Facebook Updates Its Merging Pages Process

March 24, 2015
By   Jen McDonnell
Category   Social Media

[UPDATE: The process changed in 2023. Please click here for the latest]


In the past, we’ve written multiple blog posts about how to merge Facebook pages, and the judging by the comments we’ve received, this is an area of great interest to business page admins. Recently, Facebook made a slight change to the process, simplifying the steps. Read below for the latest on how to merge two Facebook business pages together, and click here to see the most frequently asked questions about merging in 2016 before commenting.

Step 1:
As always, you need to be an admin of both pages and they should have the same mailing address and similar page names, which will indicate to Facebook that these pages represent the same business. If the page names, addresses or categories are not similar, edit the page you don’t want to keep. Note: Facebook limits how many times you can change the name of a business page.

Step 2:
Click on the admin settings tab of either of the two pages you want to merge. Under the “general” features, there will be a menu item at the bottom called “Merge Pages.” Expand it and click on the “Merge duplicate Pages” link. You can also try this link. (Only available in North America.)

merge Facebook pages

Step 3:
When you click the link, a pop-up box will appear asking for your Facebook password.


Step 4:
After entering your password, you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to choose the two pages you want to merge together. The drop down menu will list all the business pages you manage so be sure to choose the page you want to keep in the top box and choose the page you want to merge in the second box, as it will be permanently removed from Facebook and you won’t be able to unmerge it. Note: you will lose all timeline content from the page you want merged. Click ‘Merge Pages’ and a pop up window will appear if it was successful.

Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages
facebook page mergemerging pages

Step 5:
In most cases, the above steps complete the merging process and the duplicate page will no longer exist, while the main page will now include the likes and check-ins from the duplicate page. This process tends to be quick, and you will immediately no longer be able to access the page you merged. (It can, however, take a few hours for the likes/check-ins to appear on your remaining page).

Facebook algorithm changes 2018However, if you are unsuccessful in merging the pages, a pop-up window will notify you, and you can click on ‘Contact Support’. This will take you to a page in Facebook’s Help Center, where you can try the merging process another way. This should work as well, though it tends to take longer.

On the help page, check the box next to “I have read and understand the above information,” and a drop-down menu will appear that contains a list of all of the pages you manage. Select the page you want to keep.

Scroll down and check the box next to “I understand that the Pages I merge must be about the same thing” to reveal the second drop-down menu, and then select the page (or pages) you want to merge. Once you submit the request, you’ll get an email from Facebook confirming that the process has begun. Allow one week for Facebook to merge the pages. You will receive an email notification when the process is complete.

merge Facebook pages

Step 6:
Facebook recently added a ‘Page Support’ tab. This can be found under your main page’s admin Settings. You’ll see a history of your support requests (including your merge requests), and the status of those requests.

facebook page merge

PLEASE NOTE: We do not work for Facebook and the advice offered in this blog and its comments are based solely on our own experience. If you are having issues, it is best to contact Facebook. 


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Jen McDonnell

Jen is the Vice President of Content and Social Media at Reshift Media, where she manages a team responsible for the social strategies for several national and international brands. She has a strong content background, having previously worked in online journalism for 10 years. Her articles have been published in the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Province, the Calgary Herald, Flare, and more.

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Comments (391)

  1. Hi there. I have just sent a request to Facebook to merge two pages, it’s over 48 hours but Facebook pages not merge yet and didn’t send any notification. I can’t understand why my pages can’t merge yet. can you suggest me anything, please?

  2. What can I do if it says .These Pages can’t be merged because they’re part of different Business Manager accounts.?

  3. Hi,
    i have editor rights for my page and my admin is disabled by facebook, i have created another page also for merging with existing page. but its not allowing me without admin rights, please suggest how can i get admin rights back.

  4. not working, i try merge the first time!

    An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.

  5. Hello.
    I receive a message saying ‘An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.’
    This is the first page I have tried to merge, I have also left it a week before trying again.
    Are you able to help?

  6. when i’m doing merge page, in this error:
    ”An error has occurred while merging Pages. This may have been caused by your attempt to merge too many Pages”

  7. Can you please text me on whats app.
    i need to know some information about facebook.
    This is my num. Whats app me
    Or You can add me on skype too if u want.
    my skype name is harvy244

  8. when i’m doing merge page, in this error:
    ”An error has occurred while merging Pages. This may have been caused by your attempt to merge too many Pages”

    Is there any way to merge with alternate option?

  9. Nice idea i have been searching for something like this ever since..
    Tho i’m still experiencing same issue when trying to merge those page together though they are of similar likes & name.
    Would appreciate if you can help me with it.

  10. i’ve one problem when i’m doing merge page, in this error:
    ”An error has occurred while merging Pages. This may have been caused by your attempt to merge too many Pages”

    and around 15 days i waited but this problem not a fix, kindly tell me how to fix this,

  11. I’m having the same issue mentioned in a previous comment. Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks,

    “No matter what order i put it in, FB “keeps” the page i want to delete? Any idea what to do in this situation? Thanks in advance for any input!”

  12. Hi,
    I want to merge two pages but I am the Admin of only one of the two pages. The former page was created by my employee and he is no more working with me now. Is there any way to do it?

  13. “”An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.””

    plzzzz help me.plzz plz plz plz help me jen
    how can I merge again.I have merged this page many times.is this the problem?

  14. “”An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.””
    plzzzz help me

  15. ‘ An error has occurred while merging Pages. This may have been caused by your attempt to merge too many Pages. ‘

    Hi. I got this message when I trying to merge page. Is it this message means I cannot merge anymore page ? Please help me .

    Is it there are limit of times to merge pages.

  16. Hi Jen

    I am trying to merge 2 pages of the same nature.

    1) i created a personal profile under a community name in 2009 with the purpose to admin the fan page.
    2) from there i created a fan page under the same community name.
    3) no issue until recently fb triggered a message that i must change my personal profile community name to human name if i wish to keep the profile.
    4) So i did. Then fb informed me i am able to convert my personal profile to fan page.
    5) so i did thinking of merging the 2 pages.
    6) Problem begun. I am not able to merge the 2 pages because i have changed the personal account name to human name whilel the fan page is still under the community name. naturally both names are not similar nor related.
    7) This is a genuine case.

    So Jen. I would be very grateful if facebook has any way to make this happen. merging both pages.

    Regards: Abigail

  17. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the article. I see that we’re suppose to pick the page we want to keep from the first drop down selection and the page we want to delete is suppose to be the second drop down selection. No matter what order i put it in, FB “keeps” the page i want to delete? Any idea what to do in this situation? Thanks in advance for any input!

  18. Hi Jen-
    Thanks for your response! The problem is one of our branch location pages has more ‘likes’ than the main page, which was turned into the parent page (not sure how that happened…), so we’d like to transfer those over to the parent page.

    If I DO merge the local pages into the parent page to consolidate all of my ‘likes’ in one place, will the locations tab be eliminated from
    the parent page? IE- will the locations map still be on the brand/parent or will that be eliminated since the local pages will be deleted? If that is the case, can I recreate the location pages?


    1. Hi,

      Yes, if you merge your local pages into the main page, you’re local pages will disappear and therefore so will the map. You will lose all content and reviews from the local pages.

      If you did that, you’d have to ask Facebook to turn on the locations framework again and create new pages for you local branches from scratch.


  19. Hello-
    I’m having a bit of a dilemma and I can’t seem to find the correct answer anywhere!

    As of last week, I had 3 different Facebook pages representing each of our business locations. I wanted to simplify our content distribution by creating a ‘parent’ (brand) page for our content, with locations enabled for each of the store fronts. Since setting up locations, I now have 4 pages to manage instead of 3: the brand page, plus 3 location pages. I thought that enabling locations would turn off posting ability from the child pages, but I can see this isn’t the case.

    Ultimately, I’d like to merge all of likes/check-ins from the individual pages to the parent page, which we will use to distribute content. I *think* I need to complete a merge request, but quite frankly, I am terrified to do this as I’ve found nothing but horror stories out there.

    Since I’d be merging the child pages into the parent page, will I lose all of the location pages as well?

    1. Enabling local pages won’t turn off posting ability from the child pages, however you can turn on cascading posts from your parent page and simply not post from your local pages if you’d like. You can also turn off wall posts and private messages on your local pages (though you will not be able to turn off reviews or post comments).

      Merging all likes/checkins to the parent page can only be done by merging the local pages into the parent page, which will make the local pages go away. We wouldn’t suggest doing this, as Facebook continues to increase its focus on local pages:


  20. Hi , I am getting “error has been occuured during merging pages this occur due to merging too many pages” Can you tell me how long I have to wait to start merge again .

  21. Hi, Jen! If we’re merging 2 or more pages, will the verified one be the one left “standing”, or will it be whichever one you selected first? For example, if I have a verified page for my business called “Sara’s Store” and there is another page (not verified) I started a long time ago called “Sara’s Stock”, would everything from “Sara’s Stock” be moved to the verified page, or would I have to make that distinction so I don’t lose everything I have on my verified page (followers, likes, pictures, etc…)?

  22. Hi Jen, one of my page has dead Page owner how can i remove that, also one of my other page has no admin we are 4 editors and its unpublished can you tell me what can i do ?

