How to Use Facebook Leads Ads to Easily Capture User Info and Generate Leads

October 16, 2015
By   Jen McDonnell
Category   Mobile

Facebook has released a new ad unit called Leads ads which will allow marketers to easily capture user info and generate sign-ups and leads. The new ad unit offers a call to action button such as “Get Quote” or “Subscribe.” When a user clicks on that button, they’re taken to a short form.

Much like Twitter cards, the new ad unit prompts users to provide their name, email, etc. without ever leaving the social network. However, Facebook makes it even easier for users than Twitter by prepopulating most of the fields based on their personal profiles. So the information you’ve already shared with Facebook (such as name, email address, and phone number) will already be filled in on the form. All users have to do is review their information and hit submit, though they are also able to edit their details if they desire.

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Advertisers have the option to stick with the default fields in Lead ads or they can fully customize them by adding multiple-choice or open-ended questions, according to their business’ nature and ad objectives.



You can learn more about how to set up Lead ads here

The easiest and fastest way to retrieve lead information is to sync your Lead ads with a CRM solution, either from one of Facebook’s integrated marketing platforms or by setting up a custom integration between your CRM and the Facebook API. You can also download the information generated from Lead ads into a CSV file. Advertisers who add a Facebook pixel on their website can target Lead ads to people who are likely to convert and are also able to measure cost-per-conversion from Lead ads.


You can also go to the Facebook page that is associated with your Lead ads and click on Publishing Tools –> Forms Library to download a CSV file that contains the information captured by your ads.


Facebook Leads ads are beneficial to any business that wants to capture leads, grow a mailing list, get users to fill out a form or sign up for an offer. It also eliminates the need to build landing pages or forms on your business’ website, and minimizes the risk of losing users by having them click off to a site outside of Facebook to fill out a lengthy form.

Another advantage of Facebook Lead ads is their ease of use on mobile. Since 50% of e-commerce website traffic comes from mobile devices, this is a golden opportunity for businesses, especially those who do not have mobile-optimized websites. Since the ads work seamlessly on Facebook mobile and within the Facebook app, businesses are able to capture leads without making the user take extra steps or visit a site that doesn’t display properly on their phones.

Facebook has rolled out Lead ads to Power Editor globally, so all marketers will be able to immediately take advantage of this new lead generation tool.



Jen McDonnell

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