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January 21, 2023
By   Jen McDonnell
Category   Social Media
Facebook merge pages

Years ago, we wrote a blog post called “How to Merge Facebook Pages” (which explains how to merge multiple Facebook pages you manage for the same thing, combining page likes), and the response was overwhelming. We continue to get comments on the post regularly, and it seems that readers still have a lot of questions about the process. 

Certain issues come up repeatedly, so instead of making you wade through all the comments on the original blog post (and us repeating our answers), here are our responses to our most frequently asked questions about merging Facebook pages. 

Q: Where do I find the link to merge pages? (Classic vs New Experience)

A: Before you request a page merge, make sure two Facebook pages fit the criteria (both pages should have similar page names, categories, physical addresses, they must represent the same thing, and you must be an admin of both). You can visit this link to request a merger of two Pages. If you have a classic page, you can also go to Page Settings, click on General and Merge Page in the bottom right corner. 

Merging Facebook Pages


If you have a new page experience page, you must first “switch” into your page, then go to and follow the steps.  Note: you will need to have “full control” of both pages. If you have “task access,” you won’t have enough admin privileges to merge.

If your page access is through a Business Manager, go to

merge facebook pages new experience

You can choose which page you keep and which page is merged. Both pages’ likes and check-ins will be merged. The posts, photos, reviews, ratings, and usernames from the page you merged will be deleted. You can learn how to download a copy of your Facebook page here

Q: What if that link doesn’t work for me?

A: If you’re merging classic pages, make sure you’re looking in the page’s settings with the most likes and that you’re using Facebook as your personal profile, not as your page. If your using new experience pages, make sure you’ve “switched” into the page before visiting  

Q: What if I’m not an admin of the page I want to merge?

A: You cannot merge/delete a page unless you own it. If there is a duplicate page you want to claim or a page that is misrepresenting itself as your business, go to the page you want to report, click on three dots below the page’s cover photo, select Find Support or Report Page.


Q: What if the pages I want to merge have different names?

A: You can only merge pages with similar names, categories and physical addresses. You can request a change to your page’s name in the “about” or “page info” settings of your page.

Q: When I merge a page into another, will I lose all of the merged page’s content?

A: Yes, the only things that will be brought over will be the old page’s likes. You will lose all of that page’s posts, photos, events, reviews and comments. You can also download all the content from the page you’re losing here.

Q: I want to merge my old page into my new page, but I want to keep my old page’s username. Can I?

A: If your pages have vanity URLs, Facebook may prompt you to choose which one you want to keep.

Q: Can you reverse a merge?

A: No. Once you’ve merged one page into another, that page that was merged will be deleted.

Q: Should I merge the page with the least amount of likes into the page with the highest likes?

A: Yes, that is the recommended process. 

Q: How long does it take?

A: The time varies, depending on whether you’re merging straight from the Settings panel on your page (which tends to be immediate). However, it should not take longer than 48 hours. Once the pages have merged, you will no longer be able to access the old page. However, it may take a day or two for your likes/check-ins to be brought over and for the old page to stop showing up in Facebook Search.

Q: Facebook is giving me this error when I try to merge pages: “You are currently using Facebook as your page rather than your personal account.” What does that mean?

A: When merging classic pages, it’s best to use your personal Facebook profile. Add that profile as an admin of your business pages, and use that profile when merging. Do not attempt to merge your pages when using Facebook as a page unless you’re merging new experience pages.

Q: Can I turn a personal page into a business page?

A: Yes, you can use this link to migrate a personal profile to a business page. Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions. Before you do so, we recommend you download all of your personal page’s posts and timeline info following these instructions

Q: It still isn’t working. Now what?

A: This is based on pages our agency has merged in the past on behalf of clients but we do not work for Meta. If you’ve followed all the instructions outlined in this blog post and are still having difficulties, please submit an error report with Facebook. 


PLEASE NOTE: We do not work for Facebook and the advice offered in this blog and its comments are based solely on our own experience. If you are having issues, it is best to contact Facebook. 


Facebook merging merging Facebook pages


Jen McDonnell

Jen is the Vice President of Content and Social Media at Reshift Media, where she manages a team responsible for the social strategies for several national and international brands. She has a strong content background, having previously worked in online journalism for 10 years. Her articles have been published in the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Province, the Calgary Herald, Flare, and more.

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  1. Great breakdown of the merging process! I have a page that’s been merged and I was wondering how to handle the same artist/band merger. Thanks for clarifying! 👍

  2. Hi Support,

    I am attempting to merge two different facebook pages and have tried multiple avenues and both have not worked.

    I am the Admin of both pages and both pages have the same name.

    The first avenue was through being on the Page then Settings–> New Page Experience–> Merge Pages but when I type in my password the confirm button goes grey after clicking it.

    The 2nd avenue was to go to but I get an error message stating “You have no Pages to merge.”

    Please help!


    1. Hi Jon,
      We are not Facebook support so it is best to reach out to them. You must have “full control” of both pages. You may only have task access, which will not allow you to merge pages. Also, if a page is “owned” by a Business Manager and you are not an admin in that Business Manager, you will not have enough access to merge that page. 

  3. I love this blog! I’m a big fan of Facebook pages and I’m always looking for ways to improve mine. This blog post is a great resource for me. Thanks for writing it!

  4. i have 2 questions;
    1: if i merge my old page with the new one will my payout account monetization be deleted as well?

  5. Hi Merging two Facebook page can affect the monitization? Cause I want to merge my UnMonetized Facebook page to My monetized page.

  6. This article was great thank you so much! I had a question about merging pages with advertising restrictions, one of our pages was restricted so we had to create a new one but we lost all our likes and follows. If I merged the old one into the new one do we know if the advertising restrictions would carry over?

  7. I have made sure my pages fit the criteria to merge but I am getting an error message that says, “This page exceeds the maximum number of merges allowed. Please visit advertiser support.” Please help.

  8. I am planning to merge my old Facebook page with “unreasonable” restrictions made by Facebook to a new one that is cleaner and has bigger followers/likes. Will those restrictions from the old one be passed too?

  9. What is a source page and what is the destination page? Unpack that for me, in terms of old page or new page.

  10. I want to merge my two pages, but I keep getting this comment:
    “We cannot process your merge request because the selected Pages do not represent the same entity. The selected Page names need to be the same in order to be eligible to merge. You can learn more on how to change Page name here:

    The names of the pages are
    Rev Patrick Ugochukwu Patrick and
    RevPatrick Ugochukwu Patrick

  11. My current page has been restricted due to some violations from when I was hacked and they will not go back on. Of I merge it into another page with zero violations will the original pages violations go away?

  12. (After merging 2 Facebook pages) – (Making both the same name (which was approved) – Now getting messege “We do not currently support New Page Experience to Classic Page merge. Please update the Pages to a New Page Experience and try again?” One page is a fair bit older than the one I’m merging into )

  13. Can I change the page name after merging? And can I add bank account for “star option” in my gaming video creator page after merging?

  14. We cannot process your merge request because the selected Pages do not represent the same entity. The selected Page names need to be the same in order to be eligible to merge. You can learn more on how to change Page name here: i cant merge

  15. If I merge an old community page into a new one, and there are groups linked to the old one, will those groups be deleted? How can I bring existing groups over to the new merged page?

  16. We have a business and 1 partner was in control of the businesses facebook page. He was using his personal log in to access the page. We wanted to me to take over so using his account we made me admin and removed him as admin however i never got an invite to be admin so i cannot take any actions on the business page. The business page is also no longer under his “pages”. We have tried logging in and out but the page does not show under our pages.

  17. I have submitted request one day ago and I don’t see anything in my pages support inbox, the old page was my page has similar name but I created a new one and keeping it. I can see request merge but I don’t know what’s happening to my request. How to check merge request status?

  18. i have two duplicate pages whose name have been changed for a long time when i go to merge them i see one page and not the other

    1. I was able for awhile to see another Facebook acct. But, now I can’t seem to get into it? Can you help me?

  19. Hello, I tried to merge my 2 facebook page with imilar name but I have this prompt saying that “The page can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge. I must wait to resolve it. But I haven’t requested it yet T_T

  20. hi i just requested the merging of both my page. is ther ea chance to cancel the merging before it complete?

  21. It says my merge has been completed, but nothing has changed and I still have access to both pages. I’ve tried this multiple times.

  22. Hello! There is anyway to know if a page was already merged? I have a page, but I can’t remember if I already merge it with another or don’t. I have a second page that I want to merge with the first, but I’m afraid I will lose both, because I already merged one before.

    Best regards,

  23. hello, i am trying to merge 2 business pages this past 2 months. I keep getting request has been successful but no message in support box. Anything i need to know for the merge to happen. I followed all rules with same names and all that,, still nothing. Any help please

  24. Hello. This blog is very useful since I planned to merged my two pages. However, before I do that, I want to change one of my facebook page name because as you said it is one of the requirement of merging. They must have the same names. Sadly, it always says “invalid name & something went wrong”.
    What should I do? I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

  25. After request merged page, show like this:

    Limits have been placed on Nimol Printing
    Your Page has been blocked from having its name changed.
    Your Page has been blocked from being merged.

  26. Hi! I accidentally removed myself as an admin in my 1st page because the inbox and people messaging me in that page wont notify. I thought I can add myself as an admin again but i guess i cant do that anymore. So I created another page with the same name.. If I merge that what will happen to the inbox? will it merge and notify you on both pages?