    1. Hi Berat,

      If you need to claim an existing page that you no longer have access to, you must put in a request with Facebook and explain the situation. In terms of your other page, there always must be at least one admin on each page so I’m not sure how that’s possible to only have editors.

      Take care,

  23. I keep getting the following error that says “Pages Can’t Be Merged – An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” I know we haven’t merged any pages in over 6 months. I want to know how to get around this. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Jill,

      If you go to your page’s Settings and click on “Page Support Inbox” you will see any pending merge requests and their status. If there are no requests and you’re still getting that message, you’ll have to contact Facebook directly for assistance.


    1. Hi Renée,

      Unfortunately, posts, photos, reviews, ratings and the username will be deleted from the page you merge.


  24. I converted my account to a page. I have one more account (with same name) and i also converted it to a page. So now i have two pages with same names (both the pages are converted from account to a page) , tell me can i merge this two pages?

    1. Yes, once you’ve converted the personal page to a business page, choose the one you’d like to keep and merge them.


  25. Hello Jen, i’ve requested the merge of two of my pages three weeks ago, but still “on progess” which takes a considerable amount of unknown time.

    I follow your instructions (Settings -> Page Support Inbox), but there is nothing there!! I’m from Brazil. Can you help me with any information?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Pagga,

      Facebook pages/settings are sometimes different based on the country you’re in, so I’m not sure where you go to check your status. Sorry!


  26. I did a merge and lost half of my page likes and many of my posts did not ever show up and lost all my messages from the old page. I didn’t see that I would lose my messages, likes or post what the heck? I started the merge on July 28th! 🙁

  27. Hi Jen, Found your article and wondering if you have heard about this situation that I am in for an organization’s Facebook page. The Admin tragically died and believe she was the only Admin. I don’t have access to her FB login and trying to save the page. I’ve tried to contact FB but not sure if there’s a better form to contact them. Any articles or info you have found in this situation? Job has been vacant for a few months.

  28. These Pages can’t be merged because they are too far apart. Each page can only have one place associated with it; don’t use this tool to merge different branches of your business. If these places refer to the same place, try changing the address on the destination place and waiting for the location to update

    Help me with this.

    1. You can’t merge two pages if the pages have different names or street addresses. You can only merge pages that represent the same place.


  29. Hi there I would just like to add that merging two pages on Facebook is an absolute pain in the ass as you cannot edit or do anything to any of the pages which takes a considerable amount of unknown time. Currently I merged 2 pages over a week ago and nothing has occurred and I can’t change anything now on either page. The name of my company is now blocked from use as the pages are suspended in a permanent state of merging. Here’s a funny quote Facebook sends you after the merge is supposed to take place “You’re unable to edit your Page’s name until after your requested merge with your Page ****** happens on yesterday”. You better off writing down what you need to transfer to one page and editing it completely through and through, and then deleting the other one instead of merging.

    1. Merging should not take more than a week. When you go to the remaining page and click on Settings, Page Support Inbox you should see a history of support and the status of your merge.


  30. Hi Jen,
    I would like to ask your assistance on my problem.
    I am trying to merge my duplicated pages Fashion Biz and Fashion Biz1. However, it would give me an error that I cannot merge these pages because they are too far apart even though they have all the same information.
    Hoping you could help me.
    Thank you.

  31. Hi Jen,
    I would like to ask your assistance on my problem.
    I am trying to merge my duplicated pages Fashion Biz and Fasion Biz1. However, it would give me an error that I cannot merge these pages because they are too far apart even though they have the all the same information.
    Hoping you could help me.
    Thank you.

  32. Hello!
    I would like to know if I merge two pages together, will the likes from my duplicate page be added to the likes I already have on the page I want to keep?
    Also, if it can’t, is there any way I can do that?


  33. Hi Jen,

    Firstly, I’ve contacted FB on a number of occasions via “Report a Problem” but keep getting a robot-derived response that does not even remotely answer the question. I’ve given up after getting the same reponse 3 times!

    Secondly, my issue is I have a “You” and a “Personal” page, with identical names that I can’t merge into one? The “personal” page has all the data and likes (3000+) and use to be visible as my HOME button on the FB page, but now the “You” page is the default??? I can’t even recall making the “You” page in the first place.

    I tried explaining this to FB help but to no avail.

    Appreciate any advice you can give as I can’t share videos / contact via FB as the “You” page is the default and have no likes / data on that page and want to make the “Personal” page the default and delete the “You” page permanently.

    Hoe was the “You” page created?


    1. Hi David,

      If you’re an advertiser, the best way to contact Facebook is to go through your advertiser support tools. If not, you might want to set up an ad account.

      Sometimes Facebook will force you to convert your personal profile if they realize you are using it to represent a business page, which might be what happened. I’ve never seen them to this without first giving you warning messages, though.

      Good luck!

  34. Will I be able to merge my euphoria skincare page with my euphoria float spa page? The businesses have merged together in the same spa location and I don’t want to confuse clients? I no longer have a euphoria skincare website either.

    1. Hi Lori,

      If you change one of the page names so they’re both the same, you should be able to then merge.


  35. Thanks @Mark, but the the page names are already basically the same on both pages, the only difference is that the one I want to keep has the words “corporate page” at the end after the business name. That keeper page has also already been verified by facebook and has the little verification checkbox.

    I don’t understand why the pages were not merged on my first merge request. I didn’t get an error message and never received any feedback from facebook saying they wouldn’t merge them. It wasn’t until a week went by that I wanted to change the name of the keeper page by removing the word “corporate” and replacing it with the word “official.” But again, the two pages should’ve been merged by facebook days before I tried to make that name change (which was not allowed.)

  36. @Mark, thanks for your reply. I didn’t actually change the name; I filled out the form, but I got an error message saying that I already manage a page by that name (which I actually don’t.) I will wait for another week and try again. Thanks for letting me know how long to wait.

  37. @Small business

    it looks like you changed the name of the page recently that’s why it says there’s is pending request, you need to wait 1 week before you can merge that page … hope this will help 🙂 and hope you understand my English.

  38. Hi, we really need some help. I requested our page merge 1 week ago, there were no error messages and nothing has happened yet. The old page has been defunct for a year but the public still sees it in the search engines and facebook search and they keep checking in and liking it. There is even a post at the top telling them the page is defunct and to like our new page. I just tried to submit the merge again, and I got a message saying there is a pending name change request… but there actually isn’t and I am the only admin on the new/real page. There are three times as many fans on the old page as the new and this is hurting our very small business. I am the admin on both pages.

    I don’t know of any way to contact facebook.

    1. If you go into Settings and then click on Page Support, you should see the status.

      If you’re an advertiser you can contact Facebook through the Advertiser Business Support tools. If you’re not, it might be worth setting up an ad account so that you have access to this.

    1. Hi John,

      It will stay the same on the main page. It should not substantially increase (unless your merged page had a lot of likes on it, then you might see a bit of an increase).


  39. Hi Jen,

    I really need help with one of the Facebook issue. I am trying to find answer on so many places but no luck.
    I want to create “Clicks to Website” ads. I don’t admin any Facebook page. When I click on create ads from my personal profile, I get an error “You don’t admin any Facebook pages”. From this page I only get option to create business page.
    As per help forum I should get advertising options once I click on “Create ads”…but I am just getting that error and then option to create page. Please help.I really appreciate your hep.

    1. Hi Minal,

      I don’t believe it’s possible to advertise if you’re not an admin of a page, because all ads must originate from a page.


  40. I did request the merge, but I did not get any answers yet! It has been more than 10 days. When i go to check out under my Page Support Messages it says: “You requested XXXX to be merged into XXX
    IN PROCESS” and “Thanks for your request. We’ll look at your Pages and let you know if we can merge them.
    Learn more about Facebook Pages in the Help Center.” Is it normal? Should I try to merge them again? Do you know how to get in contact with Facebook about this issue?

    1. Hi Anna,

      If you already have a merge request in, you cannot make another request. If you’re an advertiser, look under your Business Resources section and you should be able to contact Facebook through there.


  41. I have a question. I am admin of an official political party page. There are several imposter pages set up up by well-intended folks. With one, I’ve been granted admin rights so we can merge it with the official page. The imposter page has more likes, but we want to keep the content and the name of the official page (which has fewer likes).

    I want to do it right, and from your posts I gather that that is to use this link to Facebook’s Help Center (https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/476570305747577). But it says this page is unavailable.

    Is there a way to use the regular merge feature and keep the contents from the page of my choice. I don’t want any surprises at the end of the merge process.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      If that link no longer works, you can find the merge area by going into the Business Resources section of your Ads Manager.


  42. HI,
    I wanna merge two pages; However, the new page is the one which has more likes is chosen by force to be the one I will keep. How can I keep the old one with less likes?

    Hisham Marie

  43. Hi there Jen,
    Thanks for the fabulous post!

    I was able to merge my two business pages yesterday and have the reply: We’ve successfully merged your Pages (in the support area).

    However, is it common to have a delay for likes to appear on the page that remains? It has been 24 hours, it says my request has been processed (re:merge) but likes remain same and 2nd page gone.

