How to Create a Facebook Story on a Business Page

January 5, 2021
By   Lilianne Le
Category   Social Media

Learn how you can help your business page increase organic reach, showcase your brand and increase your Facebook engagement with Facebook Stories for business pages.

With business pages’ organic reach continuing to decrease on Facebook, it’s now more important than ever to experiment with different ways to get your posts in front of as many eyeballs as you possibly can.

Facebook introduced Stories to business pages, which provides another opportunity to showcase your brand and increase your Facebook engagement. Facebook Stories had previously been limited to personal profiles, with a very little uptick in usage.

Facebook’s latest algorithm change prioritizes local news, as well as interactions between friends and family, making it even harder for posts from business pages to be seen without spending money to boost them. It’s now more important than ever to look at alternative ways to interact with your audience. Facebook Stories may help business pages gain some visibility.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to create Facebook Stories on desktop or mobile — and even schedule them in advance!

Much like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are visual rather than text-based. They can contain multiple photos and videos to communicate a message and disappear after 24 hours. Business pages can only post Stories using the mobile app, not from the desktop.

Before jumping into Facebook Stories, it’s important to understand the difference between content that makes a good Story versus content that makes a good post. Much like on Instagram, Stories tend to lend themselves better to behind-the-scenes content and often have a more “guerilla marketing” feel than the professional photography you’re more likely to use with posts. You want viewers to watch your Story from the beginning to the end by guiding them through a journey. Here are some guidelines to follow on how to create a good Story versus how to create a good post:

Facebook Story

Facebook Post

  • Plan out what you want to showcase to your audience and create a storyboard
  • Decide what story you want to tell your audience
    – Do you want to share behind-the-scenes photos showing your audience what goes on in your business?
    –  Do you want to educate your audience with your expertise? Facebook Stories can be a great way to deliver tips and short how-to tutorials.
    – Are you trying to discover more about your audience? Ask for
    your fans’ feedback and use them to focus group new products or services
  • Come up with an overall theme/idea and include a combination of video and images to keep the Story visually appealing.
  • Decorate the Story with elements such as filters, stickers, and text to keep it visually interesting
  •  Start with no more than 1 Story per day
  • It is crucial to write your text for speed readers. People scroll through their News Feed quickly, so get straight to the point and use a strong call-to-action
  • The audience will be more interested in your post if the content is exclusive, entertaining or informative.
  • Determine your objective behind each post. Are you trying to get brand awareness? Drive people back to your website? Get newsletter signups?
  • To gain engagement in your post, ask questions and use hashtags. Be direct and avoid asking yes/no questions. You want people to comment and discuss.
  • Keep your posts relevant to your business and audience. The focal point of your posts should always relate to your company’s culture, products/services, or business objectives.

How to create Facebook Stories

To share Facebook Stories, you must be an admin or editor of your brand’s page. Through the Facebook app on your phone or your page’s Creator Studio or Business Suite tab on desktop, you can directly post Stories by following these steps:

1. On desktop or in the Facebook app, go to your brand’s page. (You can also create stories from Facebook’s mobile Business Suite app, which allows you to schedule stories in advance.)

2. If you’re using the Facebook app, click on the “Create a Story” link under the “Create a Post” button.

2. If you’re on desktop, scroll down to where you see Publishing Tools, Creator Studio or Business Suite on the left hand side. (The label will depend on what version of the layout you have.) 

3. Click Create New and then Add Story.

4. Create your Story by taking photos or video, or upload photos and video from your desktop or camera roll. Note: if you are creating Stories on desktop, you will have less options than on mobile.

  • Tap BOOMERANG to create captivating mini videos that loop back and forth
  • Tap MOOD to create GIF-centric Stories frames to convey a chosen feeling
  • Tap POLL to ask a question, customize the answers and let people vote for their favorite option.
  • Tap MUSIC to add a clip of a song to your photo or video.
  • Tap STICKERS to add tags, location, questions, shopping tags, time, etc.

5. Add filters, text, or draw on it. Tap Effects to add other creative effects to your photo or video, or Save to save it to your camera roll.

6. Tap Buttons to add a Call-To-Action button (Book Now/Get Directions/Learn More/Call Now/See Event/See Offer) to your Page’s story so people can interact with your page

 7. Tap Done, then tap Share To Story

How to Create a Facebook Story on a Business Page

How do I share your Instagram story on Facebook?

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can allow your Instagram Stories to be shared to Facebook Stories automatically:

  1. Access your settings in the Instagram app
  2. Select ‘Story Settings’
  3. Turn on ‘Share Your Story to Facebook.’

With this method, all of your Story analytics will be combined and viewable on Instagram.


You can also push your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories manually.

  1. Start creating a story, then tap Send to.
  2. Below Your Story, tap Sharing Options.
  3. Select Share to Facebook Every Time or Share Once.
  4. Tap Share.

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Lilianne Le

Lily is a digital marketing specialist at Reshift Media.

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Comments (69)

  1. Can I create a multi picture story. I’ve seen others do it on business pages but I can’t seem to do it. Even when I select the multiple option it only allows 1 image to be selected for the story.
    Can anyone suggest anything. Please

  2. Am I being totally blonde here. I dont have that? Im on facebook on my phone. Ive gone to my business page and clicked on the profile pic – star icon or ‘feature’ Just Create a story / View Story / View profile pic / choose new profile pic

    1. We recommend downloading the Business Suite app from Facebook (if you don’t have Business Suite on desktop yet).

      1. How do I get Business Suite on Facebook? I’m using FB on my iMac, at the moment i have Business Manager but it’s not working the way I want it to.

