How To Use Facebook Frames To Promote Your Brand

January 22, 2021
By   Lilianne Le
Category   Social Media

UPDATE: In March 2022, Meta removed all profile picture frames from its Frames Gallery on Facebook after anti-vaccine frames became popular. You will no longer be able to create custom frames for Facebook users to add to their profile photos. Now, only profile frames can be created by approved pages belonging to authoritative organizations.

Learn more about Facebook disabling frames here.

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Facebook frames are popular additions to personal Facebook profiles (visit to add a frame to your profile photo.) But have you considered using Facebook frames on your business page? Facebook’s Frame Studio lets you design custom frames to overlay Facebook Stories, photos and profile pictures. You can use them on your content, and you can also share them with your fans to use.

Frames are similar to Snapchat filters in that they allow you to create visual overlays with text and graphics to promote your brand. The key difference between Snapchat filters and Facebook frames is that there is no cost to use Facebook Frame Studio, and the frames don’t expire unless you want them to.

Why Use Facebook Frames?

Facebook Frames are a great way to spread your brand’s reach. The main purpose for marketers to use Facebook Frames is to create a frame representing their branding or design a frame to promote an event their business is hosting.

Facebook Frames allows your customers to use your Frame in their Facebook Stories, photos or profile image, building awareness for your business.

How to Create a Frame using the Frame Studio 

1) Before jumping into Facebook’s Frame Studio, you need to create a design. It is recommended to have a professional designer draw up a few rough sketches on your Frame’s look and then have them make the design on Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Keep in mind that the background must be transparent.

2) After you finish creating the design, go to the Frame Studio. Click on “Create Frame” and “Get started.”

3) An editor will open up to upload an image file in PNG format. You can choose to create a frame for profile pictures or a Facebook camera. Drag and drop your PNGs or use the Upload Art button to place your design on the page. 

4) You can upload several art elements in your Frame (PNG format), and the elements can be resized and moved around. After placing your elements in the desired area, click next.

5) A new screen will pop up where you can name the Frame and link it to the Facebook account or page that you want to use your Frame for, together with a publishing date and keywords. 



6)  In the advanced section, you have the option to make the Frame visible to everyone or geo-target it to people in a specific location:

8) Hit next and preview the Frame before publishing. After publishing, you cannot take any chances to the Frame. You can only change the time that you want it to appear. 

Why might your Facebook Frame get disapproved?

For your Frame to be approved, your artwork cannot:

  • Promote illegal products/drugs, weapons, etc.
  • Infringe copyright, trademarks and privacy of others
  • Use photographs
  • Feature promos, commercial or ad-like content
  • Use logos or watermarks w/o permission
  • Feature low-resolution graphics
  • Include links or QR codes

The review process for your Facebook Frame is usually 1-3 days, but it can take up to a week.

How can you and your followers use your Frame? 

Once it’s approved, your Frame is available for you and your followers to use. 

To share a Frame with your fans, go to Frame Studio’s home page. You can choose the Frame you want to share, click on Sharing and Create a Post. You can also add the text to your artwork and click on “Post”. 

Users who want to change their profile pictures with your Frame can manage and view all frames hereOr hover over their profile picture, click on “Update” and “Add frame”. 


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Lilianne Le

Lily is a digital marketing specialist at Reshift Media.

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Comments (31)

  1. Hello,
    When i create a frame, there’s no option po Facebook Camera. Only the option for Profile Picture is there. Why is that happening?

    I can’t create my facebook live frame.


  2. Is there a way to default a frame every time someone decides to live steam rather than having to manually choose the frame?

  3. Hi there, ive created a frame and having using it in my business page during my live videos… i can share the link to my team for their videos but they can only open it on their personal. how do i get them to have the frame in their frame library so they can use it during their live on our business page…

  4. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I have successfully created a facebook frame. But when anyone upload their profile picture with this the try it button is not shown. Can you please kinldly help me solve this issue?

  5. Would love to know if you can now track the usage of Facebook frames! Figuring out how many times people used our frame would be key to sharing this success within our organization.

  6. Hi
    Anyone can just help me with my Facebook frames??

    Every time Facebook rejects all my frames. I don’t know what is wrong in my frame designs?

    Is there any hack so that I can get an approved frame on my Facebook.

    Please anyone have answer for this reply ASAP.

  7. I can`t find my frame in the list with the effects you can add to the profile picture. I can only use it when I take a new picture. How can I make it available for users to add it to their existing profile picture?

  8. Why is it that my approved frames do not show up to be used? Every time i try to add a frame, my frames are never shown as a choice.

  9. the frames DO NOT appear in the search on the desktop layout and people are also not able to utilise the URL when I post it for them.. why? my settings are all regions and I have 48 hours ago been approved but its like the frame does not exist in the facebook search

  10. I used to be able to see the number of times a frame was used and on a different screen see thumb nails of the users but I can’t find how to do this anymore. It didn’t track the names of the people, or the demographics or allow me to message them, just a little thumbnail. Did they take that feature away? It’s driving me mad because I can’t find it. I just want to know how many people used it! And if they did take this away – why? And why wouldn’t they at least say this feature is no longer available? Thank you in advance for your time!

  11. How can I track who uses the frame? The gallery section only displays about 40 people and you can’t even click on them to see their name or information.

    1. Hi,

      You can’t track or message the people who used your frame.