    Many thanks
    Western Australia

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      Can you still access the old page? If not, the page has been merged, though it may take a couple of days for all of your likes to move over.


    1. You can only merge a certain amount of pages in a time period. You may have to wait before attempting more merges.


  44. Hi Jen, I’m having the same issue as Hannah. I want to merge page with the same name. The problem is that I want to keep page with less likes as my main page, just because it has more content than the other one. But seems like I have no option to keep the page with less likes. I tried to follow your steps: Ads Manager under Tools, Advertiser Support, but i got into this link https://www.facebook.com/business/resources/ and I don’t know how to continue from here… Can you help please?

    1. Hi Anna,

      If you’re an advertiser, when you go to that link you’ll see an option to email them. Click that, then click ‘pages and features’ and then ‘merging pages’.

      Take care,

  45. Hi. What would happen if I try to merge 2 pages (First one is blocked and I want to merge it with one that is not blocked)?

  46. So we went through the name change to make sure both pages are the same, then we requested the merge and it said the merge was successfully requested. Now, how long does it take for them to be merged once the merge has been successfully requested?

    1. It usually happens immediately, though it may take a couple of days for all of your likes and reviews to move over.


      1. Thanks Jen, unfortunately it didn’t happen immediately, its been 6 days and still nothing. Should we resubmit the request to merge?

  47. Help please, Trying to merge 2 pages. FB keep telling me I’m not admin the big page , but I clearly am listed as admin…
    The big page though does say I am an employee of the smaller page, maybe thats why it won’t allow me to merge.. how do I stop being an employee of the smaller page (which is also mine?
    thanks in advance

  48. Hey Jen!

    I work for a franchise system and our main brand page is verified. A lot of our local Facebook pages around the country are not. We’re trying to merge them into our brand page, but it’s not working. I’m assuming because in the merging process, they change the name of the page to match the page you’re merging it into. Since our page is verified and no one else can have that name, I think that’s where it’s getting hung up. Logistically, that make sense. Logically, for business pages, it doesn’t. We’ve never had issues with it in the past, but are having major issues today. However, we were able to merge to unverified local pages together. My question is…is there a way to get your page unverified? I’m wondering if this is our only solution. Or at least the quickest. And if we do unverify it (if that’s even possible), do we jeopardize our chances of being able to get verified again

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Whether the pages are verified or not should not affect the merging process. However, Facebook now requires every page that’s being merged to have the same page name, however some people are running into an error loop in which Facebook is telling them to change the local names before merging, but not letting you do it because you already have a page with this name. If that’s the case, you’ll need to contact Facebook as it’s a bug.


  49. Hi Jen,

    I requested to merge my verified business page with Facebook’s Places page for my business. Now it seems like the merge has happened and when a person clicks on the old places page it redirects them to mine, yet it seems the likes, check in’s and reviews haven’t been transferred to my business page. Do you know why, and how I can fix it?


    1. Hi Paula,

      How long ago did you do the merge? It sometimes takes a few days for all the likes and checkins to move over. If it’s been longer than that, you may have to contact Facebook.


  50. Hello guys! I have some questions and kindly ask you to help me about it.
    1. I have two pages representing two different musical bands on facebook; the names of the pages are different. Can I merge these two pages?
    2. If I merge these two pages successfully, will I lose all of the information on both pages? e.i. I want to merge “Page B” (page which will be deleted) to “Page A” (page which I want to remain). Will I lose all the information on “Page A” and “Page B”?
    3. As I read, if I want to merge to pages, the names of them must be similar. Is it possible to change the name of “Page B” in order to become similar to “Page A”?
    Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to your answers.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      The page names must be the same so you may have to rename Page B before the merge. You will lose all the content on Page B, but not Page A.


  51. Hi Jen, I want to merge page with the same name. For example ABC company(3k likes) with ABC company (4k likes). The problem is I want to keep page with 3k likes as my main page. But seems like I have no option to keep page with 3k likes. How do i solve this problem?

    1. Hi Hanna,

      As mentioned in the blog, you can try using the Facebook Help link (in your Ads Manager under Tools, Advertiser Support) to choose which page you want to merge/keep, which will override Facebook’s preference to keep the page with the most likes. Choose the page you want to keep in the top dropdown, and select the page you want to merge in the bottom one.


  52. Hi Jen,

    I merged 2 pages earlier and it merged properly. May I know, if the page which is merged into the other one becomes available to be created in future, again? If so, how long does that take?

    Further, I tried to create the same page again; it did create the same name which was merged into the other one but it has a large string like this: 1753231374934527.

    May I know if there is a solution to that?


    1. Hi Ted,

      Once the page has been merged, it disappears and if you want to recreate it, you’ll have to create it from scratch. All new Facebook pages will have a string of numbers in the URL until you change the Facebook Web Address (under the About tab).


  53. Hi Jen,

    I have two pages that I am looking to merge, but when it asks to “Confirm the Page You Want to Keep” the Profile Picture is the right page, but the Page Name and the Link Associated are of the page I’d like to merge. Basically, the Name and Link for both are of the page I would like to be merged and deleted. The odd thing is that the page I want to maintain is the page with significantly more likes. Have you heard of anyone having this error? Facebook has yet to respond to my concerns.

  54. Hi, i can’t merge my 2 pages. Merging failed with error message that merging is not done in my language. But both pages are in English. Please help

    1. Hi there,

      Do you have your language set to something other than English in the personal Facebook settings of the profile you are using to be an admin?


  55. Jen, I posted some pictures of my art to my personal page and received some very nice “comments”. I have since created a business page and posted the same photos. Is there a way to move the photos from my personal page album (with comments) to my new album on my business page?

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no way to migrate images from one to another. You could “share” the images, however. That should preserve the comments.

  56. Hi please can someone please help.
    I had a page Facebook turned it to a like page I was using that but noticed the original page was still acessable so I logged onto it and was using it to mail clients. Today I could not access it and told me I need to change to a like page and now I have no access to the original like page with thousands of followers and appointments with clients lost help how can I get back on this page

  57. Hi,
    Finally, facebook allow me to merge the two pages (one of them was a private profile which was automatically converted into a page).
    Unfortunately, It doesn’t matter which page I select first, facebook always pops out a message saying that the page that will be kept is the one that I don’t want. Why does they have to be so stupid?
    Any ideas?

  58. i have 4 page same name .. i want to merge all page but i saw this messige…………….These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge Ishaan Chawan. You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

  59. Hi Jen, Just wondering if i merge 2 pages together, will I have the ability to select/change the URL again if the page has already been changed once?

  60. I tried to merge my pages and received ‘You have successfully requested the merge’. but no change for more than 2 weeks, Is there any limits on the number of page like to merge.

  61. So you are saying that the page that I want to keep has to be inserted on top box and the other one in bottom box but its not happening with me :(.

    I have one page of 1500 likes and the other of 9000 likes. I want to keep the page with 1000 likes but when I inserted that page name in top box and other page name in bottom page, a confirmation message popped up which shows only that page with 9000 likes. How to sort out this issue?

    1. I have the same problem, really need help with this! 🙁 Looks like in 2016 facebook removed the function which gives you possibility to choose the page you want to keep…

    2. I also have the exact same issue. Page with small amout of likes but many posts that I want to keep and another one with many likes but almost empty of content.
      Facebook want to force me to keep the empty one. 🙁

  62. Hello. I have merged my two pages. Now the url is changed into something stupid with alot of numbers at the end of the page name. I tried to change the url the way it was but now it says that name is not available? Do you think i can get the same url because that url is printed on my products that i sell so i really have to get that url back. Thanks

  63. Hi, when I try to change the name of the page I’m going to be getting rid of in the merge, it won’t let me change it to the same name as the other page, therefore I can’t merge the pages. Any ideas?

    1. I also am trying to avoid changing the name to something similar that it’ll allow if i don’t know for sure ill be able to merge them since I can’t change it back

  64. Hi,

    Facebook recommends me to keep a page that i want to remove and i can t keep the one that i want.

    I read the comments above and the provided links don t work for me,

    i appreciate your help. THanks !

  65. hi…
    when i want to merge page it is written that
    Pages Can’t Be Merged
    These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge World Info . You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

  66. Hi Jen,

    I am in need of some really really urgent help. Just over a year ago my personal page was being converted to a business page but since then every time I log into my page I see the following message:

    Your migration is in process
    User does not exist or is currently invalid.

    Nothing is moving and I am not receiving any notifications. I have over £1k likes and I do not want to be forced to create a new page as it will mean i have more than one page for my business (there are already two more from previous business owners). I am very upset about this as it means I cannot post any updates for my business and my clients often ask me what is going on since my last post was in March 2015,,, yes really!!

    I cannot seem to find any help anywhere for this problem nor can I find any form of support. This is affecting my business and I really need some help!


    1. Hi Arman,

      When you coverted your personal page to a business page, you would have been prompted to set an admin for the business page. Whatever profile you used for the admin, that’s the one you must now use to log into Facebook.

      If you don’t have access to that profile, you’ll have to contact Facebook for help. I’d suggest doing that through Advertiser Support.


