Is Facebook Dead For Brands?

April 17, 2018
By   Steve Buors
Category   Social Media

Facebook’s privacy issues continue to make headlines daily, with the social media giant recently admitting that it is possible most of its two billion users have had their personal data accessed by “bad actors” in some way. Celebrities are deleting their Facebook accounts and the hashtag #DeleteFacebook is a trending topic.

To make matters worse, these issues come on the heels of recent major changes to the Facebook algorithm, which means brands can expect to see a decline in their ability to reach customers via their Facebook business page.

So is Facebook dead for brands? No, it’s not — but it can’t be “business as usual.”

In this informative Facebook Live session, which was streamed directly from the Retail Council National Marketing Conference, Reshift Media’s Steve Buors’ reviewed:

  • Facebook’s recent privacy issues
  • How the News Feed algorithm works and the recent update’s implications for business pages
  • How becoming GDPR-complaint is going to affect your Facebook advertising (as well as your website)
  • How your company can best adapt to Facebook’s recent changes to drive real-world sales

Watch the Facebook Live video below:


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Steve Buors

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