  27. hello from albania with love i have 8 pages i have alredy merged 2 of them now i want to merge all in one these 8 pages but that say error limit too many pages how long last after i merged another one thanks i apprecate ur

    1. Im not an admin, but could you share some help of how you merged, as in i get as far as a notification that my request was successful but nothing has merged, and nothing in support. much appreciated

  28. Facing issue while merging two pages, error ” already pending request”,

    I have faced the same problem. Please try with,
    1. If you have changed the name of other page in order to match similarity – you have to wait for 7 days
    2. If one page is on Business manager then other one should be also in it
    3. Remove all other admins and then try to merge it will work

  29. I need to merge two pages — the first one has more likes and contents, but with the wrong name. The second one has the correct name, but with less likes and contents. I need to keep the first one, but with the name of the second one. My question is — can I request to change the name of the page after I merge them?

  30. How do I control which page it remains? When I start the merge process it gives me two squares. Which page I add in the first square?

  31. Hi, I am the admin for 2 business pages and as they both had the same name and same content I went ahead to merge them just like you have written it down.
    I waited for over 2 weeks now , both pages are unpublished and not merged. I really need to get back online.

    What can I do now?
    I need both pages to be merged , I cannot even publish them, there is no option.
    I searched everywhere but6i couldn’t find something anywhere.

  32. I have tried to merge my two Pages into one. After the process of merging done, the message appears, saying ‘The merge request successful.’ But my two Pages have never been merged. What can I do to merge?

  33. I have changed all the details on my facebook pages, made everything as similar as possible. The merge was accepted, but this was weeks ago and I’ve requested the merge multiple times, each time accepted but nothing ever happens. The pop up said it would take up to 48 hours. What should I do?

  34. I want to know whether we can choose which Facebook Page Name and Facebook Page Username to keep while merging two Facebook Pages.
    There are two Business Facebook Pages out of which the older page is still not published and doesn’t have any likes but, the new Facebook Page is published and has few likes. Now I want to merge the two pages but, I want to keep the unpublished page’s Page Name and Username, and the rest of the details from the published page. The only difference between the pages is the old unpublished page has “T” & the new published page has “t” in the page name and old page has “solutions” & new page has “sols” in the username (url), apart from the likes.
    To be clear, all I want is to continue with the new published page but, with the page name and username (url) of old unpublished page.
    Please let me know whether it is possible, before I proceed with the merging procedure.
    And both the pages and the account that is being used to merge the pages, qualify for merging procedure.

  35. Hi. Trying to merge two pages but get the error of ‘trying to merge too many pages?’ is there anyway to fix this? thank u

  36. So, I understand there is a Facebook rule that when merging pages, you cannot merge a page with fewer likes into a page with more likes. Is this correct? Is there any way around this? I have two pages, one has less likes but it has customer reviews and posts. The other has more likes but zero customer reviews. I would like to keep the one with less likes. Any ideas how to do this?

  37. Hi i want to merge to of my pages with the same topics and similar names but one of this two pages is on the business manager and i can’t do that!! but i never put any of my pages on business manager what can i do?

  38. Can I merge my old page with over 2k followers into my new page with zero followers? Nervous about doing it as I want to delete my old page after saving some of my photos off of it.

  39. hello. I have an old page and I want to merge it with my new one. it has same names and such. but when I tried to merge it, fb says that I have pending request with my old page. and when I look into page support inbox there’s nothing there. what should I do?

  40. Same question as hussein . it says, the merge is successful . But my like and followers did not succesfully merge

  41. Hi
    I’ve been trying to merge my pages for over a month Without response, when I repeat merge request Facebook refuses it by saying there is already merge request and you must wait
    What should I do please?

  42. Hey Jen

    I want to merge my 2 pages which have same name. location, mail id and represents same things. One page have 35K+ likes and another have 8K+ likes. Can I merge these pages? Please let me know.

  43. I need help. Please who can help me.
    My 1.2 M fans page unpublished by facebook community Standar. I was appeal also sent letter to Fb main head office by DHL.but they Didn’t what shuld i do? I dont know.please any experter can help me?or would i merge this page at this time?

  44. If I got one page with 1 group, and want to merge this page with another page. What happens to the group?

  45. Hi Jen, is that any way to merge my unverified page into a verified one ? i dont mind to “unverified” the authentic page so that it can be matched, if really no way out , or could you advise what to do with my case ? thanks alot .

  46. An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.

    Please tell me how you can solve this problem? It is only 2 pages

  47. Good evening.
    I want technical assistance for the pages of Facebook. 1) 2)

    I tried to merge them, but it rejects my request. The pages are similar!. because I can not merge two pages Please help. Thank you

  48. Dear Facebook,

    I have been trying to merge my two pages for over a month. merge my facebook pages name are same but I always I get the “that Your Page has been blocked from being merged. This limit is temporary when every I’m trying I am getting the same error

    As you can see, the details about the two pages are similar enough for the merge requirements. The usernames are different…but that’s precisely why I need to merge them, to keep the new and get rid of the old. pls help me
    please allow me to merge page and restore my page without having any trouble.

    Thank you

  49. Hello, if I merge two FB pages, then on the one that will stay, will it be showed in its history tap, that other page have merged into the new one?

  50. An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.
    For more than a year, I see this message when I try to merge my pages.
    Please tell me how you can solve this problem?
    Please tell me a link to the unification form? ( I’m from Ukraine )
    Or how to write Facebook so that it combines all my pages into one?
    I have a social project that I would like to know as many people as possible.
    Please help me

  51. Hi Jen! I realize this is an old post but I’m having an issue with merging two pages and this is the most knowledgeable place I’ve found on Google that might be able to help.

    I have been trying to merge two pages for over a month. Sometimes I get the “You have successfully requested the merge,” but the merge never happens. I also have received “Merge request denied,” and if I try again a few days later I’ll get the request successful message again. I’m not sure what the issue is. I am an author making the transition to a pen name and I need my old page merged into the new one. Here are the specific details regarding the pages. I need to keep the username of the new one.

    Old page – Page name: Oliver D. King, Author. Username: authorkevennewsome. Likes:1622
    New page – Page name: Oliver D. King. Username: authoroliverdking. Likes: 24

    As you can see, the details about the two pages are similar enough for the merge requirements. The usernames are different…but that’s precisely why I need to merge them, to keep the new and get rid of the old. Is it a matter of trying to merge a larger page into a smaller page? If so, if I merge the other way can I then reclaim the lost user name and change usernames to get where I want to be? Help!

  52. Hello,
    I am trying to merge my pages and the msg i received is “your request is successfully received ” but now it’s going to be a month. They are still un merge

  53. Hello, I successfully submitted my merge request for my 2 FB pages on Friday and today, Monday, one of my pages says that I’m now blocked from changing its name and merging it? I never got a denial or accepted merger notification? How is one notified? Could this possibly be their way of saying that the merger went through so you’re blocked from further changing the name or merging??

  54. Hi there, I have a question I have two pages I want to merge, big surprise right? I know the process is quite easy but the main thing is that they’re two locations of a restaurant. What I’m worried about is the check-in. Obviously when customers check in it benefits the restaurant but being at different locations, I am worried that they can’t check in or when they do, that they will have check into the wrong address. Basically will there be unique check ins still available for both locations?

    1. Hi Ed,

      Local Facebook pages can only have one street address, so if you merge the pages, people will only be able to find directions, check in, review, etc. for one of your restaurants. Because search and directions is becoming a priority for Facebook, I would not recommend doing this. It is best that each restaurant location have its own Facebook page.

      If you are having issues updating both pages, there is software that will enable you to send the same post to multiple pages, such as our Social Brand Amplifier:


  55. Hi Jen ( I am from India. I appreciate your patience for replying a large group of people )

    I also have the same problem and I am in vain for last 3 months

    I’m the admin of 2 pages. The one page has 5000 likes, and the other has 4000 likes.
    When I am trying to merge them. Facebook forces me to keep the page with 4000 likes, but I want to keep the page with 5000 likes.
    What to do?

    All links which you have shared above for audience with same issues are found obsolete links.

  56. Hi Jen,
    If I go to merge two business pages with almost identical names and the same address, but Facebook says that the pages are too far apart? It seems that everything I try ends up with same result. Can you help? ????

  57. Hi
    I have convert my personal profile to a business page. Facebook gives me the name “” and my already existing page name is “”. so how can i merge it? Is It possible i have my old business page name merge with new one with old name?

  58. When I merge my two pages it shows me successfully requested but i am waiting from 3-4 days likes do not combined and the pages were also not merged. Please help

  59. Hi I don’t know what to do, a friends Facebook posted by her is merged with my posted photos in Facebook. I don’t know why is this happening? Please help!

  60. Sigh Sigh! I’m Admin in Business Manager of 2 PAge but when I try to merge my pages, the pages doesn’t show up in the dropdown list. You write that I have to go to the Advertiser Support tools under Ads Manager, to have a fuller dropdown list. But I dont’ find this section in my ads Manager….please, help me!!!

  61. Hi I am a admin of two pages. The names are similar and there are more than 4000 followers on each of them .when I am going to merge the pages it says that one of the pages is already requested to merge. but in support inbox no message has been found. What to do ?