  67. Hi Jen! i had 3 facebook page, all with different names.. 1 month aggo i managed to merge 2 of them.. but now i’m trying to merge the other 2 pages but i just get negative response from facebook.. i;m using the same metod as last time, at every step but i just cant merge them.. i need some help pls! 🙁 it’s similar to the 2nd method that you presented.

    1. Hi Augustin,

      Go into your page’s settings, click on ‘Page Support’ and you’ll be able to see the status of your request.


  68. Hi Jane.I have 2 same pages (100% same ). But i cannot merge them. Please help me. Facebook written to me ” We can’t merge your Pages at this time. Please make sure your Page names, addresses, websites and other essential information match as closely as possible before submitting another request to merge them.”

    1. Hi Fuad,

      Are the page names or addresses different? You will have to make them the same before merging.


      1. Pages 100% same. Can you merge pages with “business manager”? I think you must record video “how merging pages unlimited with business manager”

  69. Hello. I have 2 pages, I would like to merge one into the one I want to keep. The one that I am NOT keeping, has an ad running on it, generating Likes. Will the ad still be in place and working when I merge the accounts?

    1. Hi Carol,

      You’re ad will not continue running because the page that it’s associated with will disappear.


    1. Hi,

      If Facebook identified your account as a fake profile, they will convert that profile into a business page. You must always use a real profile when administering Facebook pages.


  70. I am able to get the initial merge screen to come up where you select the pages you want to merge, however I am not getting the next step where I get to choose which page to keep. HELP!

  71. Hi, thanks for sharing <3

    I have a question: which page will be merged? ABC or ABC2?
    I mean, which content will be removed?

  72. hello jan !!

    I have a page with a disability limiting my 2 units, and there is no restriction for 1 page, names and all the details of this 3 page same, I can not join because it is limiting and blocking the other 2 pages, are there any suggestions for pages barriers that limit, how can I merge these 3 page
    (https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/198413943679086) this page isn’t available
    Thank you for your interest and help

    1. Hi there,

      I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand the issue. It’s best to contact Facebook directly.


  73. Hello,
    On my page I’m receiving a banner at the top of the page:

    “Limits have been placed on “X”
    Your Page has been blocked from having its name changed.”

    Is it possible to manually remove this banner so I don’t see it every time I log in?

  74. Hello, I have an issue with facebook merge pages.. I can’t choose second option (Request method) because it just show broken page. And with first one there is no option to choose which page i want to merge, first one is 2.5k likes and second one is 10k.. and i want to merge 10k page to 2.5k page but facebook just gives me option to merge 2.5k page to 10k page which is not good for me.. Any solutions or help?

  75. Hello Jen!! I requested to merge two pages back in late November. Facebook sent me an approval email and stated that the pages would merge after a 7 day waiting period. As of today, nothing has happened. Is there another step that I need to take?

  76. Hi Jen! I manage a FB page for a company that recently acquired another company. We’d like to merge the pages but as you mgiht imagine, they have different names. Is there any way to merge the 2 pages without first re-naming the secondary page? If I re-name the page, is it going to notify every single person who has previously “liked” that company? Thank you!

    1. Hi Mykah,

      Yes, you need to first rename the secondary page and Facebook will notify everyone who likes that page that a name change is occurring.


  77. why i can’t merge my page with another one that i have ? when i open the merge page they tell me that i don’t have no pages to merge!!
    please answer me as soon as possible

  78. Hi Jen! I have about 130 Facebook pages that I would like to merge into one corporate one. Is this doable? (Merge page A and B to form new page 1, then new page 1 with page C, ect?)

    Thanks for the informative article!

  79. Yes but if one did this how would they be able to speak to their customers via the messenger which is is integral to my company?

  80. Hello
    I have requested to convert a profile into page….At first it showing 14 days remaining……bt after 14 days profile still exist nd page also…..Friends are not converted into profile…..
    What to do? plz help

  81. Hi Jen,

    I just merged 2 of fun pages through direct merge ( not from the the link you provided ) but still both of them are existing. I received a notification saying YOUR PAGE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY MERGED . Now when I try to merge them again it says: These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge.
    Any Idea about this?

    1. Hi Denis,

      The process may still be taking place. If you go into Settings of the page you’re keeping, you should see a tab called Pages Support that will give you status updates of what’s happening.


  82. Hello ,

    I have some pages with similar name but my pages has blocked for 6 months too,
    When I open my pages I see these messages.

    Limits have been placed on (page name)
    Your Page has been blocked from having its name changed.
    Your Page has been blocked from being merged.

    I wrote several times in appeal but answer not.

    What can I do?

    1. My longer question:

      I’m changing my business name. I made an error by starting a New page with my new business name and Facebook web address (username). What I really wanted was to just change the username on my current page.

      I read somewhere that FB doesn’t recycle their usernames. So if I removed the page, my username would be lost forever. Is this right?

      My thought is if I merge the accounts (not the same name at all!), will I be able to keep the new username and the old everything else? I have reviews and posts, etc. on my old page I don’t want to lose. But I really need that new username.

    1. Hi Ian,

      As mentioned in the blog, the likes will be combined. You will, however, lose all content from the merged page.


  83. Hi Jen, I manamage two pages – similar names however one has three separate words (about 480 likes) and the other uses the same words but combines the first two together (about 1400 likes). I am trying to move the TWO word one to the THREE word one and takes all the likes with me BUT Facebook does not give me an option – it simply want to KEEP the two word one – any advice please??

  84. Hi.
    Heppy new year all 🙂

    I have 2 pages with similar name but my pages has blocked:

    Limits have been placed on (page name)
    Your Page has been blocked from having its name changed.
    Your Page has been blocked from being merged.

    I writte in appeal but answer not.

    What can I do?

    1. Hi there,

      I’m sorry — I’ve never seen this error message before. You’ll have to reach out to Facebook for assistance.

      Take care,

        1. Hi there,

          I’m sorry — I have never encountered an error like that and therefore doubt I’ll be able to help you. Your best bet for getting a reply from Facebook is to use the Advertiser Support tools (you’ll have to set up an ad account if you don’t already have one).

          Good luck!

  85. Hi Jen, I have 2 pages same name all is well. I want to merge the one that has 3k+ likes to the new one that has 300 likes. When I do the process I choose first the page with less likes (the one I want to keep) and second the pages that has more likes. When I click “merge” I input my password, and then Facebook tells me that pages will be merged and I will keep the one with MORE likes – not what I asked! I did a test with two older pages about something else, one has more likes the second has less. I chose I wanted to merge to the one that has LESS likes, the new one, but after the process they got merged to the older one with more likes. So I’m very afraid to mess thing up with this more important page I want to merge if the purpose to merge to new one, having less likes wil not be respected. any advice? Please bear my Englisn, it doesn’t help with technical things 🙂 Have a nice year! nd thanks in afvance for your help!

    1. Hi Mia,

      Facebook recommends that you merge the page with less likes into the page with more likes. They used to allow you to go the other way, but perhaps they are now preventing that.

      Take care,

  86. Hi,

    I’m admin of two similar pages ( political party ) an i want to merge them. When i go to the option merge, all pages where i’m admin are there, just the oage i really want to merge it, isn’t listed. What should u do?!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi,

      To find the link that works in your area, consult your support section under your Ads Manager account.


      1. I am having the same issue in the northwest, the link to the form works until login to Facebook. Any advice to find this page? I looked in ad manager with no luck.

        1. Hi Nic,

          In your Ads Manager, go to Tools –> Advertiser Support –> Email. There is a radio button for “Page Features and Requests” and when you click it, you’ll get a “Merging Pages” option that will take you to the correct form in your area.


          1. Thanks for the reply! I am in ads manager not seeing an Advertiser Support option in the tools drop down, did Facebook change the name or relocate it?

  87. Hi Jen
    Thanks for this great post. i recently merged places page with my buiness page. Now no reviews are showing and my business doesnt come up in places/check-in.

    I tried updating my address and when i put in correct address i get a message saying the address is incorrect. The physical address is on a public square that is already registered with places. Could this be why it wont recognise me? Thanks

  88. I have 2 pages, one is the old active page, another is the new page made from my personal profile. I wish to merge this two pages (to merge the new page to my old page), but it fails. And, FB does not allow me to change name of both pages in order to match their guideline so called, what else can I do?

    Thank you.

  89. hi, i have a total of 7 different pages/venues anjd they are all called ‘the ball room – #####’ with the #### being fileld with the city it is in. we have now decided to merge them ALL into one big page for ALL our sites together under a new page (8th page) called simply ‘the ball room sports bar’

    before i go ahead and atempt merging, is there a maximum numbner of pages that can be merged at once??? i am a bit worried to start doing itand then be left with 5 merged pages and 2 on its own still??

    please help!

    thank you!

  90. Really need to change my page name and Unblock to my page….have to merge it….
    If any process of unblocking the the mail me pls ……
    This renaming is done other admin crossed the limit of changing the name now when I am trying it it shows my Page is blocked from name change I am unable to change now…..pls any one tell the solution of this problem how get back to unblock page to rename and merge process pls

  91. Thanks for your useful information Jennifer.

    During the merge, are facebook going to check against both URL’s for similarities, or only the names and categories of each page?

    I can easily change the format and name of my existing page to match that of the new page using Hola proxy ( I’m in the UK), however I cannot update the URL in the old page.