        1. Hi,

          If you have Business Manager, one of your menu options when you click on the hamburger at the top left will be “Business Suite” if you have it.

  3. How do I create a story highlight on my facebook business page? Been trying for ages and cant find how to do it. I have it set up on my personal facebook page and both instagram accounts but am at a loss on facebook business

    1. On the Facebook app, tap on your profile picture and on the bottom right, tap the star icon “Feature.” Now select the stories you’d like to highlight, edit the title and tap on ‘Done’.

  4. Lilianne Le, in a business page the options under “create” are; like, follow, share, create page, invite friends. Unfortunately, there is no “story” option. I am not sure what you have, but I do not see that. From the phone, it’s available.

  5. The story option is readily available on the PHONE! If you hover over your business icon/logo, options open up that include “create story”. I have tried everything from the desktop to find this option. Per the instructions, I do not see Creator Studio. I have also been using Business Suite to connect IG to FB. That could be the problem. When I used Pages Manager the options were different. I preferred that one, but can’t find a way to go back to it. Thanks for the comments and procedures. Please update your current procedures.

    1. Yes, you can publish a story from a computer. On the Facebook desktop, there’s a ‘create’ botton located at the top right of the page, click that button and select ‘Story’ and you can either create a a photo story or create a text story.

  6. I manage a business page. When I created a story from the business page (on my cell), it shows that I personally created the story (not the business). Help!

  7. I would like to edit Story in my Fb page.
    but couldn’t see “Your page’s story” nor “Edit page’s story”
    Any help is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  8. When you go onto your page where it says ‘create a post’ underneath you should see ‘add to story’ this will allow you to create content to be shared out from your page to a story.

    In order to see how much engagement, etc you are getting if you click insights then you can see how many people are clicking on it, etc 🙂

  9. Was struggling with this. Found the suggestion about using the insights section here, and it worked for me.

    — Opened page from the regular android app (not the Pages app)
    — Went to the Insights section and clicked “See All”
    — Option to turn on stories was second section down from the top

    After turning the feature on, I still could not share anything posted prior to turning it on. I could make a new story ONLY by using the option under insights.

    Sharing to story fails when trying to do it after posting to the timeline. No story options whatsoever exist for me in the Pages app. But, it’s progress 😀

    Note to admins: This post shows up high in search results, it might be a good idea to update the post with the information about the insight section.

  10. I clicked within ‘Insights’ on ‘Stories.’ All it said is that there are no insights because there are no stories. Could you share what you see when you go to stories to “enable ‘insights'”? Thank you!

  11. On some pages you have to enable it in ‘Insights’ first. After that you’ll be able to create them IN Insights or using the little + on the lower right of your profile picture

  12. Of my 100+ facebook pages I have editing right to, I have 3 that do not have the + on the profile. I cannot find anyway to post on these 3 accounts. Please advise!

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  14. Elizabeth, Could you describe in a bit more detail where you are seeing the choices “1) Activity B)Insights”? I don’t see them on my phone. When I click the Insights tab from my computer, I get several choices along the left column, one of which is stories, but clicking there only brings me to an page for story “insights” of which there are none…given that I can’t seem to find a way to post any. It almost sounds as though there isn’t much consistency in what people are seeing on their various business FB pages. Is that possible? Confused….

    1. I had a really hard time finding this too! You just click on your profile picture…the “+” symbol and a box pops up for you to add to your story!

      1. OMGoodness! I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to try to find the link to create story over and over! People above were correct for temporary options like bottom of insights “recommended actions” until it was not one of the recommended actions anymore! FINALLY, the profile picture Plus is NOT the most intuitive place to find this. THANK YOU for posting!

  15. While viewing your FB biz page on your phone, at the top there are two ways of viewing the page- A) Activity B)Insights. If you view it on the insights option and scroll to the bottom under “reccomended actions” that is where I found it. The icon doesn’t look exactly like it is pictured in this article.

  16. Same with mine, driving me crazy looking around to find it! I wonder if they haven’t rolled out stories to all pages yet?

  17. I have the same problem as another commenter. The “your pages story” option is not showing on my business page through the facebook app or pages manager.

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  19. Hi, I just created a FB ad linked to my business page and fb created an fb story and Instagram story but I can’t figure out how to get these to show on my page stories. Any help is appreciated. Thx

  20. but if my personal profile gets a block from posting or using Facebook futures you will not be able to manage your business page and this is so dumb to link my personal opinion with my ability to access my business page …

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  22. Is there any way to view who has viewed your story? It only shows the “eye count” but doesn’t let you click on it. TIA

  23. hi can you tell me why it doenst allow you to see which person “viewed” your story it only shows an eye in the corner?

  24. people it literally says can be done from mobile through the App not through a computer….smh

  25. Hi Lianne, I see the option on my business page on my android phone, but not on my laptop.
    Where is it on the computer please?

  26. Hi Lilianne, I am trying to post from a business page to Instagram. I have the options for publishing to page and story but haven’t got instagram on this page – however it is there on another. Both are signed up for instagram through facebook – I am stumped!! Please help 🙂

  27. Hi Lilianne, good day! Thanks to this very informative Tips and Guides about How to Create a Facebook Story on a Business Page, this great help as I am doing online business today…