  62. I’m trying to merge two identical pages through this link (, the pages have same name, and contacts, … my request keeps getting denied and I receive the below reason. Any ideas???

    “We can’t merge Homes 360 into Homes 360. Doing so would change the intent of the people who chose to like Homes 360. Common reasons why a Page merge may be denied include:
    -Global to local Page (Coca-Cola to Coca-Cola France) -Fan Page to Authentic Page (Nike Fans to Nike) -Product to Brand (Honda CRV to Honda) -Year specific to General (Austin City Limits 2011 to Austin City Limits Festival) -Generic to Specific Page (Chips to Doritos)
    If you have further questions, or believe this decision was made incorrectly, please follow up with your dedicated Facebook contact. “

  63. Hi
    If i am admin of page can i merge 2 facebook pages?
    How many time take to merge?
    If i merge 2 pages 1 has 5000 likes and another has 4000 if i merge this pages the likes mixed 9000 or not?

  64. Hi i wish to merge my pages.Original page has lesser likes and duplicate page has more likes.I want to keep the original page and transfer the likes of duplicate page.How to go about it

  65. Thanks for the article. I am having problem while merging. I am merging my old page into new page. As I want to keep new page but facebook giving message to keep old page. Please help

  66. Which page do I select first when I merge? There’s no indication which page is being merged into which one – I want to make sure I keep the correct page. thanks!

  67. Oh! one more thing: I will use the name of a page I just created, if i exclude the page, will I be able to use the name right after I exclude??

  68. Hi jen! thank you in advance for all the tips in the comments!

    here is the history:

    3 pages, 2 different names. Both are from the same segment, a car concessionary.
    I need to merge the 3 pages, and then change both the names to a new concessionary name, but from the same segment as before. this is cuzz this company was bought and it will all became one.

    The business will be the same, only the owner and the name will change.

    can I do this?
    and how much time will facebook ask of me, after the merge, so I’m able to change the name, ore there’s no time period to do that?

    thank you again!

  69. Hi there, I was wondering if I will need to delete the page that is being discarded? Or will it be removed from my profile?

  70. Hi Jen, I was working on a page, followers of which I want to now migrate to a new page. I would like like to know the best way to do it so that I can separately retain and develop the earlier page too. Pls guide.

  71. If i hav 50 likes in one page n 25 in another ,when i merge them both what if the 25 likes are common in both the pages ,v ll they count as 50 r 75??

  72. Hi there, I have a doubt. Facebook gives us two dropdowns to select from. i want to know which drop down Page remains and which one gets merged. Its Dropdown 1 remains with us and dropdown 2 gets merged or opposite. please clarify.

  73. I renamed my pages to
    Shield systems martial arts and
    Shield system martial art

    The merge option was available. I rquested it. 2 weeks went by and nothing happened. I tried to request again and it says pending.

  74. I have two pages, one is blue check verified, the other isn’t. If I merge them, will I lose the blue check verification? Thank you!

  75. I merged a page (that I didn’t create) that had my logo on it and a few likes… it asked if I was the business owner so I claimed it. Then I successfully merged it with my business page that I created. All was good until I tried to add my location to a post and now my company name will not produce any address (when it used to before). I’m assuming I took away the location page. Can I get this back? Is there a way to get my business address to be recognized? I can not even check in now! My Facebook page is @ateampaddleboarding
    Any help you can offer is very much appreciated!

  76. My two Facebook paged has been blocked my having its name change , I’ve applead many time to revoke or unblock the same nothing nothing happen. Fb is not listening … Please help

  77. Hi!, I’ve two pages, I’m the owner of both but in one of these I do not appear as a page owner, if I merge this two pages what will happen with the ownership? I’ll become the unique owner page?

  78. Hi Jen,
    I’m experiencing the same problem as Morton.
    I’ve selected the two pages that I would like to merge. Facebook then asks which page I would like to keep. If I choose the correct page to keep, it shows the correct profile pictures, but changes the name to the incorrect page for both “page to keep’ and “page to merge” . Conversely, if I select the incorrect page to keep, I will see the page I wish to keep as both the “page to keep” and “page to merge”. Only thing that seems to be correct Is the profile pictures.
    Any advice?

  79. Hi Jen,

    I’m trying to merge two pages, I want to keep the one with less like and merge the one with more likes. The problem is that after I choosing the one meant to be kept on the first place and the other on the second (I’m starting the process from the page I’d like to kepp), and clicking ‘continue’, Facebook only offers to potion to kepp the one with more likes – but change its name for the other name’s page. Could you help me what should I do?


  80. Hi jen,

    iam going to merge my pages with same name and same products, but i want all inbox MESSAGES in my old page which have more than 3000 likes. Is that possible ?

  81. Hi I need to know how do I know which page am merging, I want to merge my newest business page with the older business page the oldest one has more likes and followers. I want to make sure I keep the oldest one. I am of afraid of making the wrong selection thank you

    1. Hi,

      When you’re in the merging process, Facebook will very clearly ask you which page you’d like to keep, and then ask you if you’re sure.


  82. How do I make sure the page that I want to keep open is the one that is left open after merging? Ie – how can I ensure they merge & delete the correct one? Should I choose the page I want to delete as the settings & merge or the one I want to keep open?

    1. Hi Jenny,

      We’re you’re in the merging process, Facebook will very clearly ask you which page you’d like to keep, and then ask you if you’re sure. I usually start at the page I want to keep, click on Settings and Merge Pages, and then you’ll get two dropdowns where you must select pages. In the first one, I select the one I want to keep, and in the second I select the one I want to merge — but Facebook makes it very clear which one is which.

      Tip – just to make it easier for me to differentiate the pages when I’m doing it, I make sure both pages have different and distinct profile images, and I write down the number of fans each page has so I know which one is which throughout the entire merging process.

  83. Will all administrators be combined in the merge? I am a common administrator on both pages, but there are some administrators who no longer are affiliated with our organization, and we are not really in contact with them any more. Will they disappear in th merge? (They are not administrators in the new page we are keeping.

  84. Hi Jen! Thank you for your article. I’ve migrated my personal profile into a page in order to merge it with my official page. I didn’t want a profile anymore. The process has succeeded but my old friends (My likes now) has been asked to verify the page and say that it’s not spam. I had already merged other pages before and it never happened. Do you know why it’s happening? It’s a bit frustrating since they are more than 6.000 people!
    We noticed that until they mark it as “not spam” or “keep the like”, they don’t see my post on their newsfeed.

  85. i merged my main page to duplicate page yesterday . now my check-in or location not appears. is it appear in next 2 days ? or i need to do something else for my business location. thanks. my page :

  86. I have posts on two pages I manage. I would like to merge the two pages but would like to keep posts from both pages, is this now possible?

  87. How do i know what page will be “merged” and what page will remain? I have an employee that created a business page for us a couple years ago and I also have one. I have updated mine with regular posts whereas he has not. likes are not a huge issue because one page has 8 and one has 5. What I want to avoid is having his page be the one that stays after i merge them. How do I know which one will be the dominant one and stay?

    Thanks so much!

  88. Jen, maybe off topic but would appreciate help on this if you can, I requested ownership of partner’s FB page and despite being granted, my end still shows “ownership request pending”. I was added as admin on page 4 days ago.

  89. Hi Jen, I have a page that has some bad reviews from 3 years ago and I have now got a new one, but I want to merge the old page to the new page and lose the old reviews. Facebook state in their help section that reviews will be deleted but the checkin will transfer over, but aren’t the reviews in this section too? Your article above states that reviews will be transferred, but I just wanted to check before hitting the merge button. Many thanks for your help in advance. Best wishes Ingrid

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Facebook recently changed and now reviews will not be brought over in merges. Just checkins and likes.


  90. Hi I have one question to ask you
    How many time to merge page? Is it limited? If it is unlimited, How many day would I merge again?

    1. Hi there,

      Facebook will usually limit how many merges you can do in one day, so you may have to space out your merges.


  91. Hey Jen! Do you have any experience with FB pages that were merged together and then the on that the pages were merged into got unpublished? Many appeals have been written but the Policy people don’t seem to budge, do you know of any solutions?

    1. Hi,

      Do you mean the posts on the merged page was unpublished? After you merge, you lose all of that page’s content/posts and you will no longer be able to access that page.


  92. Hi Jen
    l have tried to merge two pages that I am the sole admin for – both pages have the same name and contain pretty much the same content etc. However when I tried to do it I was given the following message – These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge (one of the pages). You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

    I dont have any pending requests, I have checked my page support inbox to see if there was a request from me to do this but there is nothing for me to resolve. How can I fix this, where can i go to find out about any pending request to merge – its not in page support and i definitely havent requested one before. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  93. Hello. I have two pages I want to merge but they don’t have the same name and I can’t change the names because I ‘ve done that in the past and Facebook doesn’t allow me to.
    What should I do?

    1. If you are unable to change the page name, you’ll have to request Facebook’s help for the merge.


  94. I can’t confirm the Page Inbox message. I always get that “already merging” error, but there’s no message in the inbox. Just because there never was any merge request before. It’s either a bug or Facebook has no interest in merged pages.

    1. Hi Marco,

      I merged some pages earlier this week with no issues so I don’t think it’s an issue of Facebook no longer doing merges. You’ll have to contact them directly for assistance.

      Good luck!

  95. Yep, I’m getting the same message every time I try to merge pages. According to my Google search a lot of other people get that message as well. There seems no solution. Contacting Facebook may be the only option, although they rarely reply.