  92. Hi, I have this account http://www.facebook.com/lipacitycolleges and it happens that i created it as a personal account. I’ve been using that for 5 years and now it was detected that it represents a establishment. I also created a Page(www.facebook.com/yourjourneybeginswithus) but my admin for that is only the one that was deactivated. Now, anytime that i wanted to open the page, the attached screenshot always appears on the screen. I understand my flaws and i tried to merge both of that account. but when i click the merge link, nothing appears on the screen.

    Can you please help me with this problem, that page is very important.

    I do really hope for your response on this matter.

    You can email me at [email protected]

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Aldwin,

      When you merged the pages, Facebook would have prompted you to assign a personal profile as an admin. The personal profile would have been different that your old own. That is the account you should use to log in and administer your new page.


  93. I want to merge two page of Rita Ora ; i click merge page , and when i click choose page one page it is but one in the list it is not ; why ? were is a problem ? what to do ?

  94. Thanks for providing this! I had tried to merge using the first method and one of my pages was not showing up in the list. I was able to try the second method and this time, it told me the reason why I couldn’t merge and how long I had to wait. In my case, I’d taken an old page that I was no longer using and changed the name to match one I had recently started from scratch. Since I’d just changed the name, it isn’t eligible to merge for 7 days.

  95. Hi, its Csaba, your post seems to be very useful, so I hope you can answer to my question also. I want to merge two pages, but facebook doent offer one of them to merge. Do you think that is there any restriction for merge a page (for example I changed its name more than one time?)

  96. I merged two business pages I had. The request was processed and I was meant to wait 7 days for the merge to be complete.
    The 7 days will be complete today. How do I know when the merge is complete? Will I be notified? Will I lose all the content from the page I will no longer use?

  97. Hi Jen, I have multiple pages with the same name and etc. But when I click “merge pages” it says, no pages to merge. And I am admin of them all.

  98. I am changing my business name and want to merge my old business page with my new business page. The old business page has a different facebook URL than the new business page. I no longer want to use the old business URL. When I merge the old with the new will it automatically deactivate the old URL? Or does it give me an option to select which URL to keep? I just want to be sure I am doing this correctly the first time 🙂

  99. A Question: I have a facebook page and a profile page, both with the same name. As I have got 5k friends on my profile again I would like to transfer them to a page and then merge the page with the first page that I have already created. The problem is that when I try to convert the profile to page, there is a message coming ” It looks like you already manage a Page named (my name). Please choose a different name or go to your current Page”. So this is where I am getting stuck. Please help.

  100. Hi Jen, I need to change my url (have already changed it once so I cant do it again). Will it work if I open a new page and then merge it with the current one? Am I able to keep the likes of the old page? Thank you.

  101. Hi Jen, I have 2 pages. First is Custom WOMAN. Second was Custom WOMAN Atelier but I change the name to Custom WOMAN1 because when i tryed to merge the 2 pages facebook tells me that the names are diferent. Now after I change the names facebook tells me no pages for merge. It happenes few days ago and still same problem. I change the address too. First page address is custom2015. The second page address is custom20151 PLEASE help me!

  102. Thanks so much for the thorough instructions! I have one concern though – what is the customer’s experience with the merged pages? Is their “like” automatically transitioned from the old page to the new? Do you have any advice on how to prepare customers for the shift? To give you some context, our business has multiple market-specific pages and we’re looking to transition to one, centralized communication platform.

    1. Hi there,

      The user like is automatically transitioned to the new page so it’s pretty seamless. Facebook gives users a notification when a page they like changes its name, but not when it’s merged.


  103. Hi, I am admin of 3 pages on Facebook.
    Now I am trying to merge 2 pages (“Manola bioterapije” and “Bioterapije Manola”) that are about the same thing, the third one (http://facebook.com/kreartiva.nakit) will be left unchanged because it is about something totally different.
    The problem is that I do not see one of them (“Manola bioterapije”) in drop down menu. What should I do?

  104. Hello, I merged only 1 page succsesfully than when i tried to merge again after 1 week it said “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” but i only did 1 merge what’s wrong with facebook than i requested to merge duplicate pages they didnt accepted replied after 2 mins
    “Our reply
    We can’t merge your Pages at this time. Please make sure your Page names, addresses, websites and other essential information match as closely as possible before submitting another request to merge them.
    Learn more about how to merge Pages and change Page names in the the Help Center.”
    Please.. Help me !!

  105. Hello, this post should be edited to begin with “make sure to copy the posts that are not duplicated, but you want to keep in the page you are going to merge, all content will be lost when merging, the only thing that is going to be moved are your likes and check-ins from one page to the other”. That was the reason I wanted to merge, to move my posts, If had known beforehand that I was going to lose my posts, I would have taken the time to copy and paste the posts I wanted to keep, then delete the duplicate page. The good thing is that the deleted page did not have too many posts that I wanted to keep… But I just want others to know this before they merge the pages, socthey dont lose their content forever.

  106. Hello, Im having trouble trying to change my fan page category, Im an Architect, and there’s no option for Architect, only Designer. But I have visited some other architects fan page and they have architect as category, How can i do it? My fan page is in Spanish.

  107. Very very useful post. And it seems that you are the best person to ask about my problem:
    Recently I merged my personal profile with my fan page (actually it was almost already done and i was just asked). But then, all the content (photos,posts etc) was missed. From both page and profile. I saw that it cannot be both remained but at least the ones from the page should. It was more than 6 years content about our everyday operation and it is essential. Do you know if and how can i retrieve it?
    Thanx for your time and all the replies

  108. Awesome advice on becoming an Advertiser. Once I did, was able to find a completely different Merge Pages request and was able to select the pages I needed combined.
    Using the “standard” way from the page admin console, I was not given the open to select the needed pages. And I was not able to name them the same thing due to a warning box from Facebook that said I was attempting to use a name from a page I already administered!
    The only difference was “_2” at the end of one of the names. I confirmed all other aspects (category, website, hours of operation) were identical.
    Crossing my fingers that I won’t lose Likes!

  109. Hi Jen,
    Hope you can help solve this mystery. I had a profile account (Seikémeu Etiquetas) and a page (Seikémeu). I requested that my profile account be changed to a page. Then I requested to have the two pages merge. As I understood the friends and followers that we have on profile accounts change to Likes. I received the message from Facebook saying that my pages had merge. However, I continue to have the profile and the page separately (friend requests and Likes) and when I try to merge it tells me I have no pages to merge. Big confusion. Can you help please?

    PS. Profile page – https://www.facebook.com/seikemeu.etiquetas
    Page – https://www.facebook.com/Seikemeu

    1. Hi there,

      I just clicked on your links and they both go to the same thing so it looks like your merge has been completed.


  110. Hi Jen,

    Did facebook recently set some limit on the merge? We had merged three pages so far in the last one year to a single page and now when we have another page with exactly same name, location and page type we are not able to merge them and getting a message as ” An error has occurred while merging Pages. This may have been caused by your attempt to merge too many Pages.” Please help us and let us know if there is any alternative way to do this.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  111. Jen –
    Yes. I do have access to this section. But here is their response to our problem.

    From Facebook – Sep 19
    We received your report and appreciate your patience as we work to fix technical problems on Facebook. Though we can’t update everyone who submits a report, we’re using your feedback to improve the Facebook experience for everyone.
    To contact us about non-technical issues, please visit the Help Center.

    That is why we are trying to get this resolved. Been going on for months now.


    1. Hi Bryant,

      You used Advertiser Support and selected the radio button for Pages, and the Other? You should get a personal response, not a form letter like when you report a page. Otherwise, your Facebook ad rep should be able to help.


  112. Jen –
    Yes we are. Ironically, we are currently being charged for the services right now but can’t access them ($10 a day).

    We were using a non-person login (which we didn’t any problems with for years) that was removed during the FB reorganization a few months back and can’t not get back in under that login. It won’t let us to go back in and change anything. Which we would do right away if we could.

    We have tried it all… That’s why we are looking for a solution. Any other ideas?


    1. Hi Bryant,

      Any ad account will allow you to access the Advertiser Support section and put you in touch with Facebook, so it’s fine if it’s not the one associated with your page.


  113. Jen – I have tried contacting Facebook on a number of occasions and have gotten no response. That is why were kinda frustrated with them. Can you think of any other workarounds? Some other way to get this handled, because the names/addresses are all the same on both the Business/Fan pages?

    Thank you for you help.


    1. Hi Bryant,

      Are you an advertiser? If not, become one. Once you have an ad account set up, you’ll have access to the advertiser support section where you can reach out and usually get a response within 24 hours.

      Good luck!

  114. Hallo how many page can i merge ? have facebook limit for page merge ….. for example i merge 5 fun page but now facabook write me this message,,,,,,,,An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages…..

  115. Redshift –
    I have an issue. I was the admin on a FB Business page but left the company. I have returned after sometime, but now no one has access to the admin login info for the Business Page.

    Issue is that I am the admin on a “Fan Page” but want to merge a Fan and Business page and take the Business page as our primary FB page. So I need take the Fan Page which I have been working with for past 12 months (has 35K in likes) and merge with another page that has 2100 likes.

