Facebook Updates Call-To-Action Buttons for Local Businesses

October 28, 2016
By   Jim LaChapelle
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Facebook is testing a new feature for businesses that will allow them to connect directly with customers on mobile via tailor-made call-to-action buttons that can lead to actual transactions set entirely within the social media platform’s framework.

Currently being tested in the U.S., these CTA buttons will allow customers to get tickets, book appointments, order food, or get a quote through pre-arranged third-party services. Because this is all done without the user having to go to another website, there is less chance they will abandon the transaction before completion.

In this testing phase, companies that are partnering with Facebook for these buttons include Delivery.com, Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and Home Advisor.

Once available, businesses can take advantage of these new button choices by clicking on the “Add a Button” tab below their cover photo. If the button is not there, that option is not yet available.call-to-action-3

From there, businesses can choose between 5 different button options for their customers.


Each of the five choices can then be expanded to include a +See Options link allowing businesses to connect their CTA button to one of the third-party companies Facebook has already integrated into the feature.


Once the third-party service is chosen, businesses will then need to log into or register with that company in order to finish the set up.

For businesses that do not want to integrate their CTA button with a third-party service for providing their customers a quote or setting up an appointment, they can arrange for the interaction to be automatically set up within the Facebook Messenger app.

However, for businesses offering the option for their customers to order products or get tickets, they will need to integrate the CTA buttons with one of the approved third parties.

Facebook has not confirmed a timeline for when these new call-to-action buttons will be available to everyone but it should be in the new year. The social media platform has also indicated that further new tools will be made available for businesses to better connect and communicate with their customers.


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