    1. Hi Marco,

      As previously mentioned, if you contact Facebook through your advertiser support tools you will get a response.


  96. Hi, very nice website and great tutorials, i’m trying to merge two pages in my profile (i’m an admin) and i get this notification:
    “These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge (NAME OF ONE PAGE). You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.”
    the thing is i don’t l know where to see this pending request, or how to get rid of it.

    1. Hi there,

      If you go to your page’s Settings and click on “Page Support Inbox” you will see your pending requests and their status.


  97. Hello, I am texting you from the marketing department HOTEL LILIA – GOLDEN SANDS. We have a very big trouble. Someone made an unofficional page on which I am not admin. We have also officional page on which I am the admin. Unfortunatelly the is no that kind of option to report the unofiicional page how you described. I am not able to merge both pages, facebook also doesn`t helped us. That is very bad for our online reputacy. Please be so kind to advice how to merge them or to delete the unoffional one. Thank you in advance!

  98. Hi & thanks for this article. I have a problematic where most of the content is on the place page, not in the fan page. We would like to merge both pages, ideally to a fan page, but what means we will lose the content (what we cannot afford). Is it so possible to change the kind of page it is (so from place page to fan page), or just to not have a fan page but well a place page for the business?
    Thanks for your reply!

  99. Hi. I changed username of FB page, but when googling, google still shows the page with old username, that obviously does not exist, even when i put in google exact new username, result is the same – showing the page with the old username. what to do? how can I redirect an old username to the new one? should I merge these two pages? thx.

  100. Hello,
    I am admin of two pages both representing the same thing and both have the same name. I have sent a request to merge over 2 months ago but didn’t get nothing, I have reported a broken feature and still nothing. this is all I get “We received your report and appreciate your patience as we work to fix technical problems on Facebook. Though we can’t update everyone who submits a report, we’re using your feedback to improve the Facebook experience for everyone”. I have also sent emails and this is the response I get “Hi Michael, It looks like you’re asking a question that we can’t support from here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you”.

    my pages are & only thing different is the username. I want to keep

    Can you help in anyway?


    1. I’m sorry, but if Facebook hasn’t responded the best thing to do is reach out to them again. If you’re an advertiser, you’ll get a quicker response if you use the support inbox in your advertiser business resources section.


  101. hi there,

    We merged 2 facebook pages, since then whatever we post on facebook post and try to boost, it gets “Unapproved” for some reason, saying we are not following its policies and guidelines. But as far we are concerned, we have never faced this issue until this merged took place.

  102. Hello!
    If I merge Pages A and B,
    A is what I want to keep.
    Then i merge them succesfully.
    Will i loose all the content (old posts, albums) from A as well in the process?

    Thank you

  103. When I am trying to merge my 2 pages, I get the Confirm Merge Request box. When I put the cursor over the page I want to save, it is showing me the picture and name of the page I don’t want to save. I a
    m afraid to complete the merge and have the wrong page saved. Can you give me any advice.

  104. Got the same problem as some here: I can’t merge pages because of a pending request. Well, there is no pending request and the Page Support Inbox is empty. For me this looks like a wanted “bug” to prevent page merging. No answer from Facebook. Did anyone manage to solve this?

  105. Hey, i need help with merging. I have two pages with same name and everytime i tried to merge them it showed as merge successful but the merging never happened and the pages existed like before. It let me try the merge multiple times and i did it as well but no success. Also there was nothing in the page support inbox too. Now when i try to do it it says that there are no pages to merge. What do i do now?

  106. Hello! Please helpe. 8 day ago I merged two pages for the name chanege (one with 0 likes, one with 1000 likes). The name was changed, in settings section it says “closed” but now I have two pages with the same name (one with 1000 likes one with 0). Do I delete page with 0 likes?

  107. HI there, ages ago the non profit organization i volunteer for, set up their profile as a personal profile. I have created a new non profit profile and i have merged the old with the new. At the moment I can see the old profile as well as the new. I have tried to merge the photos from the old profile to the new, it doesn’t appear to work which is frustrating and I don’t want to lose these. I have downloaded the photo’s in another place. But I can’t seem to down the photo’s that have just been put on the timeline area, which is weird. I’m worried i am going to lose everything on my old page, including all of the photo’s video’s and timeline postings. It say i have 14 days to copy my profile info on my page. It has copied the photo’s albums, but there is no photos in it which is weird as. help??!! Facebook are not helpful!!

  108. I have a page of 80k likes and other is 60k likes which i want to merge !! Will the total likes of the page will become 120 k ??

  109. Jen,
    They give no reason why, just say that our request to change names has been denied, and gives us the option to appeal.
    We have not boosted any posts yet, but I might email them because we eventually will boost posts. Is that what you mean by advertising?
    Thanks btw, it’s nice getting a reply regarding this, lol, facebook isn’t nearly as helpful or responsive 🙂

  110. Hi Jen,

    So we had a band friend profile with over 2000 friends. Back in July we received a notification that we did not represent a person so we needed to change our name or have our account locked. We changed our name to the Singer’s name just til we could get things figured out.
    Over two months later (70 days), we figure out that we can convert a friend page into a band page turning those friends into likes.
    So we did that….keep in mind we could still only use the singer’s name for that converted page.
    During this mess, we had created another band page with the actual band name that got up to 750 likes quickly.
    Now…facebook will not allow us to change our page name in order to merge the two together. It doesn’t give a real reason why we get denied. It gives us the option to appeal which we have done, but have not heard back after several days.
    The merge gets denied because the names are different. Even though we’ve been posting the exact same info, pics, etc., on both pages. Same admins to both pages.

    We are ready to pull our hair out!
    Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Tim,

      Did they tell you why you weren’t allowed to change the page name? The only thing I would suggest is to contact Facebook directly. Are you an advertiser? You should get an answer from them within 24 hours if you use the email option at (which will only show up if you’re an advertiser).


  111. Hi Jen!

    I’m having extreme difficulty merging pages. I have successfully requested a merge according to the message box that popped up. But it is never merged and there is no status in my setting > support page 🙁

    Also, I’m pretty sure that a separate page I requested to merge was in fact deleted, but the people that liked the page were not merged to the new page. Where did it go? Is there anyone to contact for support or to find out what’s going on?

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      When you go to the remaining page and click on Settings, Page Support Inbox you should see a history of support and the status of your merge.


  112. Hello, I hope you can help me. I recently discovered there is a place page for my church and people have been checking in. I decided to merge it with the church page. Will the place page disappear? It has a shortened version of the name, and I wonder if people will still check in to that name. Or should I consider changing the main (now only) page to the shorter name?

    1. Hi there,

      Once you claim and merge the places page, it will go away and people won’t be able to check in there anymore.


  113. I accidentally changed the ‘username’ for my business page, not knowing that I could only do this once! I quickly set up a new page to keep my original username as I didn’t want anyone to claim it, so I now have 2 pages for my business. I’m wanting to merge them but keep the new (original) username. My issues: 1) I manage these pages in ‘Business Manager’ – when I go to my regular personal login to merge them, it says I don’t have pages to merge. 2) when I have managed to see the merge page, it seems to not let me keep the smaller new account, but only the larger one. I don’t know what to do! All my business cards have the facebook link I need! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Nikki,

      It may take a few days for the merge to complete and your pages to respond correctly.


  114. Hi Please can you tell me – if I merge some pages, if someone searches for the lesser popular page which isn’t there anymore (because it has been merged) will they automatically be redirected or prompted to visit the more popular page- and can someone not take on and use the merged name which has disappeared.
    Please help
    Kind regards- Quinten

    1. The search should redirect to the remaining page. However, after 30 days of not being used, page names and vanity URLs will be available to others.


  115. I am getting this error: These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge ****. You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

    Actually I changed my page name because that wasn’t similar to my main page’s name and it was successfully changed but then when i tried to merge them i am getting that error.. How much I have to wait for it? It’s almost about 24hours passed already and still i am getting that error

    1. If you’ve already requested a merge, you can’t do it again until the first request was processed. To see that merge status, go to Settings, Page Support.

  116. Hi, I have two business pages, each with 2000+ likes making it difficult to change the name. It says name request pending. Its pending since 2 months now.

    Once I manage to change the name, how do I make sure info from the official page gets saved and the unofficial page simply gets merged?
    Do I get to select the page I want to keep? If yes, at what point does this option pop up?

    1. Hi Chentna,

      Yes, you’ll be able to select the page you want to keep during the process. However it should not take 2 months for a page name change so you might have to contact Facebook to resolve this.

      Take care,

  117. Hi there! Just wondering if you had any further information about what happens with reviews when you merge two pages together? We are looking at merging two of our business pages together and have multiple reviews on both but I can’t find any details about it apart from on your blog post? Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Casey,

      When you merge two pages, you will lose all content on the merged page. That includes photos, posts and reviews.


  118. Hi Jen
    I want to merge two pages, But first page name as “Properties on the Market” and second page as “Spericle Lettings”, I’m trying to change the name of second page as “Properties on the Market” to make both names same, but I’m getting error “It look like you already named Properties on the Market. Please choose a different name or go to your current page”. So what should I do in this case to make both the change the second page name

    1. Hi Sath,

      This is a bug that sometimes happens with Facebook — you get stuck in an error loop when you try to change a page’s name. Unfortunately, the only way we’ve been able to get around it is to contact Facebook for help.