    Any suggestions would be super helpful? Because I can’t seem to get this resolved with Facebook.

    Custom Chrome

    Custom Chrome (Business Page)
    Custom Chrome Fan Page (Fan Page)

    1. Unfortunately, you can’t merge pages until you have admin access to both pages. You may have to contact your Facebook advertising rep for additional support if you’re not getting any response when you try to report your business page.


  116. Hi Jen,
    I changed the name of a page on Facebook and everything worked great.

    I tried to MERGE that page with another one with a similar name, but I can’t find the first one on the list.

    Do you know the reason? Do I have to wait 7 days? It’s weird because I merged another Facebook page right after changing her name.

  117. Hi Jen, i wonder if you can help me. I have merged my pages and have been told by Facebook that it was successful (17th September). But now the 29th and the pages have not merged. Getting worried as needs to be done by the 1st Oct.


    1. Hi Claire,

      Can you still access both pages? Have your likes/check ins merged? If nothing’s changed, you may have to respond to Facebook to see what’s going on. It shouldn’t take more than a few days.


  118. Hi Jen, I came across your post and it sure seems helpful! The only problem I have now is that I had to change one of the business names to really match the one I want to keep because they were “not similar” according to FB when I first tried to merge them. Which was silly because the one I changed the name on, was the same as the other but just shorter (same business info and all). But now that FB has approved the name change, it is not coming up as one of the pages to merge. Do you know why that might be? I’m thinking maybe because I changed the name so I need to give it time. But that is the page with the most likes and we want to merge that page with our new business page. They have the same name now, the only difference is that one has “&” and the other one has “and”. Thank you in advance!

      1. Hi Jen 🙂

        Thank you for responding back to me. I am In North America, I’m actually located in California. Unfortunately the link you provided doesn’t work, it tells me that the page is not available.
        Since I changed the name on the page I want to merge, you think I have to wait 7 days while it’s being reviewed (even though FB made the name change already)? It’s just kind of fustrating that I made the name very similar to the one we want to keep (only difference is one has “&” and the other has “and”) but now the page with the name change doesn’t even come up as one of the pages to merge, when it did before the name change. I’m an Admin on three different pages but two of them I’m trying to merge because we just one page for the business.

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Moncial,

          The page works for me so it might be a Canada-only link? You’ll have to contact Facebook to proceed further.

          Good luck!

      2. THANK YOU for that link!!! The normal way of merging would not allow me to request to keep the page with fewer likes. So after a month of searching I found YOU and was able to request! THANK YOU. Do you know if this manual way they actually grant requests when you’re trying to keep the page with fewer likes? Again, you are much appreciated!!!!!

        1. This is the problem I have – can you tell me steps to follow please? I currently have a page which is two words (KangarooValley Olives – 1300+ likes) and a page which is three words (Kangaroo Valley Olives – 400+ likes). I want to keep the three word one – I am not however given that choice.

          1. Hi Brenda,

            If you’re a Facebook advertiser, I’d recommend merging through the Ads Manager support tools, which should list all of your pages.


          2. Thank you Jen, If I do not want to advertise/boost as yet; do I create an account and does this cost??

  119. Hello, I manage 3 pages on behalf of a client. Each has the same name but with a different location in the title. As the company is rebranding, we want to change the 3 pages into 1 and then re-name the existing page. I requested the merge and Facebook has allowed one merge fine but the response for the second merge was ‘Since your Pages are significantly different from each other, we require a 14-day waiting period. To prevent confusion, the people who like the Page that’s being merged will be notified about the merge. Thanks for your patience.’
    I’ve changed the locations to be the same and have attempted to change the page title of the page to be deleted to be the same as the one being kept but it won’t let me do this. Do you think the message from Facebook means we have to do nothing for 14 days and then they will allow the merge? This will slow down the plans for the rebranding. As surely if we now rename the merged pages they won’t allow the third page to be merged as the name will be different? Unsure what to do next! Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

  120. Hi Jen, I currently have a facebook business page which i changed the URL once and the username once as well. But I cannot change the URL again. Is there any suggestions on how I can do it? For instance, create a new page with a new URL and try to merge them or?

    1. Hi,

      I don’t believe that there is a limit, but you usually have to wait some time between merging multiple pages.


  121. I recently changed the name of my facebook page because i thought i will be able to merge my two pages after i change the name and i was mistaken. Is there anything i can do about my page name now or either to merge them? First i had only one facebook page and one profile which was later changed into facebook page hence why the same pages but i still cant merge them.

    1. Hi Julian,

      I’m sorry — it’s difficult to assess your situation without having access to your pages. Please check these blog posts and comments and follow the instructions provided. If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact Facebook.


  122. Thank you very much for your quick answer, I will feel more calm 🙂 Do you know how long should I wait before I could merge pages the second time? 🙂 Will it be several months, or couple weeks?Thank you again!!

  123. Hello, I don’t understand what happened. Last weak I changed the name of one my facebook page, then, after 7 days merged it successfully. Because facebook now allow to change pages names, which is more than 200 likes. Now I wanted to do the same to another page, when merge into another, with more likes. Now, after 7 days, it doesn’t work 🙁 When I try to merge and choose them. It is written ” An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” Does anybody knows, when it will became available? Maybe I could just wait for couple weaks, and it will become available again? Maybe it is just because I did it last weak, with another page…I want all my pages to combine into one big facebook page…Or should I choose another way? Thank you for your attention 🙂

  124. Hello,

    I am in the process of doing a giant merge of seven pages into one, however when I click on two pages: it tells me I do not have sufficient privileges because I’m not a page admin – but I am. This has been confirmed that I am admin and a manager, but yet the merge doesn’t want to work. Can you suggest any ideas as to why this this happening and how to fix it?

  125. hi I want to merge 1 of my page …the page which I want to merge and keep have only 100+ likes but the page which I want to merge and do not keep have 3000+ likes ..so this will work? secondly the page which have only 100+ likes not showing in merge list?what is the reason

  126. Hello. How can I contact facebook to merge the two pages I manage? When I’m trying to merge my pages it shows “You have no pages to merge”. I did all your suggestions, even putting 2 to the page I do not want to keep, but to no avail, still didn’t work. I would appreciate your help.

  127. please urgent. i have changed the name of the pages, so same name of 2 pages, but when i want to merge them they doesnt look in to the box? so what can i do, i am admin of the both pages, or i will wait 7 days?

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean. Are you getting an error message when you try to merge them?

  128. facebook has been blocked my facebook id now i dont have to access to my fb now two days please helpppppppppppppppp me

    Set the admin of your public page

    User does not exist or is currently invalid.

    Your profile will become a Page, so your new Page and any other Pages you currently manage will require an admin profile to manage them. This should be:

    An existing personal profile that represents you as a person
    The profile of a trusted friend, coworker or partner who will help manage your Pages

    Email address:
    If you don’t already have a personal account, you can sign up for one with your real name, birthday and email address. Once you have registered, complete the fields below with your new account information

    1. Hi there,

      You will get this message if you were using a fake profile to be an admin of your page, which Facebook does not allow. You must now convert that profile into a business page. During this process, Facebook will ask you to connect your real profile to it. When you do that, you’re real profile will become an admin of any pages you had access to, and you’ll be able to access your business pages again using that profile.


  129. thanks Jen. no, the page with 7000 was never recovered. yes I am. I have tried so many avenues to get a response from Facebook, the only communication i have recieved in about 4 months has been automated emails saying my reports have been received.

    The two pages I am trying to merge are both new and active pages. i have ticked off all the necessary requirements for successful merge, just don’t know what else I could be missing or overlooking.

    thanks so much

  130. Hi Jen! such a great job that you are doing helping us all! thank you.

    I have had endless problems with my business page. I had one that had 7000fans. which just uped and vanished. after numerous attempts to recover it, I have changed my two other pages to the similiar names, similar URLs and are the same categories. (the only difference in names is the one page name has a “1” added to it)

    I have tired everything but still comes back as pages not eligible to merge.

    I would so appreciate your help..

    1. Hi Bianca,

      Are you still able to access the page with 7k+ fans at all? If you can’t access it, you won’t be able to merge it. Has Facebook given you any update on the recovery process?

      It’s best to reach out to Facebook at this point. Are you an advertiser? If so, the advertiser help section is the best way to get a response from them.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Good luck!

  131. I Jen, Facebook is asking me to convert my personal profile to a business page ( we are a business so I see that this is necessary), but what happens to the pages (I have 2) that my personal profile manages once I convert to a page. Can pages manage other pages?
    I’ve read all the info on FB about merging and this detail is missed. I don’t want to merge the 2 existing pages I want them to continue to exist as pages after the conversion.


    1. Hi Kaari,

      Is your personal profile posing as a business? That’s the only reason I can see why Facebook would prompt you to convert it, because they want you to admin pages using your personal profile.

      Pages can’t manage other pages, so you’ll have to add a personal profile as an admin to the page before you convert your profile to a page.


  132. I managed to change my page name but I also want the url to be the same but I already done this once so have no option to do this again. I looked into merging pages but even though it carries over the likes etc, I don’t want to l lose what I have already posted on the ‘old’ page as this doesn’t merge over. Is there absolutely no way of contacting Facebook to get the url changed?

