in navigating your franchise’s strategy, so we included the ability to view Instagram comments and analytics for all connected handles. We’ve also included robust tools to help you connect local Instagram handles that national admins may not have access to directly.

Click here to learn more about franchise social media posting using the Social Brand Amplifier.


Managing social media posts for a franchise with multiple locations can be challenging, especially with the looming concern of duplicate content and “bulk” posting penalties that can risk platform reach, as well as originality in a brand’s communication. As a franchise system, creating consistent brand voice and messaging is important, but so is creating differentiation so your content remains fresh, even across hundreds of locations.

With this new feature on the Brand Amplifier, franchise systems can create multiple captions for every post that will be randomly distributed across local pages. This means local Facebook/Instagram pages will receive different, nationally approved captions to aid in the variety of the content, which can help franchises experiment with different creative and copy approaches and assess performance.

What exactly is powering this feature? Artificial intelligence (AI). The Brand Amplifier uses AI in content creation for franchises to gain a competitive edge. With this multi-caption capability, variations can be created automatically, saving time (and brain power).


AI-powered writing tools can be a great element to add to your content toolbox, especially when it comes to social captions. Of course, having a human review the final version of your brand communication can be necessary.
However, AI can be your virtual assistant when crafting short-form content. Now, through the Brand Amplifier, franchise systems can access the following ChatGPT integrations:

  • Automatically create multiple post variations
  • Quickly change the tone of your post
  • Add emojis and/or hashtags
  • Automatically change the length
  • Form a caption based on a hyperlink/article
  • Create a completely unique post based on your inputs

Saving time is paramount, but that shouldn’t result in a lack of quality. With this new feature, franchise systems can post engaging, quality social media captions that align with their voice and personality or completely switch things up if desired.


Revolutionize your franchise system by joining the growing number of brands benefiting from the ease and accessibility of the Brand Amplifier. Take control of your marketing efforts, boost your digital presence, and create a more engaging marketing, social media management, and franchise development strategy with us today. Contact us using our convenient online form with any questions you may have about our software or any of our services.


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Alexandra Few

Alexandra is a Content Producer at Reshift Media. Her work in our social team includes creating and designing content for social media, as well as researching and developing blog posts, landing pages, and other forms of web content for several brands. She has completed certifications in digital marketing, professional writing, and digital strategy and communications management, and she has published work on topics that range from franchising and social media to music and wellness.

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