  119. I want to merge 2 pages but I got this message on the screen:

    “Pages Can’t Be Merged
    Before these Pages can be merged, they must have the same name. Unfortunately you’re unable to change the name of the Page you’re trying to merge.The name cannot be edited when there is a pending request. There is a pending name change request for this Page. Please try again later. ”

    The problem is the page name request was done 1 year ago and the case is closed.

  120. Hi – am I able to change the admin of my page while it is in the 7 day merge process? I want to delete the account that requested the merge, making the notifications from the merge pages come to the new account?

  121. I’m an admin for multiple pages and one of them are verified but the person no longer wants to be on FB etc etc. If I merge this page with another one that is not verified what will happen to the verification? thank you

  122. I merged two similar pages 14 days before, today I saw a message on the page which I want to merge is……

    Your Page has been unpublished, which means it’s only visible to people who help manage your Page. This happened because the Page doesn’t follow one or more of the Facebook Pages Term(s)…..


    The likes are the same as previous one…..Should I click the button of Appeal or wait for merging the two pages.

    Looking forward please


    1. Hi,

      I’m not sure why your page was unpublished. Is it breaking any of Facebook’s terms and conditions? If not, I would appeal.


  123. I merged my pages together “Red Onion Media” & “Red Onion Media 2” and its taking so long to merge (more than 3 days now). I want to know what the problem is. Thank you.

    1. Sometimes it takes a few days. You can check on the status by going to your Page, clicking on Settings and then Page Support.


    2. Hi Florence,

      Go to the page you want to keep, check Settings, Page Support and see the status of your merge.


  124. Can you merge a page with more likes onto a newer one with less likes? Reason being I want to keep all the content on the one with the least likes and just add the likes from an older facebook page onto new one.

    1. Hi,

      During the merge process, it will allow you to designate which page you want to keep, and which one you don’t.


  125. Thank you soo much for your reply. It does’nt show anything wrt the page merge request.

  126. i have two pages on fb. be online everyday(786 likes) and online everyday with 0 likes. on requesting merge a pop up shows that you have successfully requested a merge. however they have not merged and it has been over a week.

    1. Have you checked your support log? Go into your page’s Settings, then click on Page Support to see what the status says.


  127. I’m needing to merge two pages. I’m wanting to keep my existing current page that has less likes than the one that was created previous way back in 2011 with more (just 7 more) likes in it. I thought it had been deleted. I therefore created a new one and put all this work into it. I don’t want to lose that info from my new page! Since I had info from the old one back in 2011 would it be possible that the merge would just be incorporated into the new one since there is a clean differentiation of timing? I’m a bit lost in which page would be selected to keep since it doesn’t ask me specifically but brings up for the two pages to be merged? As I’m reading more on this topic it appears that the less likes would get lost which is the one I don’t want to lose. Other concerns came up after the fact when I tried to merge both pages. It brought up a day and time giving a week. This was not clear at all to me what this would exactly do as well as why it didn’t give clear options to not being able to chose my exact page I want to safe my most info from? Could you please help?

  128. I have requested for my 2 pages to get merged. Now, I have waited 7 days. However, up until now, the pages don’t get merged. I haven’t received any notifications or updates on as to what happened with the merging process. I checked my page’s settings, click on ‘Page Support’ but never see any status of my request, instead it was stated that there are no previous support requests for my page. I tried to do the process of merging again, and again according to facebook my merging was successfully done, but still nothing happens when I checked it. Please help! Thank you in advance!

    Even I have the same issue

    1. If you go into Settings and then click on Page Support, you should be able to see the status of the merge.

  129. I have requested for my 2 pages to get merged. Now, I have waited 7 days. However, up until now, the pages don’t get merged. I haven’t received any notifications or updates on as to what happened with the merging process. I checked my page’s settings, click on ‘Page Support’ but never see any status of my request, instead it was stated that there are no previous support requests for my page. I tried to do the process of merging again, and again according to facebook my merging was successfully done, but still nothing happens when I checked it. Please help! Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi there,

      If there is nothing under the Page Support tab, the merge might not have happened. Are you an advertiser? If so, you can contact Facebook through the Advertiser Business Support tools. If you’re not, it might be worth setting up an ad account so that you have access to this.

  130. Hi Jen, I need your help! I have two similar business pages and I want to merge them. I want to keep the one with more likes. The one I was to get rid of also has a similar, but undesirable name. For example: the one I want keep has the name house of knitting and the one I want to get rid of has the name houseof knitting which I don’t like. So when I go to merge them I pick the house of knitting with more likes and then it asks me to confirm. In the pop-up where it asks me to confirm it shows both pages as having the name houseof knitting and a lesser amount of likes. I am scared to confirm the merge because I want to keep the name house of knitting and I thought the houseof knitting would merge into the house of knitting, but it looks like there is a glitch and I don’t want to change the name of the page I want to keep. What is going on? I know I have done everything correctly and I feel this is a Facebook glitch. Is there a solution? Have you heard of this happening before? Thanks – Cecilia

  131. hello, ive tried to merge my pages that im an admin of (and yes they have similar names: 1. Jhincx-Faust: Ian Matining, 2. Jhincx-Faust – Matining) the only diff is the “:” and “-“) and i keep getting the error: “These Pages can’t be merged because There is already a pending request to merge Jhincx-Faust – Ian Matining. You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.” its been like a week ago and i dnt have any updates about it. AND im not even sure if i was able to send a request. i dnt remember exactly if when my first try was i get that error already. Please help. The facebook Help Center isnt helping me at all. THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Ian,

      To see if you have a pending merge, go to your page, click on Settings, then click on Page Support. If you already have a merge request in, you cannot make another request.


  132. I merged my pages last week,The one I wanted to merge over has the name of the page it was going to now but I now still have two pages with the same name now and the likes etc haven’t merged over yet.
    It said full merge would happen on the 19th which is today and it hasn’t happened and it’s the 19th.
    Will it click over

    1. Hi Louise,

      To see if you have a pending merge, go to your page, click on Settings, then click on Page Support. That should give you an update on the status of your merge.


  133. Jen, Thank you for creating such a nice informative page. Currently I have a “Local Business” page with over 12k followers. I have grown my medical practice and FB will not allow me to change my page ( from “Dr. Anna Frisch” to my practice name Palm Beach Thyroid and Endocrinology. I have always associated Dr. Anna Frisch with Palm Beach Thyroid. Now I have more then 1 doctor in my practice I would like to have more focus on my practice name vs. my own name.
    This makes no sense to me, since this is my practice/business. Tonight I got a form email from FB “We’re unable to update your Page’s name because it looks like the name you requested doesn’t follow our guidelines for Page names. The name you requested suggests that the subject of your Page has changed, which can be confusing for people who like your Page.”
    I am forced to create a new page under my practice name and as all my current followers to come “like” my new page.
    Since I am being forced to abandon my current local business page, how can I merge to a new page; what are my options? I worked hard to get my followers, and many people follow me as their doctor.
    Any help would be appreciated, thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hi Anna,

      I would not create a new page, because Facebook will not let you merge two pages with radically different names. Is it possible to change your name to “Dr. Anna Frisch and Palm Beach Thyroid and Endocrinology” or something similar?


  134. Hi Jen – I recently merged two pages for a local business. The merge was successful but now users cannot check-in at my business, a popular feature. My business category is set to local business as needed, but no one can check in. Advice? Thanks.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      If your category is local business you should have checkins enabled. Can you check how the address is displayed in the About tab? If it’s not being recognized by Bing Maps, that may be the issue.


  135. Hi Jen. I’ve merged pages in the past, but here’s my dilemma this time around:

    The page I’d like to keep happens to have a “Facebook Web Address” (URL) that is no longer relevant, and because it was changed once before, Facebook won’t allow further changes. With that said I’m wondering if a merge will reset the URL changes back to “zero” or not? If so, I’m good to go, otherwise I have to merge them the other way and lose all the content.

    Thanks in a advance!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Merges will not reset the URL. The URL will be whatever the remaining page’s URL is.


  136. Hello i have 2 pages one of them it have 2.400 likes and the another one have 1700 likes when im trying to merge them but the facebook want to keep the page that have 2400 likes but i want to keep the another one how can i fixed it

  137. Hi Jen. Thanks for your tutorial. I have a problem, can you give me some advise?

    I merged 2 pages. The new one has the username of the page which I keep (obviously). Meanwhile, the username of the merged page still directs to this new page. Does this direct link last forever? Can I change the username of the new page to the username of the merged page (which still directing to the new page) since I used this old username in all my merchandise.

    Hope your reply. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi,

      When you say username, I assume you mean the Facebook vanity URL? Once you give up that URL, Facebook usually holds it for 30 days, and then it will become available again.


  138. Hi Jen,
    Could you please tell us what will happen if we merge our “verified business” page with 1 like and around 100 check ins with an un-verified business page of our which has over 12,500 like plus around 5000 check ins. We would wish to keep the one with 12,500 likes, now the question is will be still have our grey verification mark once both pages are merged ??

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      If you are merging a verified page into an unverified one, it shouldn’t change the status of the page that remains. However, after the merge you will be able to get the remaining page verified by following these steps:
      -Click Settings at the top of your Page.
      -From General, click Page Verification.
      -Click Verify this Page, then click Get Started.
      -Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language.
      -Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code.