  133. Hello again,

    Actually, can you tell me if Facebook selects automatically the page with the biggest number of likes to keep (even if i selected the other one)?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Cristina,

      By account, do you mean the profile you use to be an admin on your business page? You can add a new profile by going to your business page, clicking on Settings –> Page Roles, and adding the email address associated with your new profile. This is also where you can remove your old profile as an admin.


  134. hey Jen, all the provided links to page “Request to Merge Your Duplicate Pages” form are not more valid. Could you please provide me the working/latest link to merge multiple pages form?

    1. Hi Abar,

      The links are valid in North America. I don’t have access to links outside that region.


  135. Hello. I do not want to merge my business and personnal pages but it happened. Kind of. The profile is the same (mine) on both pages and messages are all mixed. Can you please help me to UNMARGE it? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi there,

      Once a page is merged, it can’t be unmerged. However, if you’re still able to access two separate pages, it doesn’t sound like they’ve merged. If you’re using your personal profile as an admin on your business page, your notification stream will be a mix of messages from your personal page and your business page. This is normal.


  136. Hello I want to merge my pages one of them has 80K likes and the other has 300K but it’s dead. Will I be able to keep the page with 80K likes and add the fans from my 300K page?
    Thanks you for your time:)

    1. Hi Sajan,

      You must first change your page names and subcategories to match before you can merge them.


  137. By the way, I tried the link you gave the guy like 3 posts up as well and that page for the “Contact” page is not a working link..

    1. Hi,

      Are you in North America? The link might be different in other countries.


  138. I have tried to merge my accounts together, but when trying to do so, it says that one of the pages “PAGE ID” is invalide… But facebook isn’t letting me change that, which would basically be the “vanity url”… But they won’t allow me to change it again, I didn’t know if you might know of a way to override it, if so, please contact me..

    1. Hi,

      You should be able to merge the other page into the verified one without losing your verified status.


  139. Hi Jen!

    First off, thanks very much–I’m getting an “invalid page ID” error on a number of the pages I’m trying to merge. The pages definitely exist–do you have any advice?


        1. Hi Michael,

          If it’s not found, the merge likely succeeded. Did your existing page gain the old page’s likes?


  140. Hi Jen,

    I tried each way of merging but everytime i send the request it says ”your request couldn’t be processed
    There was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.”

    1. Hi Conor,

      I was getting that error last week but the merge still worked. Are you still able to access the old page?


  141. Hi Jen,

    I tried the merge of two pages I admin, but it was initially blocked because the names were different. I then edited the secondary page to have identical information and a nearly identical name, but now the secondary page does not appear in the merge drop down at all. I’m thinking this might be because the name change triggered some 7-day behavior (“Over the next 7 days, we’ll notify people who like your Page of this change. During this time, any public association of people who like your Page with your Page will be hidden on Facebook.”). Do you know if after this 7 day period passes I’ll be able to merge pages as normal?

  142. Hi I have merged my pages but its been over a week and nothing has happened and I have recieced no email from them. I keep getting notification emails for the pages but cannot access them. What can I do?

      1. Hi jen. I am actually helping a friend with this problem and he says that every time he tries to log in t says “your page is being turned to a profile and should be finished soon – migration in progress”
        This has been happening, according to him for almost 4weeks.

        1. Hi there,

          It’s never taken more than a few days for me. Is he able to log in far enough to hit the “report a problem” link?


          1. Hmmmm…you might have to report the issue on their behalf. I’ve never run into this problem, but it sounds like it requires Facebook to fix.

            Good luck,

        2. Hi, I don’t suppose you managed to resolve this on behalf of your friend? I have a customer with the same problem. They can’t login to report the problem themselves. I’ve reported it on their behalf using the ‘Report a Problem’ link, but I’m worried I should be trying to follow it up somehow.

  143. Hi Jen,
    I have red all the forum, messages and other questions about merging the pages but I can’t find the answer I need.
    We have 2 pages that we want to merge. We made everything it’s said to do – changed page name to be similara (Xcelsior Riga, Riga xcelsior), made the information about the pages the same and the person who is merging the pages is admin for both of them.
    Unfortunately, when going to facebook.com/pages/merge and choosing the pages to merge, there is only one of the pages, Xcelsior Riga, that we can choose in the box. The other page, Riga xcelsior, do not appear! Where is the problem??
    All the other pages with different names and where the person is admin appears but not the one we want to merge…
    Will be waiting for your feedback.

    1. Hi,

      I’ve never encountered this. Instead of going to facebook.com/pages/merge, have you tried going to the page you want to keep, clicking on Settings –> Merge Pages, and doing it that way?


      1. How can I know if the page is eligible or not? there is no explanation for that.
        What could be other points that I missed to prepare the both pages for the merging?

        1. As long as the names and categories/subcategories are the same, and both pages have geo-targeting turned off, you should be able to merge them. I’m sorry; I don’t know what the issue could be.

    2. I am having the same issue! I administrate a lot of pages and need to merge two of them. The one I want to keep is not showing up in the drop down menu and I am definitely the administrator.

      I don’t understand why. Other pages which I don’t really use show up, also page not originally created by me… But still one of the two I want to is not there. So weird! 🙁

      Have you found a solution?

      1. Might this have something to do with the whole “when you change your page name the page needs to stay public for at least 7 days”?

  144. Good post, I have a question for you that you might be able to help me with.. Ok, so here we go… So, I’ve tried this before, Converting my personal page to a fan page, right? Ok, after doing so, how can I make someone else an admin of that page, “the one that used to be my personal page, but is now a fan page”.. Because it will take you to the “settings” “admin roles” page, but once you try to type in a certain persons name, or say for instance, I made a new personal account, but I wanted to make my new personal account the admin of my newly converted fan page from my old personal account.. Do you know anything about that, if so, please write me back at my email dilanseal @ ymail (dot) com. That’d be awesome!

    1. Hi Dilan,

      I’m not sure I understand the question. When you try to add an admin under Page Roles, are you getting an error? You should be able to add an admin by typing in their email address, or by choosing them among your list of friends in the dropdown.


  145. I merged two times two pages this way and lost all the likes of the second page.
    The merge request in help center doesn’t work, they said the problem will be fixed, but nothing changed.

  146. Olá Jen, fiz todo o processo e ainda apareceu “Houve um problema com esta solicitação. Estamos trabalhando para solucioná-lo o mais breve possível”, o que isso significa? Já não foi possível fazer a mesclagem direto, precisei do suporte e mesmo assim apareceu essa mensagem, o que pode ser? Demora? Obrigada.

  147. hi how are
    if i change facebook account name then how many days i able to facebook account change into page

    1. Hi there,

      I’m not sure I understand the question but if you change a page name, it’s instantaneous.


  148. Dear Jen

    Please help! A while back facebook merged my personal account with my business account automatically. Everything was fine until yesterday when I was asked to log in to my personal account to ‘claim this page’…..but i cant as the two already been merged? I tried to sign in again and although my business page remains active, i cant sign in anymore! I am in UK x

  149. Hi Jen,

    Do fans of the page being merged receive a notification that the merge has occurred?


    1. Hi Lisa,

      I don’t think so. To my knowledge, fans of a page will only get a notification if a page is undergoing a significant name change.


  150. Dear Jen

    No I am not in North America, I am living in Tanzania.
    When I go to the “Learn more” link as you suggested, I get on this side: https://www.facebook.com/help/249601088403018
    But this is only an information help-page about how to merge pages (as described by you above), and doesn’t offer me the dropdown boxes as you described in a post before.
    And no, I am not an advertiser.

    I already sent several mails to the “support inbox”, but all I got so far is following answer: “We received your report and appreciate your patience as we work to fix technical problems on Facebook. Though we can’t update everyone who submits a report, we’re using your feedback to improve the Facebook experience for everyone. To contact us about non-technical issues, please visit the Help Center.” – This is just a standard reply and nothing happened so far…

    Do you have any other suggestion?
    Thank you for your great support,

    1. Hi Ben,

      I can only advise on the North American Facebook links I’ve used. I’d suggest setting up an ad account through Ads Manager and then consulting the advertiser support section.

      Good luck!

      1. Dear Jen

        Thank you very much for your very fast replies. I want to thank you once again for your great support, people appreciate a lot these kind of services in nowadays internet-period of time with not only bright moments…

        Wish you a good day,

        1. Hi Ben,

          No worries — I know it’s sometimes hard to get an answer from Facebook.

          Good luck!

  151. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for your great blog!
    Unfortunately, merging of pages does not always work.
    There is probably a technical Facebook problem. I would like to merge two pages. I am admin of both pages and the addresses are the same. A newer page has 5 followers, the other older one 500 followers. Everything works, until the confirmation question pops up, “Do you want to keep ‘this’ page?”, which only selects the page with higher number of followers. But I want the opposite and keep the newer page with less likes! – I posted it in the Facebook HelpCenter but did not yet get any ideas/comments how to solve this problem.
    Do you have an idea how to solve this?
    Thanks in advance, regards

    1. Hi Ben,

      As mentioned in the blog, you can try using the Facebook Help link (https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/476570305747577) to choose which page you want to merge/keep, which will override Facebook’s preference to keep the page with the most likes. Choose the page you want to keep in the top dropdown, and select the page you want to merge in the bottom one.


