Video: Merging Duplicate Facebook Pages

May 22, 2014
By   Jen McDonnell
Category   Social Media
Facebook Merge Two Pages

[UPDATE: The process changed in 2023. Please click here for the latest]


If you have two Facebook pages that represent the same thing, it’s possible to merge them and combine the likes and check-ins from both using Facebook’s “merge duplicate pages” option. This process allows you to streamline and control your brand’s Facebook pages, combining any random pages that claim to represent your brand (i.e. – old business pages that may already exist and/or Places pages that were created by users trying to check-in to your business’ physical location) with your main Facebook page.

I recently wrote a blog post about merging two Facebook pages and judging by the response it received, this seems to be an issue that many business owners are struggling with. So here is a step-by-step video walkthrough of the merging process:


duplicate pages Facebook merge


Jen McDonnell

Jen is the Vice President of Content and Social Media at Reshift Media, where she manages a team responsible for the social strategies for several national and international brands. She has a strong content background, having previously worked in online journalism for 10 years. Her articles have been published in the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Province, the Calgary Herald, Flare, and more.

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Comments (16)

  1. I would like to ask you something
    I am admin at two Facebook pages – “Магазин Адидас Хасково” and “Магазин Адидас, гр. Хасково” for the same local business. I am trying to merge them for about two weeks, following all the steps, written in to the Facebook Help Center, but still can`t do it. How can I fix this problem ?
    Looking forward for your answer.

  2. Will reviews from the old page come across to the new page? And secondly, you mentioned in the video that if you want posts from the old page that we should copy and repost. If we do this, it will get posted as our page name ie. if Jen McDonnell posted on the old page a comment, I can copy the comment text, but once that old page is deleted, then when I repost it, it won’t be from Jen McDonnell. Is there a link from the original posts that I can copy across so the person who posted it, and the comment both come across?

    1. You won’t retain reviews or posts. Here’s what Facebook says: “The people who like your Pages and any check-ins will be combined, but posts, photos, reviews, ratings and the username will be deleted from the Page you merge.”

      You’ll have to manually repost any posts you’d like to keep, so they will come from you. The original post will disappear, so you’ll lose the link/comments/etc.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Facebook didn’t send any notification or warning, they just disabled it and on the page it’s mention it can never be enabled again.
    Is there any solution for this?

    1. I’m sorry — you would have to check with Facebook to determine why the page was disabled and get it enabled before moving forward. If you’re an advertiser, the best way to contact them is through the advertise help form.

  4. Hello Jen,

    I have page over 1.5 Millions fans and it was disabled by facebook and they said it will never be activated again, i have created one more page with the same name and tried to merge them but it’s not working because the page is disabled. Guide me how can i resolve the problem.


  5. Any idea what happens to the page rankings once pages are merged? I have two business pages to merge, one that appears in searches and one that doesn’t. However, we want to keep the one that doesn’t appear in searches, because it is the page that is most maintained. The other page is outdated. Any thoughts?

  6. i have two page one has 2oo likes and another has 100k likes , is it possible to merge 100k likes in to 200 likes page. i want to use 200 like page’s url, is it possible?

  7. After I merged the two pages together it asked me which web address I wanted to keep. I chose the one I wanted but it looks like it kept the other instead. Does that take time for it to change????

  8. There is no address, the categories are the same. Name is like name and name2 so very similar. Interesting that the one with the more likes has that option, but i wanna keep the smaller one, which has not 🙁