  139. how do you actually appeal an unpublished page – it’s been a month since my appeal and still unpublished?

  140. Hi. I’ve got blocked by facebook (my profile and my page). I created a new profile and new page and now I found about possibility of merging two sites. I give a role as admin to my blocked profile. My question is: What would happen if I merge this two sites?

  141. Advice please…
    1) Does the old URL (of the page that becomes merged into the new page) the re-direct to the new page?

    2) How do we know which page will merge in top which? I’m just given two page drop down lists and it seems uncertain which will disappear and which will remain.

    Thank you

  142. Hi Jen, I have question regarding to process when be done – is it possible to to change the name of the artist page after I merge with my old one, the thing why I asked is because when I’m about to merge it and choose which one i wanna left as main page become with the “Artist Name” 2. I wanna be without this “2”. hopeful i can change my name from Dimitri Monev 2 to Dimitri Monev.

    here is the pages:
    old page (that wanna merge) :
    current page :

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi D,

      You can, but if I were you I would do the name change previous to the merge. Just change the profile photo before the merge so you can distinguish between the pages during the merging process.


  143. I am looking to create a new page that I can merge an established page about the same thing into, as a way of being able to change the facebook username url (it was changed by one of my admins and now cannot be changed back)

    Will this work?

    1. Hi Mike,

      It’s easier to change the URL of the existing page. Go into the About section and edit the Website Address area.


  144. Hi Jen,
    I have two page and I am admin of both pages. First one Name and URL is good better than second. But second page post content is nice level. For marge purpose I have the following question-
    1) Can I rename page after marge?
    2) If I rename and change URL after marge what will happened about the posts that was shared before marge? Are the old shared post URL will change automatically?

  145. yesterday i migrated my profile to a page because i have a lot of followers i don’t have a business or anything like that, and i don’t wanna lose my personal account i wanna keep it, what should i do please help me it’s urgent.. i still have my profile but it says that “You have 14 days to move info from your Profile. Profile info won’t be affected if you don’t move it.
    Invite friends and copy photo albums and more from your Profile to your new Page now.” will it be gone after the 14 days? how can i stop that! i don’t want the page anymore.. i wanna keep my followers.

  146. Hi, is there a minimum number of likes needed to merge two company pages? I have the merge feature available but there appears to be issues because one of the pages is new and only has a few likes.


    1. Hi there,

      No, you should be able to merge the page with a few likes into the bigger page without any issues.


  147. Hi Jen , I have converted my account to a page and only about 1200 friends were conveyed into likes and it’s a month since I did it and no more new likes until the 5000 friends I had . Also I can enter on my account and see messages and all. Will it last longer to see those 5000 on my new page or should I do something in the meantime ?

    And I have another page with which I want to merge the new one and I was thinking of when to do the merging, after the 5000 friends will be transformed in likes or it doesn;t matter , I can do it now too …. ?

    Thanks much !
    Best wishes !

  148. Hi Jen,
    I have merged a company profile page with my company facebook page. When I go to the page now there is a small ? that indicates it is a merged page and if this is incorrect to click on it. Though the information is not incorrect, I am worried that someone will accidentally clikc on it or click on it simply because they can. Is this something that only stays around for a short period of time and then goes away or is there a solution to this?
    Also, I’m a little curious: do you work for Facebook or are you providing your helpful advice on your own?
    Thank You

    1. Hi,

      No, I don’t work for Facebook but at this point I feel like I do! 🙂

      Usually the merged page disappears shortly after the merge and people will no longer be able to access it. How long has it been since the merge?


  149. Hi Jen,

    If I am merging 2 pages together. I am downloading a copy of the page (A) that is merging with page B, but page A has a bunch of pictures with tags on them, will those tags get deleted? Or do those transfer with the download?

    1. Hi Kriss,

      I believe the tags/likes/comments will be deleted, but I’m not 100% sure.


  150. Hey Jen, you seem to be the expert so I’m asking here: If I merge two pages, will the merged page’s name become available for someone else to scoop up and possibly piggy back on my success? I am interested in using the merge page option to ensure a business name with and without a space will both come to my page.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately, you can’t hold two business names or Facebook web addresses and have one redirect into another. Once you give up a Facebook URL, it will be available for use by others within 30 days.


  151. Hi Jen, I would like to merge 2 pages. The one with 250k likes has the wrong username and i would like it to merg with the page with the right usernamer and 5k likes. Will this be possible?

  152. These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge ভাগশেষ.নয় . You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

    what’s the problem here?

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know what other requests you have pending. It is best to contact Facebook.


    2. me and quite a few other people seem to be getting this same error but i cant find a single way of fixing it. I guess just wait and try again in a few weeks

  153. These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge ভাগশেষ.নয় . You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

    whats the problem?

  154. Jen, you’re doing a global account service for Facebook, thanks so much!

    I’m in the process of transitioning a clients page set up as a personal page to a business page. I have followed all instructions and hit the tab to move the likes. The system tells me it has moved the 4770 likes but there are only 1990 likes on the new page. I have 11 more days til the personal page shuts down and I’m terrified the likes won’t transfer and I will have lost them…any ideas?

    1. Hi Nicola,

      Sorry for the delay — did all of the likes eventually move over? Sometimes it takes a few days.


  155. I have recently merged two Facebook pages. The merged page was new and had no ‘likes’. I want to reinstate the user name from the new/merged page (, replacing the current user name ( Is this possible?

  156. I just moved my Profile into a Page and was hoping all of my friends would turn to likes. It now says I have 14 days to move data from my Profile to my Page. Will be friends turn to likes after this?

  157. Hi,

    Facebook recommends me to keep a page that i want to remove and i can t keep the one that i want.

    I read the comments above and the provided links don t work for me,

    i appreciate your help. THanks !

  158. Hi Jen, limits have been placed on my pages, it cant be renamed and merged, many times I populated the appeal but not working and also one page name is not changing saying that a request is pending from so long, I didnt requested anything for it. Thanks in anticipation.

  159. Hi Jen

    My company has 17 different pages, country specific pages, and we want to merge them into a global account. What are the requirements to do so? Can we do it ourselves, or do we have to get Facebook to do this for us? Would love to hear from you.


    1. Hi Marte,

      You are probably looking to set up Global Pages. This can be done through your Facebook rep. If you don’t have one, please contact [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!


  160. Hi,

    I can’t seem to select which page to be merged. Everytime I try to merge a page into another one (despite which page I put on top in the dropbox menu), Facebook only gives me one option, which is the opporsite of what I want. Any suggestions here?

    I want to merge this page:
    .. into this page:

    But I only get the option to do opporsite.. (?)

    Thanks in advance!
    / Alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      Facebook should allow you to merge whichever one you want. Does the one you want to keep have significantly less likes than the other one?


  161. I got it Jen! I had to go to manage pages and visit my page from that menu but NOT log in and the settings were available to me! THANK YOU!!

  162. Hi Jen, having a heck of a time. I converted a personal page to a business page and am ready to merge. Mailing address is the same, all of the about info is the same. The only difference in the name is a hyphen. I can not change the name on either page to be exactly the same. When I go to merge, no pages are offered. I am logging into the page with the most likes. Wondering if the hyphen is a problem? There is an option to make the page with the most likes “the official page” but that is not an option on the other page. Should I do that? You say to use the page as myself and not logged into the page, but I do not have access to settings for the page unless I am logged into the page (as the page). HELP! 🙂

    1. Hi Heather,

      Log into your business page, go to Settings –> Page Roles and then add your personal profile as an admin. Once your personal profile is an admin on both of the business pages, you should be able to see the settings on both pages and complete the merge.


  163. I wish to merge 2 fb pages. Will the private groups that I am in recognize the merge and will I have access to the posts that I have saved?

    1. Hi Becky,

      Groups you subscribe to are attached to your personal profile and should have no connection to your business pages, so that should be fine. You will lose all posts from the merged page.


  164. Hi Dear McDonnell I really appreciate your support, can I find you on Facebook or can I have your email Please, I want to always be updated
    of your great information and support.

  165. I have requested for my 2 pages to get merged. Now, I have waited 7 days according to the email sent to me by Facebook. However, up until now, the pages don’t get merged. I haven’t received any notification as well with regard to any update on as to what happened with the merging process. Please help. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Marc,

      Go into your page’s settings, click on ‘Page Support’ and you’ll be able to see the status of your request.


  166. Hi…. Really Looking Forward for a Response. When I Merge my 2 pages. Although they are eligible. I get the notification. They cannot be merged as there is already a pending request to merge. Now WHAT SHOULD I DO? Where to see the requests we made in the past? How to cancel prev requests? (although no requests were made in the past). -_- its Happening Since weeks!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Go into your page’s Settings, click on ‘Page Support’ and you’ll be able to see the status of your request.


  167. Hi Jen!!
    I merged two pages, but I wanted to keep the username of the one it was deleted. It shows “not available” when I try to change it back. What should I do?
    Thank you very much!

  168. Hi Jen
    FB asked me to change my profile to a page which I did. I used the Share feature to add the content (mostly milestones) from my profile to the new page. That worked well. But will Facebook delete my profile in 14 days like the message they sent me says? Will all my Shares vanish? How do I populate the page from the FB backup file?