      1. Dear Jen,

        Thank you for your answer!
        I saw and tried the mentioned link before, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore: “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. First time I tried was about one and a half month ago, maybe they are working on something…

        Thank you,

        1. It still works for me. Are you in North America?

          You can access that page through Facebook Help, or by clicking on the link under Settings –> General and then under Merge Pages, it’s the “Learn More” link. Also, if you’re an advertiser you can also get to it through Ads Manager –> Advertiser Support.


      2. I’m helping a friend merge two identical business accounts but when she clicks on that link, it says the page is broken or been removed however when I’m logged onto facebook it works. Any ideas what may be happening with her account??

  152. Hi, Jen,
    Great blog, thanks for all the info.
    I merged 2 pages like a week ago, one with 1700 likes and the other one and the one I wanted to keep with 170, and recieved this mail on 17/06/2015:
    “Your merge request has been approved‏” as the subject.
    The page with more likes dissapeared, but I haven’t seen any change in likes with the other one.
    Do you know how long it’ll take to merge likes? O are they lost?
    Thanks a lot, Jen,

    1. Hi Hector,

      It has never taken more than a couple of days for the likes/checkins to be brought over after a merge. You might have to contact Facebook.


  153. Ciao Jan, how are you? Great blog, and even greater that you post replies, thanks!!
    I have two fb pages, very similar names and details very similar, same admin, me.
    I just noticed whilst updating my hyperllink from my email signature that (from the the old fb page to the newer one) ,
    i still havent joined them yet, that the replaced hyperliink still takes me to the old still active fb page. This has to be wrong?!?

    I wanted to get as much info as possible before koinging the accounts in case of probs after,
    didnt imagine id have a problem before. Any ideas?

    Thanks, and have a great weekend, or even better youve just got back from a great weekend.

    1. Hi Pablo,

      As long as they’re two different pages, the URL will be separate (unless you merged them). Is it possible that the hyperlink is wrong?


  154. tengo dos paginas una nunca la use,no recuerdo ningun dato,puedo fusionarlas????

  155. I did try to merge to pages but I did not have a reply in 6 days. Can I try again with taking any risks? I want to be on the safe side

  156. Hi!
    I want to change my page name and Facebook does not allow me to do so. I want to keep the name as El Arte whereas my page name is ~El Arte~By:::Reemz::: and I want to remove all the embarrassing flashy punctuations from this phrase. How may I do so? Please help!

  157. It says, ” You have no Pages eligible to merge into Abby’s Legendary Pizza”

    I’m not sure why it is saying this because all of the pages are identical, with the only difference being the location.

    How can we make the Pages “eligible”?


  158. Hi, I am trying to merge more than 5 pages. After I merged 5 pages it is telling me that I have no more pages to merge. Is it possible to merge more pages?

    1. Hi Quinn,

      You should be able to merge as many duplicate pages as you have. Are the remaining pages named the same and have the same category? Are you an admin on all of them?


      1. Actualy I did try to merge a page with the same name and the same category but facebook keeps saying that the namersare differents. Any idea?

  159. Hi, if I want to retain all existing contents (status, images, videos, etc.) on all pages, do I have to download them manually and then re-upload to the merged page (choose region to upload the contents back on timeline), or I can reach help from Facebook? Thanks!

  160. i have the pages in my business account, i have admin access to them yet i cant claim them to become the owner, nor can i merge the pages. any proof u need can be given. Help would be appreciated greatly

    1. The link is different in every country, but if you just go to Facebook Help and search “merge” you should be able to find it.


  161. Can you give me a link to the page? I tried to change language to US,proxy to US… and still nothing. How can I merge my pages?

  162. Hello
    I have one page “abcwebcompany” the other page (that I want to merge) have the name “abc” the merging process failed, also I am the admin for both pages how have identical location address, please advice

  163. Hi Jen, do you know if merging an older page with a page URL to a new page without one, whether the URL will transfer to the new page? I’m hoping it doesn’t.

    1. If both pages have vanity URLs, Facebook should give you the option to choose which one you’d like to keep during the process.


  164. Hi Jen,

    I have just recently did a merge of my 15,000+ Like page to new page. It had been approved and waited 14 days as stated in the email.

    I did this on April 9th and only the checkins and reviews have been merged but not the Likes.

    Under Page Support it still says

    Submitted 9 April
    Your request is being processed.

    Does it normally take an extended time frame for all the Likes to come over?

    1. Hi Hendrick,

      Sometimes it still says “Your request is being process” even after you’ve gotten an email from Facebook telling you it’s been approved or denied. Did you get an email?


  165. Hi loged into Facebook and it asked me to merge my pages and I went through all the process it asked but got to the enter password and it said it was incorrect but I had just used it to log in.. Desperate for help and it’s my 2 business pages and i have can’t get into Facebook to get help

  166. Hi Jen,
    I’m trying to merge 2 pages – different names but same physical address so I was able to select ‘contact support’.
    When I try and merge the longer way I get 2 of the same error messages for both pages –

    You do not administrate this page
    You are currently not an admin of the Page you wish to merge. You cannot merge Pages with a Page that you do not admin.

    I am an admin of both pages but cannot understand why it says i am not.
    Have you come across this before?


    1. Hi Mel,

      Are you using Facebook as your personal profile, or as your business page? You should always merge while using your personal profile.

      Otherwise, I’m not sure why you’d be getting this error. However, you won’t be able to merge two pages with different names.


    2. having the same problem. No help from FB obviously (there is no helpline, no real support whatsoever). I clearly am administrating the pages I wanna merge but they don’t even show up anymore when I click on the upper right drop down, they only show when I switch to business.facebook.com

      1. Hi David,

        If you’re using Business Manager to manage your pages, I believe both pages have to be on Business Manager before you can merge them.


  167. Hey Jen,
    The reason I’m merging my pages is I needed to change my artist name, so the page names are quite different, and therefore my requests are being denied. I definitely don’t want to lose all the fans (likes) of the previous page! I also can’t change the name of the older page, because they will only let you make minor name changes.
    Any suggestions on how I could get a hold of someone to explain the situation and successfully merge the two?

    1. Hi Savannah,

      If you’re a Facebook advertiser you can use the contact form under Ads Manager. If you’re not, the only way to contact them is to select the “report a problem” option in the dropdown from the top right.


      1. Is there a way to start a new page and duplicate the followers from the first page so initially they have the same followers then each can grow their own base

        1. Hi Shannon,

          You cannot duplicate followers or trick users into being fans of a page they didn’t “like”.


  168. I think many of the problems folks are having here is due to the fact they have not claimed their “places” page yet. Once you claim it then it is easier (but still very convoluted) to merge them. I am having trouble now. but i think ill come back to it after a bit. This problem is FB’s fault for allowing the places pages to be formed by anyone other than an administrator.

  169. Jen, i converted my profile to an artist’s page and i tried to merge it with my existing artist’s page WHICH IS VERIFIED! Facebook won’t let me BECAUSE of the verification… it seems you cannot merge a verified and an unverified page, even though they are clearly about the same person and they are both managed/admined by that same person! what gives?

    1. Hi there,

      Yes, verified pages have different features and may not work the same as a regular business page. However, you should have easier access to Facebook help as a verified page.


  170. i have 9 page. name similar. i want to merge 9 page. i send request to facebook, but facebook send back ” request fail ”
    i don’t understand ? Why ? please !!!

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know enough details to help. Did you respond to Facebook’s email?

  171. Jen, great info. I have a client who has 3 different business pages; 1) his Vein Center page; 2) his Body Contouring page and 3) his newly re-branded medical practice name, that encompasses both the vein and body contouring business. None of the 3 names are even remotely similar, but he is the owner, they all operate out of same business and I hate losing the 4,000 fans from the 2 old, separate pages. I did not open his 3rd page – a different marketing consultant did. Everything I read mentions that page names must be similar. Thanks,

  172. Hi Jen, I want to merge two business pages but keep the page with less likes. Older instructions say you will automatically keep the page with more likes – do you know if that’s changed since this update? Thank you for the instructions!

  173. I have a face book page name for example “ABC COMPANY”,the same is having already as “ABC COMPANY”,so both the admins are different ,So I want to merge others page into my page.How?

  174. Hi there, Good post. I can’t seem to find any place on Facebook or here that will inform me if the album pictures will be lost when you merge to a new page?

  175. Hi Jen, thanks for this informative post. I’ve tried to merge two pages with the identical names, but without any success. In your example the name of the pages are not identical, there is a “2” added in the second one? Can that be the reason why its not working ?

  176. Hi there. I have just sent a request to facebook to merge two pages (the second method) and I havent received an email saying the process has begun? How long is it meant to take? It does say that it’s processing under “Page help” section.. But pages still have not been merged

      1. Hello jen Is it limited to make merge the pages i did a merge firstly and now i can’t merge anymore should i wait 7 days for another merge or ?! any help pls when im trying to merge it says “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” + i contacted to the request and came 2 messages we can’t merge you’re pages! i have same names same adress pls Help me!!