  169. Hi there!

    Combining public page and our page.
    Let’s say we are “Advanced technologies park of London” and some people tagged it “High tech park of London” – now the second page is public, can we combine them?


  170. Hi there!
    If i have a business page and i want to merge another page with it, how will it affect public checking in to one of the locations? ie: i manage a department and there is a page created by fb for one of my sub departments. Once the public checks in to the sub department after i merge, will it automatically check them in to the main department page i originally managed?

    1. Hi Isabel,

      There will only be one page visible after the merge, so that will be the page the public will be able to check into.


  171. Hey there! I’v used your FAQ and Instructions – it helped me a lot! 🙂

    But I’ve got a problem.
    I tried to merge 3 sites, two of them was merged and last one not 🙁
    Can I try one more time? Or what should I do?

    Those 3 sites was with my business – but in 3 different languages.

  172. Hope you can help. 1st of all, I’m electronically challenged at times. I had a FB acct. (a personal profile page) several yrs back. I quit FB for about 2 yrs. Then 3 yrs ago, I decided to get back on it & had forgotten old email address/password, etc. that I had used, so I started a new acct., used my same name & all has been wonderful for the last 3 yrs. until last night. My old acct. is now the only acct. that pops up when I log in. I can search for my new acct, & can click on on it, but can’t get into the main (current) feed. My old acct has no photos, just a few friends. The newer acct has tons of photos, more than 300 contacts, oodles of saved stuff, etc. Would love to delete old acct or merge, but if that’s not possible, I just want access to my new acct, so life can on as it was before. I do not have a desk top, my only devices are my phone & tablet. So when I’m trying to follow directions, I do not have some of the features (ie, editing, resources, etc.) Reminder- electronically challenged. Thanks

  173. Hi Jen,

    Okay so my problem is a little complex. I manage the Facebook accounts of a small chain of restaurants. I have restaurant A, restaurant B (with another soon to come) and a main page for the brand as C. C has way more likes than both A & B and I’m looking to merge them both into C. This being said I am happy to lose the content of A & B however I would still like people to be able to check in to the individual restaurants, with them being in different towns and the new one to come in a different city. Is there a way to create just a place page for A & B which still remains geotagged and can be checked in/reviewed on an individual basis?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Abbie,

      Yes, you can merge the three pages into one and have separate places pages for each restaurant where people can check in, but your ability to control those pages is very limited. Also, for local search visibility and Facebook’s other initiatives (local ads, Facebook Services, etc.), I would highly recommend keeping separate business pages for each location.


  174. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the good work you’re doing here. Now as we will lose the content of the merged page, will we still be losing the content of the destination page or not?


    1. No, you will only lose the content from the page that is going away. The destination page will remain the same.


  175. If I merge to a new page, will I get a completely new URL dissociated with the existing page. Can I merge to a page with less likes?

  176. Jen, I am trying to get rid of a click farm – unauthorized fake users that are liking my account by the 100’s. I tried to shut it down by changing the URL, but apparently the old URL will still work. How else would they still be able to click on my account and like it?

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      You’re best bet at this point is to either move to a new page (you can merge pages so you retain your likes and reviews, but you will lose all content), or contact Facebook. If you are a FB advertiser, go into your Ads Manager –> Tools –> Advertiser Support.

      Here is more info on fake likes:

      Good luck!

  177. I have changed the page name of the page i wanted to merge with my current one but while I have to merge the one I have changed the name with the existing one, I dont find it in the drop down menu. Its been 2 days I still cant find it. Whats the issue?

  178. Hi, I have a problem with my existing Facebook page in which it is getting hit with numerous fake Facebook likes. I can’t stop it. I have tried everything. I thought of deleting all the spam likes – by blocking them – then merging into a new page. What I need is a completely NEW URL to stop the spam attack. Will merging into a new facebook page give me a completely new URL??

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      You don’t have to merge in order to change your URL. You can do it by going into your page’s About tab, and clicking on the Facebook Web Address area to edit it.

      Good luck!

  179. Hi, I have merged my two pages, but I didn’t know I will loose the content of one of those. I need it back!!! How can I find it, please, I changed it only two days ago.

    Thank you for your advice!

    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry, but you lose all content on the merged page and there is no way to recover it once the process has completed.


  180. Hi,

    I have changed the name of my page Yesterday.The name was successfully changed to my Name : ” Amit Pandey” I have and existing page with the name “Amit Pandey Productions” .Can both the pages merged ? Also,in the drop down menu i am not able to find the name changed page as of now,but i expect it to come later.Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      You pick which page you want to keep vs merge in the dropdown menus that appear when you begin the merging process.


  181. Hi Jen, I am a social media specialist myself and I am hoping you can help with this. One of the businesses I represent is using personal timeline page. I want to make them complaint with Facebook guidelines and give up their personal timeline. However, every time I go to merge the pages Facebook says the profile can not be merged into a page. Not sure why and there has been no assistance regardless of the number of reports I have filed. I don’t want to lose 2k+ local following i have worked to hard to build over the past years.

  182. Hi Jen,
    I am an admin for 7 pages and I need to merge two of them together…The problem is that 5 pages appear in the “Choose a Page” drop down menu but none of the two pages that I need to merge is in the list !!!.
    The two pages have the same category and address but when I tried to rename them into the same name, FB tells that it is not allowed to have the same name for two pages !!
    What should I do?
    Please help.
    Waiting your kind feedback

  183. This is a huge problem because my page is not visible to anybody who does not like it already. If I do merge my original page with a new page is this horrible? In this case I will be able to keep the new pages URL but all my photos and Timeline updates will be gone? are my assumptions correct? doesn’t it seem as though doings this make sense? is this the only work around by which i can fix my broken URL?
    The best scenario would be that I can merge my new page with the old page. Then if I can change the URL at that point I will still be able to keep my content, my likes, my photos and such, but fix that broken URL.
    Please help me and tell me what to do

    1. Hi Shawn,

      I’m not sure why your page is not visible to those who haven’t liked it. Can you still access Settings? Please check to make sure that the page has not been unpublished and you have no country/visibility restrictions on it. If you merge this page into a new page, you will lost all of this page’s content so I would suggest working with Facebook to recover this page instead.


  184. Hello guys. i have a problem and I think that merging may solve it but i want to ask.
    My Fb business page link is “Broken”.
    I can not change the URL because it has been changed already. If I make a new Page, and i give it its own vanity URL will I be able to choose with URL they take over?

    my page is

  185. Hi, I see this issue has been discussed before, but the link you gave is no longer valid. I have 2 pages I want to merge, only that I want to keep the one with fewer likes. No matter in which order I select them, Facebook prompts that the one with more likes will be kept. How can I solve this? Thank you.

    1. Hi.
      You can,but first you have to make sure that the both pages name are been changed to same. Mailingaddress and their category should be same,else,it won’t be able to merge.

  186. An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.

    Contact us

    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

    Is this temporary problem or permanent !!!

  187. Hi Jen – it seems so straightforward but I don’t want to mess this up. I have two pages for the same company in two different locations. They both have similar amounts of likes, and all of the posts have been the same, so I don’t care which one I keep. Except I don’t want to keep either name, i.e. one is Businessname location 1, and one is Businessname location 2, obviously I’d like to have the merged page be Businessname, period. Do I first merge, and THEN change the name, or would it be wiser to first change one of the pages’ name, THEN merge? (to add to this, at the risk of confusing you: ONE of the pages already has the right url, i.e. …, without the location. the other has … Obviously I should try to merge into the first page, right? The one where the URL is already correct? Still, not sure which order to do it in, would appreciate your advice!).

  188. I’m the admin of 2 pages. The one page has 10k likes, and the other has only 1k likes.

    I’d like to merge them.

    Facebook forces me to keep the page with 10k likes, but I want to keep the page with 1k likes.

    How to do that? Thank you

      1. An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.

        Contact us

        If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

        Is this temporary problem or permanent !!!

        if this is temporary then how much time later i can merge pages?

        1. Same problem here. After a few failed attempts at merging pages I renamed them to be the same which happened quickly. Now when I merge it says “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” Everyone who gets this error indicates that they still have this message after waiting a long time. Not sure what to do. Thoughts?

  189. No I want to change the name of the 0 likes page ONCE the 790 likes page has been merged into it 🙂 That’s because I cannot change the name of the 790 likes page anymore. 😉

    1. Ok, so you’d like to merge the page with 790 likes into the page with 0 likes, knowing that you will lose all the content on your 790 page? This should be possible, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to change the name after the merge.


      1. That’s the problem…….. I want a new name for my page, that’s why I created the 0 likes page. But I don’t wanna lose the 790 users. I’m a bit desperate, lol.

  190. Can I merge two pages – 1 new (0 likes) and 1 old (790 likes) – with the same name, and then change that name into another one – given the fact I kept the new page and only merged the old one? I cannot change the name of the old one anymore…

    1. Hi,

      Merging the page with 0 likes into the page with 790 likes will not change the page name of the latter, unfortunately.


  191. Hi Jen,

    There are no likes no. I still have my original profile and now also a page. Do you know if the conversion would normally happen immediately?


  192. Hi Jen,

    I don’t understand what went wrong. The main reason I wanted to do this is so that my friends would become like’s. I followed the steps from the page of the link that you pasted above but it just created a page rather than convert :/


    1. Hi Richie,

      So none of your likes migrated over to the new page? That’s very strange. Clearly something went wrong. You can either reach out to Facebook, or wait a few days to see if the pages will eventually merge and if not, delete the new page it created and try again.

      Good luck!

  193. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for your quick reply. This is what I was attempting to do :- Q: Can I turn a personal page into a business page?
    A: Yes, you can use this link to migrate a personal profile to a business page. Before you do so, we recommend you download all of your personal page’s posts and timeline info following these instructions.

    But instead of making my personal profile into a business page, I now have both?


    1. Hi Richie,

      I’m not sure why you have both, as the process is supposed to merge them into one. What you can do is create a new personal profile page (if you haven’t already), make that profile an admin of your new business page, and then delete your old profile page to avoid confusion.


  194. Hi Jen,

    Sorry if I’m repeating a question, I have had a browse and cant find anything. I followed the procedure to make my facebook profile into a page. But it seems to have just created a page, that’s just attached to my profile. Is this normal and will they merge given some time or have I done something wrong or might there be another reason why this has happened?


  195. I recently merged my two pages into one. All of that went well. My problem is the URL on all merchandise is the URL from the page I merged. Am I able to change my pages URL??

    1. Hi Ashley,

      If the URL you want was already used by your other page, you may have to wait 30 days for that URL to become available again before you can change it.


  196. Hi Jen! I have the same problem


    I renamed my pages and now i cannot see it merge dropdown menu. I tried several times (i renamed also other my pages) and result was same. Before i renamed the page it was ok, but after i changed the name it disappeared from merge dropdown menu 🙁

  197. Hi, please if i merge two pages successfuly will the admins of the old page be brought to the new page or i have to add them as admins one by one.

  198. hi i have changed my names page after request im going to link for merge…but doesnt show the page that renamed in merge cells….whats is going on? i have links both of them

    1. Hi Alexis,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “merge cells”. Please check read these blog posts and comments and follow the instructions provided. If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact Facebook.


      1. i Jen! I have the same problem.

        I renamed my pages and now i cannot see it merge dropdown menu. I tried several times (i renamed also other my pages) and result was same. Before i renamed the page it was ok, but after i changed the name it disappeared from merge dropdown menu

        1. Hi George,

          I’m not sure why this is happening. Sometimes when you rename a page, the old name still appears in search for a while. Are you seeing the old page name in the dropdown? You might have to contact Facebook with this issue as I’ve never encountered it.


          1. Thank you Jen! I checked the link above (page used for merging pages in USA). First i couldn’t open that page, but after using Hola extension it went ok. There were all my pages and also notification that pages can be merged after 7 days. So it’s solved. Thanks!

  199. Hi Jen,
    I was wondering if I have outstanding invites to like the page that i am going to merge into another, if people go to like the page after the merge will they still be able to?

    1. Hi Heidi,

      I’m not sure, but the merged page address auto-redirects to existing page, so I would assume they would be directed to like the existing page.


  200. Hi Jen,

    A few questions for you:
    1. we have seven pages we would like to merge into one. Would it be best to re-name the page with the most likes and then proceed with the merge?
    2. Will the pages that are merged automatically redirect or would it be best to notify our customers of the change prior to the merge?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Facebook recommends that you keep the page with the most likes/activity (note: you will lose the content on all other pages). Once the merge has completed, users who have bookmarked your page will be redirected the the remaining page.


  201. Hi Can i merge pages of which I am only an admin ? I own one under my profile but i am only admin of another page. I need to merge these two. How do I do this ?

    1. As long as both are business pages and under Settings –> Page Roles, you are set to ‘admin’ on both (not the default ‘editor’), you’ll be able to merge them.


  202. Hi Jen. Thanks a lot for this great data. I’ve been looking everywhere and I could’t find how does the user/fan/audience experience the merge. Is there an alert or something?

    1. Hi,

      Great question. If you change your page name and your page has a lot of fans, those fans will get a notification saying “a page you like is changing it’s name. Do you still want to follow it?” However, fans don’t get notified of merges. If they were a fan of the old page that has been merged, they’ll automatically become a fan of the remaining page.


  203. Hi ,

    I am admin of two pages with different names . both representing the same business . we are planning to continue with only one name now and want to merge both the pages . I tried sending request to fb many times . but they dint approve the merging of pages . please suggest me how to proceed in merging the pages . thank you in advance .



    1. Hi there,

      As explained in this post, you must first change the name of the page you want to merge before you can proceed.


  204. i changed my page name, but it is not taking the same name, however the titles are similar, but when i try to merge fb says they don’t have similar names and i cant merge them?pls help me solve this issue…

  205. Hello. I’m outside the US… I heard this feature isn’t working for people outside the US… Is this true? I wish to merge more than 2 pages, I have 3 pages for the same thing, but in the MERGE PAGES option I only see two drop down menus… does this mean I can’t merge my three pages all at once? Thanks for the post, btw, very clear and helpful.

    1. Hi Dani,

      Unfortunately I only have experience merging Facebook pages in North America. However, I always recommend merging pages one at a time anyway. Merge your first two pages, wait until it’s approved, and then merge your third page and that should work.


  206. Hello, Jen, thanks for the answer. If I try the process through “Settings” and “Merge Duplicate pages” Facebook only offers me the choice to keep the Page with 182 likes. But I need to keep the “smaller” one with only 82 likes. If there is any article about this in the blog I probably missed it. Could you please send me link? Thank you very much, Eliška

  207. Hello, we have 2 similar pages – one with 82 likes, second with 182 likes. We would like to merge them but we want to keep the one with 82 likes. Is there some possibility to do that?

    1. Yes, you can follow the merging process outlined in the blog and it should work.


  208. We had a restaurant that was named “Restaurant X & Y” – X and Y were run as sister restaurants. Each had a facebook business page – one with the name X and one with the name Y. Unfortunately, people did not distinguish between the two sisters and almost always posted on X for both X and Y. Now X has closed and Y has taken over the space. We want to merge the facebook pages for X and Y. But we DON’T want to merge the personal pages attached to X and Y. I have access to both accounts but unfortunately I have the personal page on Y – the account we want to merge into X. Help. The personal account used on X should remain with someone else.

  209. I currently admin 7 different pages, but I only want to merge two of them. This won’t affect my other 5 accounts, correct?

    1. That’s correct. Just be sure that you’re only selecting the pages you want to merge in the dropdown menu when you’re completing the process.


  210. We are a brand page with locations and we are merging with another company. We need to change our page name to theirs and then merge pages. What will happen to the locations we have as “children” location pages to our main page? Will they transfer with the move?

  211. i have 9 page. i want to merge 9 page. i send request to facebook, but facebook send back ” request fail ”
    i don’t understand ? Why ? please !!!

  212. Thank you for the tutorial. I need to merge one page with new correctly branded page. Is there a way to download all of the photos and posts like you can for your profile and then upload them to the new page? Because even if I share the albums, etc. with the new page, once they are merged, everything is deleted correct?

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated as I have to do this for an entire region!

  213. Thanks for this tutorial. Before doing it I have one more question. I have two similar pages i’d like to merge – first one doesnt have many likes and things going on, but it has a name I’d like to keep – second one has wrong name but posts and photos i’d like to keep. I already (obivously) changed name of that second page once, because it doesnt allow me again. Is there a way to do it after merging pages?

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately Facebook only allows you to change a page name a certain number of times, and merging another page into that one won’t allow you to keep the other page’s name.


  214. Hi Jen,
    Off course I have tried to rename it… but it won’t.
    And both pages have more than 1000 likes…. damn !
    I wan’t them merge together 😀

    1. You’ll have to request a page name change from Facebook. If you’re an advertiser your rep can help. Otherwise, you’ll have to contact them through the “report a problem” form (get the link from the dropdown at the top right of your FB homepage).

      Good luck!

  215. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for uploading this tutorial. regardless your clear writing, I have problems succeeding merging my two pages. I own two pages. and
    My main focus as an artist is on the TBfotos, that’s why I wanted to merge these two pages in only the TBfotos page. Is this possible? Loosing the information on the tbfotos1 page is no problem, but I want to keep all content on the TBfotos page off course.
    Both pages representing the same things ! But I can’t rename both pages…

    Hope you can help me out.


  216. Hi Jen,
    I changed pages address. Now I tried to change the page name. Apparently I already did this before, cause I’m not aloud to change it. Is there a way to work around this or?



  217. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for uploading this tutorial. regardless your clear writing, I have problems succeeding merging my two pages. I own two artist pages. (1,021 likes) and (436 likes)
    My main focus as an artist is on the Namatjira project, that’s why I wanted to merge these two pages in only the Namatjira project artist page. Is this possible? Loosing the information on the joostvandervleutenmusic artist page is no problem, but I want to keep all content on the Namatjira page off course.

    Hope you can help me out.


    1. Hi Joost,

      You should be able to, but first you’ll have to rename the second page. You can’t merge two pages with completely different names, because both pages must represent the same thing.


  218. Hi, I changed my profile W Twee Poppodium into a page, so that I coul merge it with the page W2 Poppodium. But I did not know that the names should be similiar…. So now I have a page named W Twee Poppodium and W2 Poppodium that can not be merged… I can not change the name. What to do? Facebook will not respond. Frustrating. What to do?

    1. Hi Stijn,

      How many likes do your pages have? If it’s less than 200 you should be able to change the page name. If it’s more and you haven’t changed the page name before, you should see a “request name change” link in your settings.